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Creating Character Similarities

Presenting Armoria Furysoul, my norn Guardian who is also based off an original character of my.

I love using the GW2 character creation and customization to create such facsimiles, and even come up with short, alternate back story quips.  For Armoria, she was born in the Shiverpeaks with her twin sister Jenosa Bluewind, their personalities and animal totems almost completely polar opposite from on.  Jenosa, quite the thief, is an easy going, adventurous Snow Leopard.  Armoria, on the other hand, is a selfless wolf (Or Bear), always looking out for others while relishing a challange with great enthusiasm.  Despite these divergent personalities, and occaisonal bicker, they largely respect one another as family.

The reference image I used for this character can be found below, which is an actual character commission I had done by El Sato

P.S. Yes, this character is based off of Jenosa Arma from Scurge: Hive.  Also, I know the hair is different.  That’s on purpose for variation.

[Submitted by aether-obsidious]

omnipotentmoon asked:

"Hm. So you are not dead." The short male quipped. Few spoke to Jareth in such a casual tone. "I have to admit I would miss you dearly." His placid expression melted away into a smile. "I did miss you, Jareth."

“Decidedly not.” A quick answer, soft raise of the brow, Jareth took a moment to look his mentor over. He had to grow use to this by now, hadn’t he? Jareth had never really been all too keen on the social interactions that his title demanded of him. The stretches of time that he could simply… disappear, he would most certainly take. Albeit, most of the time it was at least with some kind of warning…he did owe Mani that much. 

“I missed you as well, old friend.”