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Peter Parker X avenger!Reader

Summary: In which Peter helps you with a little studying and ends up sleeping over and spending the next day with you:)

Word Count: 1.5k

a/n: I haven’t written in a while so sorry if I’m rusty,, and i didn’t proofread sorryyyy!!


It was a Friday night, and you were studying. Like most kids at this time, you were super stressed for finals week. As you sat in the Avenger’s tower library, you wondered how you would retain so much information in such little time. As you set your head down on your books making a loud sigh, the team walked in.

“Hey, kid. Whatcha up to?”, Tony pondered as he walked around behind the table you were working at.

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“Don’t wear whatever I’m thinking you’re gonna wear.”

Harry mumbled against your neck from behind you, hands on top of your bump and swaying the both of you slightly.

“What do you think I’m gonna wear?”

He hummed, pressing little kisses on your neck before his eyes landed on the both of you in front of the mirror, your pregnant bump in full display along with your bra and maternity tights.

“Hmm. That blue shirt that’s a v-neck?”

“Close enough. The blue shirt that I wore last week.”

He groaned, since he told you that you should wear other shirts and not that all the time since he was paranoid of what it could’ve absorbed and what it could do to you, pulling his figure from yours to make you slightly whine and him to respond it to it.

“I have better things for you to wear. Not to mention I’d like to see my clothes on you. Would fit you so well.”

Harry continued speaking until he reached the shared closet, pulling out the silk button-up he had in mind for you to wear for days and thought would be perfect for you who’s almost in the third trimester, saving you both the trouble of trying to get you in and out of those other clothes.

So just as when he lifted up the hanger and switched glances between that and you, he grinned, knowing where his silk shirts would go.

He chuckled, taking the short-sleeved polo off the hanger and putting it on you himself, instructing you to lift your arms so he could get them through the holes and button it down.

“It feel so… silky.”

Harry laughed, slinging an arm on your shoulder and looking at you on the large mirror in front of both of you.

“I feel so naked.”

“’S why I like wearing it!”

You laughed, hugging him close and momentarily closing your eyes, in bliss.

“Wear these.”

You raised your eyebrow, a teasing smile on your face.

“And if I don’t?”

He huffed, pouting before resting his chin on your shoulder, a frown since he’s visibly affected.


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Bee, I'm taking a shot in the dark here and I know it's probably annoying but I'm dying for even a taste. Can you just jot down even the smallest hint of an imagine with Shawn? Doesn't have to be smut. Maybe just leading to a kiss with an older woman who maybe works for him? Like The Assistant reimagined. You hate me I know but help a desperate girl out...

Ugh fuck it. I’m weak and bored and have had a shit time writing anything lately so why not use it as a damn writing exercise.

BEFORE ANY OF Y’ALL START! I am NOT starting a fic. I am NOT taking requests. I am NOT going into the Shawn Fic black hole. Maybe on occasion if I so feel, I will shoot out blurbs just for fun but it will not be a series, fic or anything like that.

SO whatever, here’s a blurb. It’s not smutty so don’t get too excited and I don’t even know if I love it but TAKE IT OT OF MY HANDS.

“What about this one?” Liv held up the seventh shirt she’d plucked from the rack in front of her but was still getting ignored. “Shawn,” she said his name dead toned, wagging the shirt on the tip of her finger. “Shawn,” she repeated, resorting to grabbing an empty hanger and hitting him on the shoulder with it.

“Ow! What?” He raised his shoulder and looked at her, finally breaking from his conversation with three of his crew members.

“The shirt. Yes?”

“Whatever,” he shrugged and went back to his conversation leaving Liv to drop her arm at her side and lean her forehead forward on the rack in front of her in defeat. She’d worked this job for two months already and it wasn’t getting any easier. She had to dress him. That’s it. Seemed easy enough. Not when the client was eighteen and completely disinterested in fashion. She tried to get him to express any kind of enthusiasm over a piece before she put it on him but it was a moot point.

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Pastel Interview

Summary: Phil interviews with Dan.

Warning: Smut, Language, pastel!Phil, short!Phil, princess!Phil, businessman!Dan, Daddy!kink

Word Count: 2,754

A/N: I tweaked the prompt just slightly.


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The Underground car sways slightly as it rumbles down the track. Phil grips the edge of his seat with tips of his fingers. He can feel multiple pairs of eyes on him. It feels as if the whole car is staring straight at him. He’s knows that’s ridiculous because the car is so packed that no one is paying direct attention to the pastel boy in the corner.

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Carol and Daryl share a room in Alexandria safe zone? [prompt]

(I’m going to try and make these prompts more relevant to the story going on now, with the current situations each week)

“You gotta stop smokin’” Daryl said pulling Carol out of her stare as she sat on the porch.

“Why? You smoke, no big deal,” Carol responded quietly taking another drag.

Daryl snagged the cigarette from her hand, rolling it between his fingers.

Carol reached up trying to take it back from him, “come on Daryl give it.”

“You don’t need it,” he said, stepping backwards as she stood up, trying to grasp it again, “you don’t.”

Carol could feel the desperation in her chest swell, she did need this, she needed an escape from that room where she spent oh so many sleepless nights.

“Daryl,” Carol pressed on, her eyes rolling when he threw it on the ground.

“You wanna talk?” he asked stepping towards her.

She shook her head rubbing her eyes that stung deep within their sockets. 

“You wanna sleep?” he asked tilting his head at her.

She sighed running her hands through her hair, “that’s the reason I was out here, I can’t sleep, I just lay up there, alone in that room and I just think…I just, think.”

Daryl stayed quiet for a minute, he knew she needed his help, she finally wanted it, he just wasn’t sure how to give it to her.

“Do you want me there?” he asked, completely unsure of himself, maybe she needed to not be alone with her thoughts.

Carol met his eyes, they crinkled at the edges as she gave him a small smile.

“You would be okay with that?” she asked, her voice just as uncertain as his.

“Well yeah if that’s what you want, I’m here,” Daryl murmured the last bit, looking up at her through his hair.

Carol’s hand reached out to squeeze his arm gently, her feather light touch leaving goosebumps in their wake. 

Her hand retracted slowly and she let out a long yawn, stretching out her muscles that ached and felt heavy.

“You wanna go up now?” Daryl asked watching her as she fought to keep her eyes wide open.

She hummed a sort of response and made her way back indoors, Daryl following closely behind.

It was the first time Daryl had been in Carol’s room since they’d got here, it was relatively basic, nothing too fancy. A lot of her homemaker stuff was lying around, evident that she was still using that to hide behind.

Carol slipped off her shoes pulling out a set of pyjamas for her, Daryl couldn’t help but pull a face that Carol caught the end of.

“Problem Dixon?” she questioned raising a brow at him looking down at the clothing now set on her bed.

Daryl raised his hands slightly, “no nothin’, nothin’, just didn’t have you down as the kitten pyjama wearin’ type that’s all,” he snorted.

“You want me to wear something different?” she asked her brow still raised at him.

Daryl scoffed as he kicked his boots off, “no you wear whatever you’re comfortable in-”

“Well you’ve made me concious of the cute pink kittens so I guess I’ll have to pick something else,” Carol interrupted, throwing the pj’s to one side. 

She settled for something far less out there, a silk long-sleeve navy night shirt with matching shorts, and what she realised when she put them on short shorts.

“Okay I’m dressed,” she said after telling Daryl to advert his eyes so she could get changed.

Daryl’s eyes sweeped up and down her more than once before he realised she was watching him.

His cheeks flushed red immediately and he cleared his throat before being able speak, “so- I- uh, I’ll sleep, y’know, down here,” he stuttered gesturing to the floor.

Carol laughed, “Daryl you’re not sleeping on the floor, get your ass in bed.”


“No buts, get in,” Carol insisted, hopping into bed opening the quilt on the other side.

Daryl grumbled a little but complied, wriggling his way into the cold sheets.

“Fuck you’re cold,” Daryl hissed as Carol’s leg momentarily brushed his

“Yeah well if someone hadn’t made fun of my cat pyjama’s maybe I wouldn’t of had to result to these skimpy things,” Carol teased.

A shiver went down her spine as his hand inadvertently grazed across her thigh.

“Sorry,” Daryl cringed as he moved away from her.

“Where do you think you’re going, you’re the reason I’m this cold, it’s your job to keep me warm my little furnace.”

He edged back towards her, her cold hands pressing against his sides and his arm went bravely around her back.

A heat went to Daryl’s cheeks again as she giggled at him.

“See knew it wouldn’t take you long to heat up pookie,” she grinned.


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