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honestly the shit mavin pulls doesn’t even sound real when you list a bunch???? like

  • met on valentines day
  • strangers to best friends in an absurdly short amount of time
  • (sidebar to say lindsay initially didn’t like gavin and michael defended him to her, and gavin was shocked when he found out michael stood up for him after a week of knowing each other)
  • Those Friends who spend as much time as possible together
  • matching necklaces 
  • matching shoes
  • michael being gavin’s exception (see: gavin saying he’d refuse to be in a wedding party for everyone, but for michael, “he’s my boi. gotta do it.”)
  • michael saying lindsay and gavin are the same person? michael continuing on to say him and meg are the same person?
  • sorry but it bears mentioning again that michael literally said that his wife and gavin have the exact same personalities and followed it up by saying himself and gavin’s girlfriend have the exact same personalities
  • their push and pull of a relationship (this is believable on its own but lumped in with everything else it’s the icing on the mavin cake)
  • aka michael makes gavin better and gavin makes michael worse (michael has a point where he’ll draw a line but gavin can convince him to participate in shit that comes pretty damn close to crossing it)
  • michael consistently says things he films with gavin are the most fun-ie enjoying chiller playpals, talking about how immersion is one of his favorite things to be involved with because of production and gavin, calling the fallout 4 immersion his favorite because the entire premise was just him and gavin fucking around
  • basically michael never shuts the fuck up about gavin and finds ways to bring him up even when gavin’s not there
  • michael picks a moment with gavin as the best part of his 2016

not to mention all of these things are cushioned by hundreds of small interactions between them that demonstrate how comfortable they are around each other


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Flare 13

This part is kind of short, but in positive news, Myka and HG eat food together. There is also an extended math metaphor, so: one for my nerds! Speaking of math, a short numerical sidebar: I never know how to feel about the number 13 anymore. I used to have that tiny “it’s unlucky” feeling about it, but then the show came along and it was all special, but then the show became a horrible exercise in “how bad can it get? that bad, really?” and I started having negative thoughts about the number again. Even on, like, the 13th rep of a set at the gym. Is that weird? </sidebar> Meanwhile: amatterofcomplication’s masterpost, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, and part 12.

Flare 13

The morning after the fire, Myka is at the firehouse, dealing with things. She wants to call Pete, but that feels dangerous; she wants to talk to the Chief, but she isn’t in her office, and no one seems to know where she’s gone. So instead, she calls her insurance company, like a normal person would. After several calls back and forth, the reasonably nice woman who’s been assigned to her case informs her that she needs to meet an insurance adjustor in the afternoon, at the place where her house used to be.

She doesn’t want to go. She doesn’t want to see the place where her house used to be, not ever again.

“Do you want company?” Amanda asks. “I’ll get somebody to cover for me. Or I’ll find Pete and make him go with you.”

Myka says, “I think it’s probably best if Pete stays as far away from me as possible, where this fire’s concerned.”

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