short sleeve silk shirts


Sтερнαη arrived at the bar, a little late because the stops on the street to greet his friends and other people. A huge party at the bar and having him as an owner. He drove to the bartender, the music played in the background at a high volume. He had no mood to party but he couldn’t lose his own party made by him, is also a good escape to feel better, be drunk, make out.

I want a bottle of vodka and a round of booze, vodka is stronger than you have, will be on my own chérie.
He said sympathetically as he looked at the beautiful and young bartender, natural parisian accent in his voice.

Sitting gently in his chair in her front, a warm and friendly smile crept on his lips.
The leather jacket was open, a short-sleeved silk shirt underneath, black jeans. Stylish as always.