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I don’t think Michonne gets enough credit for being such a STRONG women and I’m not talking about “the badass chick with a sword” it’s something much deeper. She watched Rick get emasculated REPEATEDLY like being dragged ( literally) by Negan, that moment when carl almost got his arm chopped off and everyone just being a dick to him. She seen Rick in his lowest point , yet something about him she’s still loves(probably them curls) even when she got frustrated she never blamed or took it out on him. She’s gives him unconditional love which he probably isn’t used too. I even loved the fact that in 7x4 they were on different terms but they still SLEPT in the SAME bed together. They reached a level of relationship goals that are out of this world in such a short time. That ICONIC speech in the cell sealed the friggin deal for me. She’s such a dynamic character and it drives me CRAZY when people don’t see that. Rick and Michonne have a connection unlike any couple I’ve EVER seen on Television. Ugh I’m so in love with this SHIP.

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“… so, Ben and Nick, thank you so much, and everyone else, check your phones, I’ll shoot you a text. Oh, and Nick - unlucky on the rugby, mate.”
→  Tom Holland wins the EE BAFTA Rising Star Award, Feb 12th 2017


- thanks for giving lots of love to Hansung (T/N: Taehyung’s character in Hwarang)
- thank you for loving BTS so much that he was able to play a role like this one
- now expect a lot from V; he’ll show his cool side to everyone through BTS’s concert and short promotions
The last speech bubble in Korean just says “no, no” because Taehyung noticed he wrote “your” instead of “my”

Me: Hey I have 3 exams on Monday can I have one of them moved?

Prof: Yeah I just need confirmation emails, your SSN, a letter of recommendation, a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, an in depth analysis of the epic of Gilgamesh, an oral presentation of your knowledge of Old High German, your credit card information, your favorite Georgian chant, a short speech on the importance of condensed matter physics, and a 2000 word essay on what napoleon did wrong while invading Russia

Twiceland - Nayeon’s speech [Short view]

Right at the beginning, it starts with what I translated on Twitter and you can see Jungyeon comforting her throughout

“(When I was preparing for Sixteen), together with Jungyeon, we cried in the vocal room. (Crying) Really, everyday, everyday, crying. Even if there was nothing, I would cry. The instances where I was alone, crying. At night, walking down the road, crying. In the toilet, not sure why but, crying. Many times I’ve held Jungyeon’s hand during practice, crying

Trans: only2yeon
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Career Day

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summary: olicity + it’s career day at their kid school but only one parent can give a small speech (thank you, @bazingagubicorn)
a/n: this is so silly but [shrug emoji]

Felicity sat beside Oliver, legs crossed, and ready to give a speech to their daughter’s class. They were both going to give a little talk to the students. Just like the rest of the parents there on Career Day.

Their little pipsqueak sat in Oliver’s lap, excitedly bouncing, and waiting for class to start.

Finally, her teacher stood and spoke to everyone. “Welcome to room blah blah blah it’s going to be a great career day blah blah blah blah. Since there are so many parents only one from each family can give a short speech, blah blah blah.”


“What?” she blurted out.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Queen. We only have so much time.”

With a soft huff, she leaned back into her seat.

“Looks like I’m giving the speech,” she whispered to Oliver.

“No way,” he hissed back, “I get to do this one.”

“You already get PTA meetings, Girl Scout den mother, and all that other crap.”

“Because you don’t want to.”

“So? I want to give the career day speech.”

They whisper yelled back and forth until the teacher walked right up to both of them. “I don’t tolerate students talking in class and I’m not going to tolerate either of you doing it. If you can’t decide who’s going to give the speech then neither of you will.”

Felicity suddenly felt like she was back in grade school and she didn’t like it. Ms. Whatever walked away from them and one of the kid’s lawyer parent went back to talking. Their daughter had turned in Oliver’s lap and was glaring at the both of them.

“Embarrassing,” she whispered with a pout.

“I’m sorry,” Felicity whispered back.

She looked to Oliver and they both glared at each other for a moment. How were they supposed to decide who was going to be the one to speak? Mayor of Star City or CEO and founder of Smoak Technologies?

A light bulb suddenly went off in her head. She leaned over and whispered to Oliver.

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I think that I should tell you, that the surprise you’re about to get right now is a musical surprise. And I think that I should tell you that this is a VERY SPECIAL musical surprise and I’ll tell you why after I tell you this; the people you’re about to see on the stage could have been absolutely anywhere else in THE WORLD playing a concert but they decided to come and surprise you in Santa Clara California instead.
Another exciting thing about this musical guest- I first heard of this group when I was in the UK a couple of weeks ago. This musical group are in America to play the Teen Choice Awards tomorrow. But they decided to come here early so they’ll be here and be with you. So I really want you to treat them with the same grace that they have treated us with tonight by being here tonight. So can we all agree on the fact that you’re going to scream louder for them than you do for me the entire evening, is that right? *crowd cheers loudly* Perfect!
So they have an incredible breakout single that is smashing it on the charts as we speak called black magic.
—  Taylor swift’s whole speech before bringing little mix on stage (X)
Signs debating

Aries: Accidentally raises their voice but smarter than expected
Taurus: Makes short speeches that has great points about the topic
Gemini: Gets confused about wether they should defend themselves or thr other team
Cancer: Gets really upset when someone asks a question to them
Leo: Thinks they are good at debating but they are not they are just trying to look smart
Virgo: The most prepared of the zodiac has the best speeches
Libra: Points out the logical ideas that other team has and somehow uses it against them
Scorpio: Is prolly angry at the other team but remains calm while making speeches
Sagittarius: philosophical and questioning while debating
Capricorn: They want to win the debate so much they arrive with so much paperwork
Aquarius: Makes the strangest speeches yet somehow the most meaningful ones
Pisces: Zones out and sometimes stutters while making speeches

*check your Mercury
Iggy Azalea wins the Woman Of The Year Award in Australia!!

Rapper, actress and director Iggy opted for a short, sweet and funny speech that made oblique reference to mainstream media’s objectification of women.  

Thank you so much. I didn’t realize everyone was going to have such hilarious speeches and I didn’t prepare anything this week. I just want to give a big thank you to GQ for this award. I’ve won a lot of awards over the last few years, but this one means the absolute most to me because I can finally say I have an award winning vagina. Thank you.