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punk phil swears he's not gay, until he and pastel dan hangout, and dan gives him the greatest bj he's ever gotten and still swears he's straight ?

Warning: Smut; Blow jobs, dirty talk (if you squint), Dan’s in a skirt and leggings, bad flirting, etc.

~Phil swears he’s straight, no matter how attractive a guy may be, Phil is straight and by no means will he ever ever ever be attracted to guys.

~Phil is a punk, he’s the cool, tough exterior type that likes girls and rides motorbikes. Until he becomes friends with Dan.

~Phil gets stuck with Dan for a group project, and they’re working on the same half of it together.

~Dan is Dan. He wears pink skirts and lacey tights, pale colors and white clothes. The day Phil comes to Dan’s for a school project, Dan is wearing a pale pink jumper and white leggings, with a short and ruffled light grey skirt.

~Phil is straight. No matter how much Dan looks like a girl, no matter how much Dan looks like a guy, no matter how cute and pretty the pastel teen is, Phil is straight.

~Dan says he is gender fluid, which is why some days he wears girly things and some days he wears manly things, but he’s a boy no matter his gender identity. Phil doesn’t understand.

~Phil also doesn’t understand why when Dan bends over to pick up something, tidying his room so it’s more presentable, Phil doesn’t understand why he can’t stop staring at Dans ass.

~Phil doesn’t understand when Dan chews the end of his pencil, why he wants the teens pink lips wrapped around his cock.

~Phil doesn’t understand when Dan sits cross cross, why he wants to move his hand up his skirt and slowly stroke his length until the pastel tease cums and ruins his pretty skirt.

~Phil does understand that he’s straight. But maybe not when it comes to Dan Howell.

~Dan smiles at him and stands up, twirling around a bit as he looks for his notebook, getting it off his piano and sitting on the bed, smiling at Phil. “Okay so we need to make a quiz to give at the end of the presentation.” He says.

~Phil’s nods to his words, not understand what he said, more focused on the memory of Dan twirling and his pretty skirt flying up.

~Dan giggles at him again and looks at him. “You seem distracted. What’s going on in your heavily pierced noggin.”

~Phil shakes his head and smiles at him, shrugging. “Ah. Just usual worries. Does your mum know you wear skirts and stuff?” He asks.

~Dan nods and looks at him, his dimples showing as he grinned. “Yeah she does. She kinda supports it since she always wanted a girl but never had one. Just her two boys.” He smiled.

~Phil smiles and nods. “Alright. That’s fair.” He hums. “You look really cute in skirts.” He comments, not really thinking about it.

~Dan giggles and shrugs again, his cheeks a bit rosy at the compliment. “Thank you. Some people say I look a little funny in them since I’m a boy but I think my features are pretty androgynous so the look works for me.” He explained.

~Phil just nods along. “You’re hot.” He blurts awkwardly, not thinking still as he spoke.

~Dan giggles a little more, looking down and fidgeting with his skirt to hide his blush. “I’m nottttt.” He insisted. “I just have a really good ass.”

~Phil chuckled and nodded. “I swear I’m straight. I’m straight. You’re just…really good looking.”

~Dan shrugs and looks up, leaning in a bit. “You’re not straight if you think I look good. If you were straight, a guy in a skirt would repulse you.” He said.

~Phil shrugs and looks at him, leaning closer too, not really realizing what he was doing still. “That’s not true. You just happen to look very, very good in a skirt.” He smiled.

~Dan smirks and leaned in and presses his lips to Phil’s, kissing him hard for a moment.

~Phil kisses back, moving a hand to the back of Dan’s head and pulling his hair gently as they kissed.

~Dan moves forward, standing up on his knees with Phil as they kissed, letting out a soft and feminine moan, turning Phil on even more.

~Phil kisses him roughly, nipping his bottom lip and tugging at it, moving his other hand to his lower back and slipping a couple fingers under the waist band of Dan’s skirt.

~Dan squeaks softly, not expecting Phil to move his hands so low so soon, his mouth opening and feelings Phil’s tongue slide into his mouth.

~Phil’s hands go under his skirt further, gripping his ass gently and hearing Dan moan into his mouth.

~Phil feeling his erection growing, pressing hard against his upper thigh in his jeans.

~Dan pushes Phil back, crawling on top of him and sitting on his hips, feeling Phil’s hard on press into him and smirking.

~Dan leans in and uses two fingers to tilt Phil’s head, kissing his jaw and neck, listening as his breathing hitches.

~Dan sits up and tugs at Phil’s shirt, asking him silently to take it off to which Phil complies, pulling it off and tossing it across the room.

~Dan hums and looks at him. “Straight. Okay.” His eyes roll playfully as he starts to kiss down Phil’s chest, scratching his sides as he does.

~Phil’s eye go back in his head, knowing where Dan was going with this and it had been so long since he’d gotten a good blow job he wasn’t complaining.

~Dan’s hands move down, undoing the button on Phil’s jeans and pulling down the zipper, looking up at him innocently.

~Dan starting to mouth over his length through his boxers, listening to Phil’s gentle gasps and muttered curses.

~Phil moves a hand to Dan’s hair, pulling gently and chewing his lip as he waits. He never thought he’d get blown by a guy.

~Dan stands up and pecked his lips, tracing over his jaw with his finger as he stood up and looking at him. “I saw you staring at my ass you know.” He says casually, pulling his leggings off and tossing them to the hamper in the corner.

~Phil groans softly, seeing Dan get back in position on the bed.

~Dan pulls out Phil’s length and licks his lips, wrapping them around his head and sucking teasingly, running the tip of his tongue through his slit.

~Dan lifts his lower half up, letting his ass sit in the air as he bobs his head a bit lower, teasing Phil and only going half way down. His skirt rides down, exposing his ass and he hears Phil groan when he sees it.

~Phil looks at it and sits up on his elbows to get a better view of Dan’s ass, his mouth working over his length. “Cheeky bastard…not wearing underwear.” He murmurs and looks at him, seeing Dan’s head bobbing down.

~Dan moans softly around him, bobbing his head down quickly and feeling a blush rise to his cheeks when he looked up, seeing phil staring at his ass.

~Phil groans softly, watching as Dan’s hips moved side to side. “You blow guys you just met 3 days ago often?” He asks with a smirk before moaning again.

~Dan looks up at him through his eye lashes, pulling off and stroking him quickly so he could talk. “What can I say. I’m always a slut for cock. It’d be an honor to have one your size fuck me.” He smirked before going back down, taking all of him and swallowing around him a few times, bobbing his head faster than before.

~Phil groans and leans back again, moving his hand back into Dan’s hair and pushing it back, grabbing a fist full and gripping it tightly and soliciting a moan out of Dan, sending vibrations up his cock.

~Phil starts to talk again, remembering Dan’s words. “I don’t know. I’m straight..” He mumbled, his words slurred as he grew closer. “Maybe I’d make an exception. I’d love to fuck that pretty ass of yours…oh god..” He mumbled still, bucking up his hips a bit and starting to thrust into Dan’s mouth. “So fucking close holy shit..”

~Dan smirks around him, doing his best and swirling his tongue around him each time he went up, swiping his tongue over ha slit to collect the precum pooling at his tip.

~Phil groaning loudly as he came,, bucking his hips erratically and hitting the back of Dan’s throat as he worked himself through his orgasm, feeling Dan swallow around him, effortlessly taking all he had to offer.

~Dan pulls off, the suction from his mouth making a small ‘pop’ noise as he did, looking up at him.

~Phil sits up, breathing heavily as he tried to calm down. “That was without a doubt the best blow job of my life.” He whispered.

~Dan rolling his eyes and smirks. “I’ve been told I do pretty well when it comes to giving head. Still straight?” He asked, his tone faux mocking him.

~Phil chuckles. “I’m still straight. But maybe next time we work on this project I’ll make an exception and fuck that ass of yours.” He smirks. “Still straight though.”

~Dan just rolls his eyes and nods. “Sounds perfect.”

A/N: I went haywire with this it’s more of a fic at this point. Also sorry anon but I worship Dan in skirts and leggings and tights and pretty girly things. It’s just…so damn perfect. Also send me head canon prompts✨

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can i get a nepeta peixes with a fuchsia fish like hat (or cuttlefish like hat, whichever ones easier), a fuchsia dolphin like tail, a short pink ruffled skirt, no shoes and pearl earrings please? (also shes wearing a tank top) mcfuckin thank you (but if you dont wanna do it, i completely understand)

of course!! i couldn’t figure out how to do the hat right, but i made two versions - one with normal horns and one with blood colored horns! i hope you like her!!

Cripple Punk portrait

[image description: a digital artwork depicting an asian person with freckles and a bob cut style haircut in their black hair. They are wearing large lensed glasses and a blue crop top with the sleeves rolled up to the shoulders and a short, ruffled skirt. They have a large knee brace on their left knee. They are smoking from a vape pen in their right hand. The background is light yellow with a floral wreath of pink roses. They seem content and confident as they blow out smoke.]

Class Trip to the Beach!

Mal wears a dark purple one piece with bright green accents and a black mesh cover-up that Evie insists is entirely fashionable, despite the fact that it doesn’t actually ‘cover up’ much of anything in Mal’s opinion.  The sunglasses Ben produces for her are huge, and Jay, after watching her struggle with her hair in the breeze, is the one who finds a wide band of fabric that he ties around her head to keep her hair back.  She lays claim to the absolute biggest umbrella she can find, and no one can coax her out from under except for Evie, who tugs her into the surf to play once or twice.  Once everyone else is all worn out and the sun has started to go down, she walks the length of the beach herself, enjoying the quiet.  Then the music starts and she jogs back to the bonfire, laughing as Carlos drags her in for a dance.

Jay’s dark red shorts fit him like a second skin, the yellow stripes down the sides drawing attention every time he moves. Which he does.  Constantly.  He’s everywhere on the beach, alternating from volleyball to splashing in the water, where Ben keeps trying to coax him deeper and deeper, wanting to teach him to swim.  Jay’s not quite sure he’s okay with that, but he likes the way the water feels, and he enjoys the surf and the way the sand squishes between his toes.  When Carlos and Evie start on their sandcastle, Jay gets put to work bringing them water for their sand and pieces of driftwood that catch their attention, which is a fair trade because when they’re finally done and the bonfire is lit, they let him destroy the castle.

Evie has what is possibly the single most stylish two piece, with a white halter top that has a red apple embroidered on the back and a pair of dark blue shorts with white seams down the sides.  She wears a loose white wrap around her hips when she’s not the surf with Mal, and she spends most of the day excitedly collecting shells for later and building sandcastles with Carlos.  Her hair is up in a high ponytail, her sunglasses perched atop her head, and she grins every time someone flirts with her.  The bonfire is possibly the best part of the day though, because she gets to dance with almost everyone.

Carlos’s trunks hit just above his knees, and they’re patterned with one leg white and one leg black, and he has on a dark red tank top for most of the day.  He has a visor that Ben gave him, and he cheerfully runs the entire length of the beach— twice— with Dude before he finally settles in for sandcastles with Evie.  Even after that, he’s often distracted, throwing driftwood for Dude to grab and bring back, and he loves it best when Ben joins them at the sandcastle, because Ben brings a book to read aloud.  They all like listening to Ben read aloud, even Mal.  She might not admit it, but she definitely perked up when she realized Ben was going to read.  Carlos saw her.

Ben, having learned his lesson about the crown-patterned shorts, has a pair of knee-length royal blue boardshorts, and he spends the day coaxing each of the Isle-Four into the water for at least a few minutes.  Evie looks at him with little wary eyes, and Mal flat out refuses except when Evie coaxes her into the surf, and Carlos goes a little ways before darting back to the beach, but at least Jay gives it a shot.  It’s more than Ben can really say he expected, and after Jay is thoroughly distracted by Evie and Carlos, Ben laughs and goes to drop into the sand by them.  His bag is there by Mal’s umbrella, and he digs out a copy of one of his favorite books, easily picking up where he’d left off the last time he read aloud to them.  All four of them watch him like they’ve never been read to in their life, and the best part is how into they all get, worried for the characters and protesting when something bad happens.  If they’d let him, Ben could probably read to them all day.

Lonnie takes advantage of the beach time to stretch out with Mal and alternate between tapping on her phone and dozing off in the sun, all decked out in her pink and teal tankini.  The blanket she lays on has a huge golden dragon embroidered into it, and she brings a huge picnic basket with her, full to the brim of homemade goodies.  Most of the Isle-Four assume her mom made them, and she doesn’t bother to hide her laugh at the idea of Mulan in the kitchen to do much of anything that wasn’t putting out fires or lifting flour (or making the one thing she ever learned to cook: double-chocolate chip cookies, of which there are huge number in the basket).  She never explains where it came from, and it’s definitely no substitute for the real lunch that Doug provides.  She gets particularly enthusiastic about the beach only for the volleyball game with Jay and when the bonfire eventually starts.

Jane has a lilac colored one piece with a short, ruffled skirt.  A large pink bow sits at the small of her back, and she wears a pale lilac bolero when she’s not in the water.  She swims pretty well, like most of the Auradon kids, and she helps Carlos when he does finally foray a little into the water.  After that though, she joins Lonnie on a blanket near Mal, and while she thinks it’s a little weird that Ben comes by and reads to them, it’s not bad.  She likes getting to hang out with them all, and more importantly, she likes the way Mal glances over to make sure that Jane’s still there after they’ve all gone quiet.  It makes her happy, knowing that someone noticed her.

Audrey’s pink two piece swimsuit has a high neck and a high waist for maximum coverage, and she wears a frilly pink wrap around her hips that nearly reaches to her knees.  She, like most of the girls, also wears hugely oversized sunglasses at the beach, and at first, she spreads her blanket a little ways away from the others, not entirely comfortable with how close they all are.  Then Lonnie’s blanket is in between her and Mal, and Jane stretches out between her and Lonnie, and after that, Jay drops down on the corner of her blanket with a smug smirk and a challenging eyebrow raise as he drags her blanket over closer.  She realizes after he moves her that it’s because Ben is reading, and she can’t help but smile for that.  She glances back down at the book she was reading, then closes it so that she can focus on this, on how everything the Isle-Four touch is so messy and uncomfortable and vibrant, even something as normal as listening to Ben read.

Doug wears dark green shorts that are probably a touch too short to be stylish, but Evie doesn’t comment and Doug’s comfortable with them, so no one else does either.  He’s shares his sunscreen with the Isle-Four, none of whom thought to bring their own, and he’s the one who makes sure they reapply during the day.  He mostly hangs out and watches them, amused and pleased as they delight in things that he knows are perfectly normal, and he’s the one who organizes finding lunch for them.  He and Ben had planned the bonfire from the beginning, so when everyone starts getting quiet and drifting off for quiet on the beach, they set it up and get the music blaring.  He enjoys watching the way their enthusiasm flares all over again, and when he gets dragged into dancing with Evie and Carlos, he can’t help but laugh, because no one parties quite like they do.

Underwear? Underwear.

Disclaimer: Hiro Mashima owns all of Fairy Tail and every single one of its characters. I’m just anime trash with a dream and a laptop. 

Pairing: GrayLu

Rated: T

Summary: The holidays are in full swing, and a certain pair on Team Natsu are requested for a Magnolia Fair. With “Christmas Spirit” in the air, maybe the two will do more than complete the job request. And who knew a pair of underwear could act as a catalyst?  

Authors Note: So, I’m pretty sure I’m the worse Secret Santa alive because this is ten days late and I was given the most precious, sweetest human being to write a gift for. @magerain sweetheart, I cannot tell you how sorry I am that this is so late. But without further adieu, here is your gift, and I can only hope I’ll be able to fully make it up to you someday.

P.S. This is my first time writing GrayLu and my first time writing Canon verse. Hopefully it’s not terribly OOC!

Underwear was quickly becoming a theme in Lucy Heartfilia’s life.

It was the garment she modeled in Sorcerer Weekly photo spreads. It was the clothing item that always seemed to be destroyed, leaving her nude on various missions.  It was one of the first words a certain ice mage had said to her. The infamous greeting of, “Excuse me Miss, can I please borrow your underwear?” never leaving her mind.

Yes, that was correct, underwear was quickly becoming more and more relevant in Lucy’s life.

But she supposed that made sense, being close friends with a man like Gray Fullbuster.

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any good nymphet-ish clothing at rue21, and pacsun? btw utterly adore your account! appreciate the work you put into it < 33 x

Hi, Thank you so much lovely. I have a small list of pacsun clothes here that I just updated for you and I’ll list some clothes I like from rue21 below


Tanks Crochet Tiered Babydoll Cami

Bow Back Babydoll Tank

Cropped Mexicali Crop Peasant Top

Daisy Crop Swing Tank

Lace Crop Peasant Top

Flower Ruffle Crop Top

Smock Crop Peasant Top

Lace Ruffle Peasant Top

Candy Crop Swing Tank

Daisy Trim Slub Cami

Short sleeve Lace Smock Peasant Top

Button Back Lace Babydoll Top

Basic Ditzy Heart Tank

Polka Dot Double Scoop Neck Top

Floral Double Scoop Neck Top

Lipstick Kiss Tank

Casual Little Mermaid Slash Back Tee

Disney Princess Slash Back Tee

Ariel Dip Dye Fringe Tee

Daisy Heart Bow Back Dolman Top

Little Mermaid Hoodie

Minnie Mouse Lace Back Tank


Daisy High Waisted Denim Shorts

Crochet Scoop Denim Shorts in black and white

8-Button High Waisted Shorts in Blue polka dots

Daisy Pocket Cutoff Denim Shorts

Crochet Front Denim Shorts in light blue

Daisy Cutoff Denim Shorts

Heart Pocket Cutoff Denim Shorts

Anchor Ruffled Shorts in navyblack floral, black polka dot

Polka Dot Bow Ruffled Shorts


Bow Front Scuba Skater Skirt

Color Block Skater Skirt


Crop Top Daisy Dress 2fer

Ruffled V-Neck Dress

Crop Top Dress 2fer

Crochet Waist Skater Dress

Printed Bib Front Skirtall

Floral Chiffon Skirtall


Polka Dot Cropped Bustier with Polka Dot Skater Skirt

Something pink please// closed

Sasuga knew she was getting a little bit of a late start on her rooftop garden, but having just installed a second greenhouse she was in desperate need to fill it. Her desires to recreate her paradise home back in the Makai was burning rather strong with the warm weather and this all caused the monkey to bolt from one florist to the next. As per usual she had dressed to impress and hide those demonic features she knew weren’t exactly welcome in the world of humans. This meant a short little ruffled skirt, exposing her long legs to the beams of the sun she loved soaking in, to hide her long brown tail under, a rather bright pink tank top and a simple baseball cap to hide the overly large ears.

She held her tiny change purse in hand as she pushed right past the large grouping of girls crowding this shops entrance. What the heck was up with them was beyond her understanding….till she saw just who was working in the store itself. For a moment she was stuck in her spot staring at the boys just like the others she had pushed past. All the same she finally did shake it off and , keeping a safe distance from any of the plants, walked up to one of the workers. “Excuse me. Can ya tell me if ya guys sell any potted plants here or are they all..cut flowers?”