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Title: Guard’s cuffs

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Warnings: smut, swearing

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Dan decided with himself that he would tease you the rest of the week following up to your birthday. It was constant hands far up your inner thigh at the dinner table in front of loads of your staff, kisses behind people’s backs, and pulling you down empty corridors to trap you between him and a wall, pressing his lips as far down your neck and chest as the dress you were wearing that day would let him.

You were sexually frustrated to say in the least.

Finally, it was the day of your birthday. You were to sit in the throne room next to Daniel as you did everyday, except instead of answering the kingdom’s requests and concerns from eight in the morning to six at night (with an hour and a half break between), the people gave you birthday wishes for the first hour, and you only had to listen to requests and concerns for the next hour. In other words, you got to leave the throne room at ten a.m. and have the rest of the day to yourself, if you choose to. So at ten a.m. you bid Daniel a goodbye, and head to the sewing room.

You hadn’t been in the sewing room for years, but you wanted to get back at Dan for what he had been doing to you for the past almost week. You found the prettiest material you could find, some expensive looking silk and some pretty lace, and you started to sew yourself new underwear. At noon, you still had not finished, so you hid your work and rushed down to the dining hall where you knew Daniel would be waiting for you for lunch. You sat down next to him as the waiters began to bring out your meal and before he could do it himself to you, you let your hand wander to his crotch. You felt his whole body stiffen as soup was set in front of you. You pushed down a bit on his trousers and rubbed him through them before taking your hand away, eating your soup quickly, and heading back to the sewing room without another word. It was half past noon by the time you got back to the room filled with cloth, needles, and thread, but you didn’t worry that Daniel had an hour extra for a break. He didn’t know where this room was, let alone that you were interested in sewing. It took you another two hours to complete the silk and lace undergarments and you were proud of them. You thought they looked quite nice.

You then decided with your spare time to make and easy to remove dress to wear over the new garments. The simple silk and lace dress matched your previous creation and took you three and a half hours. By the time you looked out the window to check the sundial, it was six and you rushed back to your room, changing into the garments and dress and sitting on the bed waiting for Dan to arrive. Only a few moments later Dan burst into the room. As soon as he enters, he begins taking off his jacket and undershirt.

“Y/N Howell! What was that at noon! I demand to kn-” He stops, turning towards you to see the awfully short silk and lace dress.

“Wha-” Dan starts.

“Don’t think I don’t know you’ve been teasing me, Daniel.” You say to him, turning to face the end of the bed on your stomach, feet up behind you.

“I have no-”

“Oh you have, and I’ve love every bit of it, but I couldn’t handle it today, I was in the middle of doing something before I left for meal.” You interrupt.

“Was the thing you were doing, this lovely dress?” He asks, a smirk appearing instantly on his lips.

“And… Something else.” You mumble, resting your chin on your palm with your elbow rested on the bed.

“And what was that?” Dan asks, stepping closer. You sit up so you were now kneeling on the bed. Your face was to the same height as Dan’s due to the raise of the bed. Your faces were only inches apart. You back away a bit.

“This.” You say, pulling the dress off to reveal the black silk red laced garments you had spent so much time on.

“Oh fuck.” Dan breaths, “We will have to skip dinner.” He says, backing away and heading to the wardrobe.

“I’ve got your present in here. Not the proper one from this morning, but a more private one.” He says, turning around with a pair of guard cuffs swinging side to side from his pointing finger.

“Where did you get those?” You ask, trying to distract yourself from how wet the thought of Dan using the cuffs on you made you. Then the thought of you using them on him made you even wetter.

“Swiped them from a guard. Thought you may like them.” He tells you, getting close to you again. He was quickly only an inch away from you kneeling tall on the bed. He drops the metal object on the bed next to you and grabs your waist, smashing his lips against yours. The kiss alone showed how turned on he was. You push the shirt off of him completely before grabbing his face and pulling it closer to yours, if it was even possible. His hands travel from your waist to your hips, your traveling down as well. One hand lands on the cuffs beside you whilst the other lands down Dan’s pants and pressing against his hardening cock. He moans into the kiss, beginning to kiss you harder. You move your hand from his pants and pull his hands in front of him, quickly moving the cuffs to lock around his wrists. You pull away.

“I hope you have the key.” You whisper before standing up, twisting the two of you and pushing Dan onto the bed. His head rests near the pillows. You crawl up the bed an straddle his waist. You feel his erection through his pants and moan, grinding against it. Dan moans at this, causing you to look up at him. Lust and love were shining in his eyes, it was easy to tell. You grind into him again, just wanting to hear his moans again. He lets out a long, strangled moan which causes you to moan as well. You tug his trousers down and look down to see the restricted tent now much larger. You grind onto him again, Dan feeling your soaking core through your underwear. You push his still restrained arms above his head and lean down, kissing him hard. One hand tangles in his hair, tugging at it while the other travels down his torso and into his underwear. You start to pump him, running your thumb over his head which causes him to moan into the kiss.

Your mouth travels down his neck and chest, occasionally you leave hickeys. Once you get to his underwear, you pull them off, down his legs and onto the floor. You lick the precum from the tip of his cock. Dan moans again, loudly before saying.

“I swear to god, y/n I’m going to be pissed if you suck me off. I can’t last much longer and It’s your birthday. I don’t think I can do two rounds.” He makes intense eye contact with you, but you ignore him, smirking and licking from his balls to his head. He lets out a loud moan before you take him in your mouth, letting him hit the back of our throat and go down a bit.

“Fuck!” He practically screams, sitting up. You hear a loud snap as you start to bob your head.

Your head is practically ripped away from Dan’s raging erection and brought to his lips. You feel his hands grasping your hips, it was going to leave bruises. Then you realized.

He broke the cuffs.

He rips your underwear off, bra and panties, before shoving two fingers into you. He trusts quickly, scissoring and curling his fingers, causing you to moan out.

He places you over his dick before sliding you on top of it with ease.

“Bounce, move your hips, just fuck me good before I loose control and fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” He grumbles in your ear. His words send waves down your body. You bounce up and down on Dan. His hands grab your breasts, massaging them intensely, and he leans in to kiss you. The kiss is filled with passion and lust, overflowing with pleasure as his tongue devours your senses. You enter complete bliss as you cum, long and hard. You moan loudly, pulling away from Dan. He cums shortly after you, as hard if not harder than you did. He pulls you off of him and lays you down next to him.

“Happy Birthday, y/n.” He mumbles. You mumble a thanks before you both fall into a needed sleep.


Group: BTS


Summary: Your friend drags you to a club where you meet Jimin, who just wants to see your smile.

Genre: drabble,

Length: 1.2k

A/N: <3

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The night hadn’t gone the way you had expected; originally it was meant to be relaxed; wrapped in a blanket watching a movie until you fell asleep. But your friend believed relaxed Saturday nights in should not be a thing.

“Get up Y/N, the guy I hooked up with recently is the bouncer of the new club. We have to go,” she dug into your closet, pulling out a short black silk dress and throwing your heels on you which caused you to wince and you knew there wasn’t a chance of you not going now because you really liked that dress.

A few minutes later you were calling “I’m done,” before you walked out of your room causing your friend to let out a little gasp of appreciation before quickly securing a choker to your neck and fluffing your hair up before she was dragging you out of your apartment and into her car and your heart began to race in excitement.

The journey didn’t take as long as expected and all the time she chatted about her new boy toy. Apparently, the club was not your average club and when she mentioned the name, Enigma it rang a bell due to it being known for being very picky at who got in.

You knew you were there, when you drove past the line, to park around the corner where the line continued. But your friend threw you her fur coat as she strutted past the line and straight to the door, “Namjoon,” she greeted the bouncer, who grinned at her as his arms looped around her waist, picking her up to plant a kiss on her lips before he began to kiss her neck and work down her cleavage; you cleared your throat. Turning she pushed him away with a laugh, “Joon, this is Y/N. don’t you think she’s hot enough to get in, babe.”

He looked you up and down before motioning with his head for you to spin, “take the fur off,” you did as instructed slightly self-conscious and embarrassed by his eyes that were raking your figure, “anyone friends with you can come,” he commented as he kissed her again before she began to suck a hickey on his neck and looking over her shoulder, “you would have got in any way, you’re hot and you seem to follow instructions well.” Then as you began to walk to the door, he continued talking, “a word of warning, don’t be so submissive in there. A handsome boy will come up to you and next thing you know you’ll be on your knees in the bathroom wit-“Your friend whacked the side of his head to stop him continuing, “Well just be careful, you’re a cute girl and guys find that innocent look a real turn-on.”

You swallowed before sending a look to your friend to leave him and at least have one drink with you, she picked up on it and so did he as he placed her back on the floor placing a kiss on her forehead before her fingers interlaced with you, “Jeongguk get the door.” The boy in question raised an eyebrow at your friend before he was pushing the door open, giving you an appreciative once over and wink, before he noticed the way you were chewing on the side of a nail in a show of nervousness did he place a large hand on your shoulder, “If you’re scared we have a few friends in the club to make sure everything is running smoothly. And the guy working in the bar is called Yoongi; he’s good to talk to.”

The club knocked the breath out of you, literally. Within seconds a girl had bumped into you and you friend pulled you towards the bar where she ordered you a few shots knowing that would be the only way to get you to loosen up. You looked around the club as you caught your breath, it was dark but the music was loud, you could feel the beat all the way through your body. The only light came from the surrounding walls, where furls of smoke were projected rising; it was calming to watch.

When you broke you gaze and looked around for your friend, all you saw was the back of her head exiting through the door probably to be with Namjoon, you stayed seated at the bar pulling up your phone and checking the time deciding to stay ten minutes maximum, but that was only because the music was amazing.

“Yoongi,” your head turned at the call of a familiar name, “how’s everything tonight?” Yoongi looked at the boy with a smile before he caught your eye, instantly you looked down in embarrassment,

“There’s only been one problem so far,” the boy asked what it was, “this girl was left by Namjoon’s new toy and doesn’t seem to be having any fun.”

The boy turned to you, one arm leaning on the counter, “I can show you some fun,” he ran a hand through dirty blonde hair and you swear you felt your heart stop, he looked like some sort of |Greek God, “I’m Jimin by the way.” You mumbled your name in reply.

Yoongi burst into laughter at your face, your cheeks a bright red at Jimin’s blunt words and general appearance, Jimin noticed this and laughed sheepishly, “sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He was the only enigma here, you thought, going from sexy to shy in a matter of seconds.

You were still in slight shock as he grabbed your hand and pulled you behind him onto the dancefloor, “I won’t leave you until you smile for me,”

Namjoon’s words echoed in your head, but you couldn’t help but smile when his was just so infectious. The song changed from fast paced to a much slower one and glancing at Yoongi who gave you the thumbs up; you shot him a glare, causing his smile to broaden.

Now that you were face to face with Jimin, you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. The black satin shirt he was wearing dipped enough for you to see his hard chest, noticing your gaze he pulled off his suit jacket and walked back to the bar to throw it over, but your eyes were locked on his thick biceps. Trying to take your mind off of him, you began to dance to the music and still trying to unglue your eyes from his thighs that carried him to the beat as he danced akin to a professional. He caught you staring at him and smirked at you before he began to perform a routine that seemed practised his body moving perfectly to the beat before he had caught your hand and spun you around and into his hard chest.

You were on cloud nine, as you let out a laugh of excitement and he paused looking at you, before a smile lit up his face, “You can only smile like this for me, Y/N. Want to come home with me?”

Your night may have not gone the way you expected but that was definitely a good thing.

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