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The Threnody Project

The Forests of Hell

“Forescout blood, stubborn to the last breath. They say your grandparents were the first of the first. The first people to come scout this continent, the first to homestead the Forests…first to stake a claim on hell itself.”

“Don’t call the Forests that. This is my home.”

“But it is how men saw this land, before the Evil. Doesn’t that make you curious? Hell, land of the damned, where the shadows of the dead made their home.”

It was late when he called. That much I do remember. His words were slurred, more drunk than I’ve ever heard him. He said “I miss you like the sun misses the moon, you’re all I ever wanted, take me back, will you?”. I thought he had some nerve, after all he’s the one who left and since then I hadn’t heard a single word, from him.

I should have been thrilled to hear his voice, if he had called a few days before I probably would’ve, I would have said “I love you, come home,” but his call came too late and not too soon. Still I loved hearing the sound of his voice, it was like music to my ears, so I listened to his drunken words and yes, I felt something but not enough to ask him to come back home.

He called again last night, drunk once again. “Baby please,” He begged. “I miss you, I love you, I just want to come home.”
I was ever so tempted to say yes, right there and then, I wanted to say “I love you, come home,” but I didn’t. I hung up the phone.

I wanted to pick it back up and tell him I still love him the very second I disconnected and that I don’t know how to be with him again after he hurt me so, maybe we could take it slow, he could come back home. I didn’t call him back, I talked myself out of it, I got a little too scared, decided to call him in the morning when he was sober instead.

This morning the phone rang, I half expected it to be him. I wasn’t right but I wasn’t wrong. It was someone I had never spoken to before. They asked if they were speaking to me, I confirmed that they were, I had this awful feeling and I was right to be concerned. As soon as they spoke the words an unnerving sob left my mouth.

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” I just about heard, then I dropped the phone, couldn’t make sense of any more of the stranger’s words. I cried and I cried, I just couldn’t stop. He’s gone and all that’s left playing in my head are his drunken words, “I love you, I want to come back home, I love you,” but now he’s gone and he died coming home, even though I never asked, he knew better than that.

Some drunk driver crashed into the taxi he was in. The drunk driver and the taxi driver are still in surgery but my love, he was pronounced dead at the scene. He was coming home, he was coming home, he should be home but he’s already gone.

—  Three little words were the last he spoke to me, they will both offer me comfort and forever haunt me
Jily 1 Phone calls


    Lily woke with a gasp.

    “Oh gosh,” she clutched her heart. The ringing noise continued.  She looked at the phone on her nightstand.  It continued to ring.  Stretching out an exhausted hand she grabbed the reciever.

     “Hello?” her voice grumbled.

     “Lily? Are you there?” James voice sounded on the other end.

     “James? Is that you?” she asked as she remembered him telling her that he would buy a muggle phone just to talk to her.

     “Hi Lily! Were you sleeping?” he sounded chipper as ever.

     “No James, I was h-h-hunting elephants,” she yawned.

     “Then wy did you yawn?” James sounded trumphiant, sure he had beat her.

     “It’s their mating call.  I’m trying to catch one,” Lily sat up.

     “Why would you need to mate one Evans when you have me?”

     “Exactly, I have you Potter,”

     “Ouch Evans, ouch.  You know what?” James feigned hurt, “I’m not telling you what I have to say anymore.”

     “Potter you had better tell me why you woke me up at… wait what time is it?”

     “Um… it’s 2:30ish,” James replied sheepishly.

     “2:30! You had better tell me Potter!” 

     “Not until you apologize,” 

     “I’m not apologizing James. You called me at 2:30. I feel like we’re even.”

     “Well goodbye then Evans,”

     “Bye Potter,”

     “I really will hang up,”

     Lily rolled her eyes. “Do it, I dare you.”

     “I will Lily,” he attempted to sound tough, “don’t test me,”

     “James just tell me or let me get back to sleep,”

     “I won’t tell you unless you say sorry.  Say sorry in one,”

     “James. I’m not go-”


     “Goodnight James,”

     “Three. You have to say sorry.”

     “Night,” Lily said as she hung up the phone.  She laughed to herself as she layed back down.


     Chuckling, she picked up the phone.

    “James Potter.  I will kill you if you do not tell me.  I want sleep,” she huffed, trying not to laugh.

    “I just really need to tell you that um… I…,” he mumbled something under his breath.

     “What James? I didn’t hear you,” Lily pressed the phone harder to her ear.

     “I love you Lily Evans,” the words rushed from his mouth, “Goodnight my little doe.”  And with a click he hung up.  Lily pulled the reciever away from her ear and just stared at it for a moment.  Slowly a smile grew.

     “I love you too James Potter,” she hung up the phone and rolled onto her side.  She fell asleep, a smile still etched on her face.


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