short quotes daughter

every time you
tell your daughter
you yell at her
out of love
you teach her to confuse
anger with kindness
which seems like a good idea
until she grows up
to trust men who hurt her
cause they look so much
like you.
—  to fathers with daughters
Too Young

“I AM MIKO, DECEPTICON-SLAYER! I will kill you ALL! Where is Hardshell? Bring him out! Is he a coward?!”

The young human’s cry carried throughout the war-zone, despite her small size. Her battle suit, a scaled-down version of the Apex Armour, was stained with the Energon of those foolish enough to underestimate the honorary Wrecker. As was the weapon she held in her right hand; a sort of war hammer-battle axe hybrid nearly almost her height. Its handle engraved with glyphs and symbols of duty, honour and family.

The helm of her suit was cracked, revealing dark hair now cut short, but still streaked with pink. And eyes too young to know the brutality of war, let alone be fight in one.

Too young to have to require a metal prosthetic after her left arm had been rendered useless by a cave-in.

Too young to have watched one of her best friends (who was himself younger than she) nearly die from exposure to a substance so vile, it resurrected the dead.

Too young that, after being near death herself so many times, she now grew antsy if she was not in danger weekly.

Too young to be wondering what the enemy could be plotting to fall silent for so long.

Too young to see another friend (her brother-in-arms, her protector) become near lifeless with no certainty of his recovery.

Too young to go off in search of the very beast who had done that to her friend (protector, dune-bashing-buddy, band-mate, fatherly-figure) and call him out to face her vengeance. A vengeance she had sworn to fulfill to the Pit-spawn’s master not so long ago.

At 17 years old, Mikoto “Miko” Nakadai was far to young to be involved in half (most, 90%) of the things she was involved in. But when someone, something, some vile, brutal, Pit-spawned fragger decides to mess with Miko’s family… Age was simply a number.

From across the battlefield, an animalistic screech (which should only be heard in nightmares and horror films and not real life) answered her challenge. As the hum of robotic, insect-like wings came closer to where she stood over one of her downed foes, Miko tightened her grip on her weapon. With the shifting of gears and the twisting of metal, the giant scarred alien known as Hardshell landed a few yards in front of her

“I am Hardshell! Destroyer of Autobots, leader of the Insecticons, warrior of Lord Megatron and servant to no one! Who are you, pathetic fleshling, to think you can challenge me!” The ground beneath him trembled at his roar, as though cowering in fear.

But Miko didn’t falter, for she was not afraid. With a humorous twinkle in her eyes, she knew exactly how to respond.

“My name is Mikoto Nakadai. You tried to kill my friend, Bulkhead. Prepare to die.”

So I wrote this in like 15 minutes. I was inspired by Ardent Aspen’s (aka @radioactivepeasant) “The Angel of Na’Conda” drawing on Deviantart and her story “A Very Human Convention”; mainly the Percy Jackson reference. Hence why Miko is using Clarisse’s line from The Last Olympian. Because I swear if the human kids were demigods, Miko is with out a doubt Ares’s daughter!