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the badcharacterdesign blog is funny but i dont think it does anywhere near enough actual critique/reviews on character design in relation to short funny one liner quips for the popularity it’s gained

Shoot Line Analysis Index Post


55 scenes from 19 episodes were analyzed, spanning a 41-episode period (from 39-79, or 2x16 to 4x11.) This means that during that time period in which they could interact with each other, they did in 46.34% of those episodes.

They fluctuate between having 1 to 7 scenes together in a single episode, (in episodes where they interact with each other) with an average of 3 scenes per episode, but a 66% COV. (2-scene standard deviation)


I managed to simplify most all of their dialogue down to 32 line categories.

Root has about 172 categorizable lines to Shaw’s 155, with a total of 327 categorizable lines. (More or less, as some adjacent lines were combined under the same category.)

After excluding Trojan Horse and Razgovor, since they’re just one-liners by the same person and not actual conversations, the maximum number of Root/Shaw conversation lines in an episode is 42, in Mors Praematura. The lowest is 5 lines, in Aletheia, although there are only 4 non-plot-only lines in Prophets. On average, they have 19 lines per episode, but have a 59.58% coefficient of variance. (11-line standard deviation.)

The maximum number of lines in a single scene is 14, which is the car conversation in Mors Praematura. The shortest is 2, both of which were in Beta, since they usually just had short quips before moving on to plot-only conversation with Reese. There’s a good smattering of 3-line conversations as well, when they’re in the midst of moving plot. The average number of lines per scene is 7, with a 49% COV (3-line std. dev.)


I love how the one thing they’re exactly matched on is violence euphemisms. Dorks.

A peak at what we are working on!

Several times a week for a few years now, Evil Supply Co. has published short stories, quips, quotes, etc.

Our next step is to gather them up, categorize them into related posts, illustrate headers, and then publish them on a blog – which we are actively working on now. The above illustration is from The Book Conservator (link).

We will continue our work on Tumblr as before, this is simply a way of adding structure for easier browsing of past articles.

We hope you will join us when it launches, we hope you will enjoy it.

The Founding Fathers as social media sites
  • <p> <b></b> Has this been done before? Oh well.<p/><b>Alexander Hamilton:</b> Tumblr (SJW)<p/><b>Thomas Jefferson:</b> Twitter (Short quips that only sound good)<p/><b>James Madison:</b> Facebook (When was the last time you talked w/ someone on FB?)<p/><b>George Washington:</b> LinkedIn (social network for businesses)<p/><b>Benjamin Franklin:</b> Tinder<p/><b>John Adams:</b> MySpace<p/></p>

My brother sent me this nice BODE:

He sent it by email because I am an OLD who just doesn’t get Snapchat.  But I like SnapEmails!  There’s none of the weird countdown panic involved, *and* I can respond with a short text quip.

Thank you, bro!