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Harry works at lush and you’re a writer 

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a/n : I hope you guys really like this story. I worked really hard and this story means a lot to me. So if anything I would really like some feedback and what you guys think of it. Thank you

 Today wasn’t the best day of work, sitting at a desk all day and answering phone calls from very impatient rude people isn’t fun. When I drive out of the parking lot and onto the road my mind starts to check off the list of things I have to do when I get home. Cook dinner, feed the cat and do the laundry. Right before I get on the freeway I decide to stop by the little strip mall that is right across the street. I turn and pull in and park right in front of 7-Eleven, I decide to grab myself a treat just to maybe calm my nerves a bit for the rest of the day. I walk out and jog up to the front door, I yank the door open and stride right up to the freezer. I looked at all the types of ice cream bars they had, Snickers, Twix and Hershey. I decide to get a Snickers bar and pull it out of its case. I walk through the aisles searching for anything else that may grab my attention. I decide to not get much more and head up to the front counter to pay for everything. The cashier rings everything up and I hand him the money, he hands me my bag and say thank you. I reach for the door and walk out to the sidewalk, i start to walk to my car when I look to my left and notice a wonderful smell coming towards me. I decide to have a look and to see where it is coming from. When I start to walk and notice that it is coming from this one store that is called lush, never heard of it before. I walk in and decide to have a look around to see what they have.

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Black Shirt

Imagine that both Simon and Baz own a black shirt. The 2 shirts look the same really. Normal black shirt with short sleeves. Baz’s is probably pure cotton while Simon’s is polyester. Before the summer that was between Year 5 and Year 6, Baz (Mr. I-almost-really-killed-the-person-I-love) was dealing with guilt but mostly was bothered because he couldn’t lie to himself that he would miss Simon Snow.

He noticed that Simon had a black shirt that looks like a shirt that he owns. (Because the amount of things he owns is really limited.) As a last minute thing, he switched the two shirts. He regretted what he did straight away but Simon zipped up his bag and was gone before he could.

We know what happened with the shirt that Baz took, there is a good quote from the book: “When he wouldn’t give me a single moment of solace to sort through my feelings–or try to wank them away. (Which I eventually tried that summer. To no avail.)” Chapter 33. The unwashed shirt helped.

Simon realized the shirts were switched the second he opened his bag when he got to a new crappy room. He shrugged it away as thinking that he must have grabbed the wrong shirt by accident at some point. He didn’t think too much about how it could have happened. This new home was particularly shitty and the pillows were rubbish. He stole 2 extras and the 3 were barely the thickness of his 1 pillow in Watford. He had really bad home sickness in the first few weeks.

The pillows kept sliding around as they were stacked on top of each other. One night they all fell on the floor after kicking during a really bad nightmare. He reached into his suitcase and pulled out a shirt and used it as a pillow case for the 3 pillows. He realized what shirt it was when he stuck his nose into the pillows. It was silky and smooth. Smells like bergamot and cedar wood. It smells like home. It helped pull him through the first few days. He would sit alone in his room and cuddle with the pillows. Trying not to think of everything that made his list.

Baz was never on that list.

Simon and Baz wore the other’s shirt during the summer. On the first day back, Baz switched the shirts back. Initially they were upset that they had to let go of a shirt they got attached to, but it was all better as they again had a shirt that smelled like the other.

Baz didn’t try to steal his shirt for the summer break between Year 6 and 7.

But when Baz got home, he finds Simon’s black shirt instead of his own. Simon wanted his summer pillow case back.

Years later:

Simon sitting in the living room wearing a black shirt. Baz sneaks up on him and checks the tag.

“I knew you fucking stole my shirt!”

Simon realizes that he is really wearing the shirt he stole. Fucking fuck.

“I never stole it.” I purposely stole it. “I would have never stolen from you.” I went out of my way to steal that shirt from you.

“Why didn’t you give it back? Why did you keep it?”

He looks up at his pretending-to-be-mad boyfriend. “I used it as a pillow case because it smells like our room. Like you. It made me feel at home when I was away.” Baz melts through the floor as he thought of Simon smelling his shirt during the summer (as he did himself).

In the end: They kept each other’s shirt.
Darren Criss pictured as Andrew Cunanan who gunned down Gianni Versace

Filming is underway on the third American Crime Story anthology series that details the killing of Gianni Versace by drifter and hustler Andrew Cunanan in 1997.

Glee alum Darren Criss was spotted in character as Cunanan as cameras rolled on location in Miami Beach on Tuesday.

The Ryan Murphy project for FX explores the events leading up to the famous designer’s murder on the steps of his Ocean Drive mansion and the manhunt for Cunanan that ended when he took his own life while hiding out on a houseboat.

Criss, 30, is clearly excited about the role, posting to Instagram a shot of the cover of his script for the show.

‘It begins,’ he wrote alongside the photo.

Meanwhile, Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez, who plays Versace, shared a image of an ornate fountain and pool at the former Versace Mansion, which is now a boutique hotel, The Villa Casa Casuarina.

The shocking killing of the Italian fashion leader brought together a host of celebrities for his memorial in his home town of Milan including Princess Diana, Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Karl Lagerfeld, Georgio Armani and Sting.

Criss as Cunanan was seen driving a red pickup truck similar to the one the spree killer stole after shooting dead his fourth victim, a cemetery caretaker  in New Jersey.

He wears baggy faded blue jeans with black belt and a short-sleeved dark blue cotton shirt.

He sports the same kind of round rimmed spectacles that Cunanan was seen wearing in a photo released by the FBI as the manhunt for the killer continued.

In another scene shot by the ocean, Criss looks more disheveled in a gray t-shirt with red baseball cap as he walked on the sand carrying a black backpack and his sneakers.

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Is it possible to get heart protection on the long sleeve cotton shirt?

here’s a link to the Heart Protection Boy

all the size/style/colour customization actually happens on your end! I upload the design, & then folk use drop-down menus to select their clothing 

threadless has the cotton content broken down for each style on this page. For short-sleeved shirts its 100% cotton, & for long-sleeves its a cotton, rayon, polyester blend. hope that helps!

Crossfire - 6

Chapter 5
Yoongi x Reader
Gang AU

Chapter 6 // Words: 1796

Your fever gradually went down throughout the morning after you woke up to the sun peaking through your drapes and Jin barging in to make sure you weren’t dead. He checked your temperature - he was relieved to see that it had gone down since he last checked -, gave you more medicine and generally fussed over you like a hovering mother before he called Jungkook in and decided to drag your aching and unwilling body out of bed and into the bathroom to take a bath. They insisted that it would help bring your body temperature down, and you wouldn’t feel as icky when you were clean and in fresh clothes.

However, the event didn’t go without conflict. You didn’t want to take a freezing cold bath, especially since you were grouchy from being woken up so early. You felt exhausted, but you internally blamed Jin, Jungkook and the rest for your bitter mood and freely took it out on them with snappy comments. But you reluctantly agreed to the bath after the two threatened to drop you in with your clothes on. After they left you alone, you hurriedly stripped and stepped into the water, suppressing a yelp as you sat down. It felt like ice against your heated skin, even though you knew in the back of your head that it wasn’t that cold. But logic didn’t keep you from setting what was probably a new record in washing your hair and body with generic-brand drug store products left on the rim on the white porcelain bathtub for you to use. You hopped out as soon as you were done, not bothering to deep condition or anything you’d normally do at home, and drained the water from the tub as you towelled yourself off. Jungkook had brought in a shopping bag before he left, saying that one of them had gone to get you clothes. Upon looking at the contents of it, you found that the clothes were pretty bland and practical, but at least they were comfortable. You donned black cotton shorts and a maroon long sleeved shirt once you were dry and you exited the bathroom. You were relieved when you didn’t see either of your previous assailants in the hallway waiting for you, so you retreated to the safety of your room in hopes of sleeping more.

However, you weren’t so lucky.

Jin was quick to find you trying to bury yourself in your blankets once he was done getting ready for work, and he forced you to drink a smoothie that was supposedly full of antioxidants and things for your immune system. You’d admit that it tasted good, but you still didn’t really have any appetite and had to struggle to finish it. Jin took the empty glass from you and bade you farewell, as he, Yoongi and Namjoon left for work together. You wondered if Jin and Yoongi worked in Namjoon’s business, or stuck with producing and cooking and did their gang-related activities after hours. Hell, you didn’t even know what Namjoon did for a living. You could easily picture him in some high-rise building, the way he dressed so smartly and carried himself. You had yet to say a single word to him or him to you, and you planned on keeping it that way. The way his face set in such a hard expression made your hair stand on end. No wonder he was a gang leader: he was downright scary.

Not long after the three left, you found yourself bored in your bare white room. Unfortunately, the cold bath had woken you up too much and you found yourself unable to fall back asleep, and you could only take so much of staring at the ceiling before you wanted to stab yourself with an ice pick. You opted to get up and walk around the house instead, since you hadn’t had any time to see much of it. It’d also be a good time to plan out a good escape route for when you had the chance. The top floor wasn’t very useful, as most of the doors were locked. You assumed they were bedrooms belonging to the boys, and you didn’t have much of a desire to go inside of those anyways. You descended the stairs to scope out the first floor, which would definitely have more means of an exit. You reached the bottom and glanced around before turning to go search for wherever the front door would be.

“You. What are you doing?” an unfamiliar, accusatory voice called from the kitchen.

You paused and looked toward the source to find a group of men gathered around the granite covered island. There were six of them, and they were exactly the type of people you expected to see associated with a gang. They were composed of mostly dark clothes and chains, intricate tattoos covering exposed skin and glowering eyes. They all looked at you with heavy gazes: judging, calculating, hating.

One pushed off of the island to take a step towards you. He had a black leather jacket, thick brows and bright, firetruck red hair styled atop his head, with one curl hanging down onto his forehead against his pale skin. You remembered a conversation your mother had with you when you were first interested in boys, and how you should never trust ones with unnaturally dyed hair.  “They’re up to no good,” she’d say as she braided your long locks before school. You suddenly realized what she meant as he crossed his arms over his broad chest and cocked his head, almost like a curious puppy, but it didn’t look nearly as cute or innocent on him.

“Are you allowed down here?” he questioned. His voice was gruff and deep, and had an interesting accent that you weren’t used to.

“Uh, yes?” you responded. It came out as a question, since you were surprised by his sudden interest.

He took another step towards you, his heavy black boots making a definitive sound against the dark hard wood. “You don’t sound so sure to me.”

The man kept slowly advancing one you, one heavy step at a time. You inched backward at his every movement, eyeing both him and the group at the island that watched the two of you with menacing intent. You flinched in surprise when your back hit something solid, and hands flew up to your elbows to steady you.

“She’s sure,” Taehyung voiced confidently from over your head.

You sighed in utter relief as he stepped around you, casually placing himself between you and the red haired man. You could hardly see him or the others around Taehyung’s body, but you weren’t very inclined to at that point.

“I was just wondering,” the other man said, waving a hand. “I thought the boss would’ve had someone watching her in case she thought getting out was a good idea.”

“We have it under control, there’s no need for you to intervene,” Tae explained. His tone was cold, and it sounded alien to you after you had grown accustomed to his cheery demeanor during your encounters in the school cafe.

The other man laughed and shrugged. “Whatever, sorry for trying to help.”

“Sure you are. Go get your work done, Namjoon isn’t holding the meeting until tonight,” the man in front of you ordered. “I’ll be going first.”

He turned around and put a hand on your shoulder to gently steer you out of the kitchen. You let him guide you away from the group and into a living room off the hallway, and he gestured for you to sit beside him on the couch. He looked at you with his large eyes that held no sense of humor in them.

“Do me a favor?” he asked.

You blinked and frowned slightly in skepticism. “Depends on what you want.”

He shifted in his spot, running his tongue over his lips. “Promise me you won’t wander around the house alone. It’s not safe.”

“Because of them?” you wondered.

“They work for us, and do their jobs well, but they’re still criminals that can’t be trusted,” he threw a glance in the direction of the kitchen before he looked back at you. “Well, trusted around you, to be more specific.”

“I can take care of myself,” you told him. You were stubborn and didn’t feel like being treated as a helpless child while behind held against your will.

“You say that, but you’ve never been around these kinds of people. I’d rather not have you see what they’re like when you get in their way, okay?” he offered you a small, reassuring smile.

You glared at him with narrowed eyes, but you didn’t object further. You could see the point he was trying to make, non verbally acknowledging the fact that he had noticed how the men in the kitchen scared you without even laying a finger on you. Being raised the way you were, you had never been exposed to those types of people; you had only heard of them in movies and on the news. Still, you subconsciously denied their existence until then. Being in front of them made your blood run cold and hairs stand on end. You suddenly regretted all the tantrums you had thrown in the past about not being able to go out on your own or being stuck in your situation, because you realized that you were goddamn blessed to be a spoiled rich girl. You would have given nothing more than to go back to your gated house and sit in your home theater to watch Disney and eat chocolates imported from other countries. Your heart ached as you thought about it, and you had to will yourself not to cry from homesickness.

“There’s usually going to be at least one of us home,” Taehyung said in a lighter tone, breaking through your thoughts. “I’m the only one here right now since everyone is at school or work, but I think Hoseok is supposed to come back in a few hours. We’ll keep you company.”

“I don’t think I need company,” you murmured under your breath.

“You will when you get bored of sitting in your room all alone. Let’s just go watch a movie or something to relax,” he said as he got up.

He looked at you expectantly, and you groaned inwardly before you stood and followed him back up the stairs, ignoring looks you got as you passed the kitchen. The average suburban home was full with people that were against you, and you gritted your teeth at the thought of what Taehyung had told you after the short confrontation with the strangers.

Escaping was going to be a lot harder than you thought.

Chapter 7

@cecilos-is-my-otp-4evah asked:What does Cecil really wear to the radio station?

As much as I love the fanart of Cecil in a suit and tie, that simply is not what he would wear. Sure, he may wear a suit on important occasions, such as a wedding or the opening of an opera, but for the most part, he would not dress that professionally. He has his own sense of fashion, and according to the fashion sphere, it’s a good sense.

This is the Cecil that, for a first date, wore his “best tunic and furry pants”. If that doesn’t already say something about his fashion sense, then I don’t know what is. Later on he also wore a honeycomb hat, a Hawaiian shirt, and leather pants. Therefore, I have accumulated this about Cecil’s fashion sense:

1.       He loves to wear various types of pants. Be it fur or leather or whatever else you can make a good pair of pants out of, you can be sure that Cecil would wear it. I don’t think he’d ever wear normal jeans unless they had some interesting pattern or symbol stitched into them.

2.       His shirts never “match” his pants. A tunic with furry pants? A Hawaiian shirt with leather pants? Sure, these shirts can be worn even today, but they’re usually a bit out of place and when you match them with the pants in question, they’re definitely out place. At least, by our standards. Therefore he’d wear pretty outrageous shirts depending on the pants. He’s wearing black crocheted pair of pants? Then his shirt is a hand-stitched multi-colored collared shirt with a bow tie to match. He’s wearing denim shorts? Then his shirt is a long sleeved pink cotton V-neck with black fir on the cuffs and maybe even a poodle picture on the front. The crazier the better for Cecil Palmer.

3.       He loves hats. Granted, we only know of him wearing the honeycomb hat once, but I think he’d be one to wear hats a lot. Just to clarify, Cecil did not wear an actual honeycomb on his head. A honeycomb hat is a type of pattern for a knitted beanie that one can wear. Because this strangely seemed like the most normal type of hat, I think Cecil’s hat preference would actually be kind of modern for us. No cowboy hats or propeller caps or the hotdog head of a costume. He’d probably wear baseball caps or beanies or other ‘normal’ hats that any of us would wear. It’s normalness only serves to seem out of place against the strangeness of the rest of his outfits.


Quick and easy Halloween costume! For those of you who are procrastinators likeme and need an easy, yet flattering costume for Halloween. 

If you are a fan of Studio Ghibli’s KiKi’s Delivery Service, you’re in luck. Her outfit is both simple and iconic. This outfit comes together in three easy pieces.

What you will need:

1. Red Bow Headband: Surprisingly, this piece was the most difficult for me to find. You would think that the first type of “bow headband” you would find is a red one. No. Every headband is now hipster and comes in every pattern and color except red. So I ended up making my own with some supplies from Joann’s. But do not fear, there are cheap online red bow headbands available on sites such as Ebay. Simply search “red bow headband” and you will find multiple selections at prices as low as $2 with free shipping. Just be sure that the rating of the seller is at least at 80% or higher to ensure quality items.

2. Black Medium Sleeved Black Dress: I purchased mine on Ebay. Here is the link:
It is good quality and quite comfortable.

3. Orange Flats: I do not own any orange flats, so I went along with my Charlotte Russe tan oxford’s. If you want to find orange flats, online or thrift shopping would do you well.

4. Tan/Light Orange Messenger Bag: This is an item that I do not have. But I found a tutorial if you would like to make one yourself: Also if online shopping isn’t your favorite thing yet, you should really try it out.

5 & 6. A Black Cat and Broom: Everything a witch really needs.

If you have long hair, it is possible to manipulate it into a faux bob. I found a tutorial on Youtube that can help with this: It involves a lot of irritating pinning, (it is possible to end up with 20 bobby pins in your hair) but definitely doable.

Here is how my hair appeared pinned up:

I hope this could help some of the procrastinators out there. Good luck!

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Hi! Would you be able to give me some suggestions for some wearable ballerina style fashion? I think it's so cute! :)

Hi! Sure. I’ll list some things that are cute and ballerina esque…


Wildfox Ballet Cardigan


Beads Bow Pullover Sweater

Havren Tie Front Cardigan

Long Sleeve Sweater 

Cotton Spandex Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt Leotard in light pink

 Ballet Dance Top



Sequin bow back sweater

Sequin Bow Back Jumper

Pretty Long-Sleeve Open-Knit Tie-Back Sweater

Candy Colors Fashion Coat



Polka Dots Tulle Skirt in White

Sweet Memory Pastel Pink Organza Skirt

Fairy Tulle Skirt with Lace Trimming in PinkWhite

Ballet Tights

Ballet Spandex Skirt 


Ballet Tulle Dress + this too

Cocktail dress / Party dress - ballerina blush

Give Me Gracefulness Full Slip in Ivory


Stretch Satin Ballerina

Ballet Women’s Heels


Ballet Pink Pearl


Round Toe Pumps


Sweet Lolita Stockings 

Ballet Bow

Handmade Headband with Satin Bow and Crystal

Handmade Hairpin 

Hair Bow

Simply Stated Ribbon Headband

Lace Footie Sock with Ribbon Ties - Black or White Lace

Fanfic alphabet prompt for @crossbeams! Gillovny, B: "bring me coffee or leave me to die".

Rated: M

Maybe, You’re Gonna Be The One That Saves Me

The screeching of his alarm jolted him awake. It doesn’t matter what you set as your alarm, it will end up sounding like nails on a chalkboard eventually, he realized as he cursed “Wonderwall” blaring from his phone. He pressed the button to acknowledge it and turned to her, barely making out the contour of her skin through the darkness.

He heard her shift beside him, the light inhale of air laced with a moan in a voice distinctly hers. God, he loved having her next to him.

“David…what the fuck? ” She sounded raw, sleep-ridden. “Isn’t it Saturday?”

Shit. This wasn’t how he’d planned it. Fucking alarm. He thought he’d set it quieter.

“Shh…babe. Sorry. I have a little something planned for us.”

He waited for a response but when she didn’t say anything and she didn’t move and he knew she was probably back asleep.

David carefully removed the only cover she didn’t have wrapped around her body, a thin sheet, from himself and maneuvered out of the bed trying to keep from waking her again.

He got dressed and wanted to gather some clothes for her but quickly realized he didn’t know how to go about picking them. He figured he must know her well enough by now to get it at least, almost right, and it was worth trying for some brownie points.

Using his phone for illumination, he gathered a black short-sleeved cotton shirt from her drawer and a pair of black jeans. He figured it’d still be chilly so early in the morning, especially on the Vancouver water, so when he found an oversized sweatshirt he threw that into the pile too. He went into her top drawer and only slightly sifted through her bras before he felt like a creep and just grabbed whatever one his hand was on. The underwear, the same, except he purposely made sure to pick a thong. A woman with her ass should be in these goddamned things all the time, he thought as he threw it on the pile.

He tiptoed with his heap of clothes out to the kitchen and opened the fridge, the light blinding him for a moment as he grabbed the bowl of berries from the day before.

He padded back to her dark room and stood before her with his hands full. He could hear her whispered exhales and took a moment longer to appreciate those tiny sounds, keeping her alive, so distinctly her. He’d never stop appreciating her.

“Baby,” he whispered.

No response.

“Baby?” He tried again, a bit louder.

“Hunh?” she barely whispered.

“Sorry baby, I have kind of a surprise for you…” He started to think this was a stupid idea. He felt horrible for waking her, especially after they’d been shooting until midnight the night before.

“What?” Her head lifted slightly as she tried to find him in the darkness.

“Sorry babe, I know you’re tired. I have a surprise for you though.”

He handed her the bowl as though she’d asked for it and she took it, trying to see what was inside.

“What’s this?” She asked sitting up slowly, scooting back so she could be supported against the headboard.

“Oh that, that’s just some fruit. That’s not your surprise,” he tried to quickly explain.

“God. What the hell?” She smoothed one hand over her hair that had mostly fallen out of a ponytail from the night before.

“I also got your clothes ready right here.” He held them all out to her.

“David, what the fuck? This is our last weekend together…to sleep in. I thought…” She took the clothes and put them on her lap and popped a blueberry in her mouth.

“I know babe, that’s why I wanted to do something for you. I know you’re tired though, sorry.”

She let out a small groan.

“Sweetie, I’m so tired. You better bring me some coffee or just leave me to die.”

“There will be plenty of coffee there for you.”

“There? We have to go somewhere?”

“Yes. Come on, get dressed. I picked out a thong for ya!”

She couldn’t help but let out a sleepy giggle. “I see that. My navy blue one.” She hooked it onto her index finger and let it dangle in front of him.

“Oh is that what color it is? I couldn’t tell in the dark. I just liked the lace.”

“Mmmhmm. Want to help me get dressed, babe?”

He knew from the tone of her voice what she was implying and it caused a flutter in his boxers. He pulled the blankets off her, exposing her nakedness to him. He turned the thong in his fingers, trying to figure out the front from the back and perched himself at her feet and put them both through the fabric.

“I’ll be honest now, I’m probably not very good at this, but in my defense, I’ve had much more practice in undressing you.”

“You’re doing just fine.”

The lace followed his fingertips up her smooth calves, up over her knees. She pressed her legs together to help him guide it higher on her until he was hovering above her with the panties to the middle of her thighs.

“I think you’re going to have to help me here with this next part,” he whispered just above her face.

She lifted her ass from the bed toward him and he glided the thong higher until it was where it was supposed to be. He straightened out the lace, tracing his fingers along the edges to ensure it rested flush against her skin. She kept herself raised to him as his hands circled around from her ass to the front, grazing the lace that was already radiating heat and wetness.

He let himself feel her lightly, making three up and down strokes against her before he dipped an index finger behind the fabric he’d just put there.

He was barely touching her, gathering her wetness and circling it to her clit, making slow, feather-light circles. He leant in to kiss her and she responded hard against him, already ravenous to find some kind of release, taking his tongue in her mouth and bucking her hips against his hand.

“Mmm…babe, you’re hot as fuck, but we’ve got somewhere to be,” he murmured into her.

She shook her head, steadily grinding against his fingers.

He loved that she was most horny in the early hours of the morning had a way of making sure they were both thoroughly sexed before the day had even began. It was one of the sexiest things about her. He considered himself smart enough to know there weren’t many women who enjoyed getting fucked before breakfast and he sure as hell would always appreciate that it was one of her favorite ways to start a long day.

He also knew she wasn’t going to let this day progress until she had her release, and hell, he needed some release of his own. He pulled off her gingerly-placed underwear and threw them aside, unzipped his fly and pulled his cock from his boxers in one smooth movement. And dove for her and plunged himself inside. His body completely covering hers as her hands slid under the collar of his shirt, massaging his shoulders.

He was glad they were always on the same page when it came to sex, especially this time. There was no time for romance. No time for absorbing the moment. Just time for fucking. They moved together in a perfect frantic rhythm, both looking for the end. She neared it first, pressing her heels into his ass to urge him harder and deeper, and when he obliged he knew it wouldn’t be long for him either.

The sounds escaping her made him move faster, his way of telling her to lose herself to him. And she did. Grabbing on to the small muscles in his neck and crying out in almost a squeal from beneath his chest, he could feel her pulsing around him, sending him over the edge as well. He brought his mouth down to hers while they rode out the aftershocks of their orgasm, squeezing each other tighter in a silent ‘thank you’. He then slipped out of her slowly, leaving a trail of tiny kisses from her mouth to her chest.

“Well, good morning to you,” he whispered. “Now we really have to get going we can’t be late.”

She took the hand he was offering to help her stand.

“Where are we going? And what time is it exactly?”

“It’s about 4:30 now. We’re going to watch the sunrise from Chris’s yacht. Just you and me. Well, and a driver and a fresh breakfast with some hot coffee.”

She playfully slapped his arm.“Get out! Are you fucking serious?” She beamed through the darkness. “How’d you know I’ve been wanting to do that?”

He leaned in and met her lips, relieved that he didn’t totally fuck up their last Saturday morning in Vancouver together.

“I know you,” he said, pleased with himself. He watched the smile creep up her face as she reached for the knocked over bowl of fruit on the other side of the bed and put a raspberry in her mouth.

“Let’s see how well you know me…what’d you pick out for me to wear?”

“Oh shit. That’s not a fair test,” he said handing the pile of clothes to her.

She looked through each article and then turned back to him.

“You know, not bad. I think I’ll keep ya,” she said.

I hope you will, he thought to himself as he watched her dress. She moved fluidly, energetically, for so early in the morning. After turning on the light, she sat in front of the mirror and ran a brush through her hair before pulling it into a high ponytail. Smiling at his reflection when their eyes met in the glass. He did know her well. And he knew that she was content. The carefree, wake-up-at-4am-with-a-smile kind of content, and perhaps the most he’d ever seen her.

He kept his eyes on her, basking in her innocent excitement even though she was completely unaware of what he had planned to talk about this morning. He didn’t know if he was the cause of her happiness, but he hoped he was. All he could be sure of was that her answer to the question he was about to ask had the power to make him the happiest he could ever be.

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speaking of the wiggling ding dong, do you think derek has a wiggly ding dong too? (i mean of course he does duh) and do you think the pack ever goes to play baseball and stiles notices it? cause yknow of course he would


As you said Charlie, of course Stiles would notice it, how couldn’t he? I bet his eyes are 69% of the time on that area (shh don’t comment on the number there’s absolutely no unnecessary innuendo.)

Where are his eyes on the other 31%, you ask? Oh, generally on his thighs and butt and biceps but a lot on Derek’s eyes too, cuz recently Stiles has started a game called “Let’s figure out what colour are Derek’s eyes today.” So he spends a lot of time staring at them and then at his ding dong cuz rEASONS.

Anyway, it’s summertime, the pack doesn’t have school, it’s been a chill couple of weeks (everyone is alive of course) and they decide to go play baseball and Stiles falls a little harder when he discovers that Derek loves baseball as he does…

[Okay, first of all, I need to disclaim that I have little to no idea how baseball functions, for real, I don’t know the terminology, and I’ve never fully understood the game, and unless someone is patient enough to sit me down and explain it to me I’m too lazy to go do research about it, cuz I really don’t know where to start. So it’s gonna be really generic, I’m so sorry :/]

[It’s still really generic, but I think I understood something, after you explained it to me :’)]

It’s a really hot day and everyone is wearing as less clothes as they can get away with. Even Stiles that usually likes to layer up, is in a cotton short sleeve shirt and a pair of beach shorts.

But Derek.. Derek is the worst of them all. Cuz Derek has just a grey, loose tank top and basketball shorts. Y’know to let all the parts breathe, but especially move freely, as much as they need to.

Stiles gulps audibly, cuz who wouldn’t? Faced with a vision like that? [fuckinh kill me]

And maybe he thinks he’s being subtle and all but hey, he’s with a pack of very nosy werewolves so ofc they notice, and the assholes snicker and send him suggestive looks, Erica even winks, but at least, when he looks at Derek he seems to be oblivious to it all, so he guesses it’s okay.

He didn’t make a fool of himself lusting for someone that he could never have.

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black leather five-hole doc martens, blue/brown/grey striped socks, black cotton twill trousers cuffed/rolled tot the top of my calves, bue cotton boxers with green polka dots, white cotton undershirt, white cotton short-sleeve shirt, black woolen tie, grey acrylic sweater with print of pink rabbits, black linen flat cap, yellow bandana tied around left ankle.


Here’s my other shirt design for Animinneapolis artist alley! (the first one is here)

Again, this is a very limited run–15 total, 5 each in sizes S/M/L, screen printed onto 100% cotton short-sleeve unisex T-shirts.

I used glow-in-the-dark ink! So what looks like light pink is actually phosphorescent green. The third photo was taken in total darkness :3c

Unfortunately I messed up on a few shirts (ink alignment issues), so on top of the 15 I have about 4 extra shirts in size S and they will be available at my table at a super discount ha ha

That about sums up all the new work I’ve made for artist alley. Come see me at Animinneapolis!

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an American clothing designer best known for his sportswear line, Polo Ralph Lauren, which is the centerpiece of his fashion empire.
Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Lifshitz in the Bronx, New York City, on October 14, 1939. His parents were Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants from Belarus. At the age of 16, Ralph and his brother Jerry changed their last name to Lauren, having been teased consistently at school. Another brother, Lenny, retained the family name.
In 1967, Lauren began designing men’s neckties, branding them under the name “Polo” and selling them at large department stores, including Bloomingdale’s. Lauren then expanded his designs to a full menswear line.
In 1970, Lauren was awarded the Coty Award for his menswear designs. Following this recognition, he released a line of women’s suits tailored in a classic men’s style. In 1972, Lauren released a short-sleeve cotton shirt in 24 colors. This design, emblazoned with the Polo logo, became the brand’s signature look. Lauren subsequently broadened his brand to include a luxury clothing line called Ralph Lauren Purple, a home-furnishing collection called Ralph Lauren Home, and a collection of fragrances. Polo currently produces clothing for men, women and children. Lauren has also designed Olympic uniforms for Team USA.
Polo expanded rapidly in the 1980s and 1990s, opening boutiques across the United States and abroad. In 1984, Lauren opened the flagship store in New York’s Rhinelander Mansion. The company went public on June 11, 1997, traded under the symbol RL.
The success of Polo has earned Lauren a personal fortune estimated at $6.5 billion. This figure, if accurate, would make Lauren the 122nd richest person in the world.

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