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Headcanon that...

Yuri was over in Otabek’s hotel room to watch a movie together the evening after the gpf short programm to get away from all the other skaters.
Two thirds in, Yuri falls asleep leaning against Otabek. Otabek waits until the movie is finished and he’s sure that Yuri is deeply asleep, until he stands up carefully, picks him up like the sleeping beauty he is and carries him to the bed. He lays him down and puts the blanket on him, to make sure he’s warm and comfortable.
Once Otabek is convinced that everything is fine, he proceeds to sleep on the couch.

Can we talk about the Ice Skating in Yuri!!! on Ice?

First of, I want to saw I am definitely not an ice skating expert. I haven’t skated on ice for a decade and when I did, I hit my head on the ice. But I am a frequent watcher of animation, so this will be from more of an animation perspective than a sports perspective.

Which is good because I don’t like sports.

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The man with the beard and guiding the younger skater is Kenji Miyamoto, a retired figure skater and now a skating coach and chereographer.

All of the skating in YOI…

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Was chereographed by him.

He created all the programs and the animators put them onto the small screen. Keep in mind that the studio that made YOI, MAPPA, hasn’t done a lot of work, with their only “big” works being Terror in Resonance, Days, and Yuri!!! on Ice.

Next, let’s watch Yuri’s short programme, To Love: Eros, side by side (note: play the music in a separate tab and silence this video, it’s less annoying)

If you watch all the version of the programme, you can see that Yuri loosens up within each episode. He’s incredibly stiff in episode 3, but by episode 11, he’s much more loose and free.

Same goes for Yurio’s To Love: Agape programme. (There aren’t a lot of videos of Agape, so I can’t show that….)

The animators didn’t just focus on Yuri’s/Victor’s romance and just making the skating skating. They EVOLVED the skater’s talents as the series went on. This even applies to the more experienced skaters like JJ and Chris.

Let’s just appreciate that for a second.

The Commemorative Photo scene took place before The Banquet scene

I write this as a follow up to my recent meta about Yuuri doing better than we all thought during his Short Programme at the Sochi Grand Prix final. A lot of people had some really interesting feed back so I decided making a new post would be the best way to address a main point.

This takes place before the banquet

It has to. Point of evidence number one:

They’re still in their tracksuits, with rink passes. There’s no other real reason they’d still be wearing them if they’re literally just about to depart for America.

Point of evidence number two:

Viktor is giving Yurio skating advice here. Why would he wait for at least a day afterwards, post banquet, to give him this advice?

Point of evidence number three:

This establishing shot shows not only that they’re at the rink still, but also the time, proving this all went down right after the bathroom scene.

Now, the banquet.

Viktor is looking at Yuuri, and though it may be just because he looks sad, it could also be from recognising the photo incident.

Side note: I know people picked up on it in my last post but in no way am I saying Viktor literally didn’t recognise Yuuri. His words to Yuuri certainly suggest that he’s talking to a fan, but we have Yuuri as a hugely unreliable narrator who probably took Viktor’s words in a ‘he doesn’t recognise me’ way.

With that in mind, let’s reimagine what went down right here:

In my mind, Yuuri is totally going to go confront Viktor about ‘not remembering him’

We see from Viktor’s phone that Yuuri is totally up in his grill I mean just look at him.

And we all know how that confrontation turned out

I hope this post cleared up some things as I can’t reply to you all individually!


Hero’s Special on Mr Sunday. Great programme, so much of Yuzu’s wisdom, so I translated it to share. (If you know Chinese, the video has subs.)

Yuzuru Hanyu became the first person in the world to do a successful quad loop jump, in both the short and free programmes (Autumn Classic 2016). He is a hero that keeps challenging his own limits and many junior skaters look up to him.

Girl skater: I wish I can also be like that.
Boy skater: How does he turn pressure into strength?

Kato-san went to Canada to ask Hanyu some questions from the juniors.

[14 September in Toronto]
Kato: I have a question from a junior skater in Japan for Hanyu-senshu (athlete), I mean Hanyu-sensei (teacher).

Yuzu: Ha…. Yes alright. (laughs)

Marin Honda: Hanyu-kun, I am Marin. [footage of Marin in competition and feeling the pressure]   In so many big competitions, you always seem so strong. In order to give it all that you have done at practice, do you have a routine?

Yuzu: Routine…. in a way, I have, and in a way, I don’t.

Narrator: Before each performance, Hanyu does a gesture in the rink that looks like a cross. That is his routine.

Y: It looks like a cross and it’s a reminder to keep the axis straight from my head down, and to keep my shoulders and waist parallel. I do that every time. But even though I do it, there are times that I don’t perform well. So you should not be shackled to continue doing a routine, and instead, you should have the courage to change it if necessary. Or you can use it as a tool for focusing. There is also no need to hate the pressure too much.

K: (showing a past quote from him) This was something you said in the past. “I like that feeling when others have expectations of me. That is not pressure but ____.” What was the word you said?

Y: What was it?? …. Not pressure but…. support?

K: The answer is this! (the word is “a thrill”)

Y: A thrill! (laughs) Yes I know what it means. Well, I said it myself, so I know. (laughs)
Being supported means receiving a lot of power. I think I can definitely do a good performance precisely because of the pressure. So when I confront it, there is a thrill. In other words, I’m just an extreme masochist. (laughter)

K: Specifically which competition were you able to turn it into a thrill?

Y: Basically, all competitions are like that. Of course there are also times when I am so nervous that I am trembling, and I even laugh due to being too nervous.

A few words from his coach.
Orser: I learned from Worlds in Boston last season that he sometimes gets bothered by certain things, so what we can do is to get to the root of it, so that he can be free to skate. (t/n. I can’t hear his English fully, so half is translated from Japanese)

[footage from Worlds]

Y: People often say to me, you don’t feel the pressure? Well, it is impossible not to feel nervous. Like doing a TV interview like this, I also get nervous. And my words are not well-organised. (laughs) So I do get nervous but I know that one cannot help feeling nervous. In a sense, nervousness is a human instinct. So if you can make it an ally, it would be good; that’s how I think and I want to tell this to Marin-chan. I would like her to believe in her own abilities and work hard. She is really a very strong and talented skater.

Hanyu’s message for future heroes (he writes on a board): “Efforts tell lies, but it will not be in vain.”

K: I thought you were going to say ‘Efforts will NOT tell lies’.

Y: I can’t write that! (laughs)
If efforts do not tell lies, then the person who has worked the hardest would win every time. The recent Olympics (Rio), I watched various competitions. No matter how hard a person has worked, sometimes they just don’t win. Conversely, a very young competitor might win by vigour/momentum. It is also like that in figure skating. So in that way, efforts tell lies. However, the lies are not in vain. Because of the lie, you might have to make a different kind of effort or search for the correct understanding of your efforts. I think that is very valuable, isn’t it?
Man in studio: Thank you for the privilege of learning this.
Kato: The weight of the words of 21 year-old Yuzuru Hanyu.
(this last part in the studio is at the end of this longer video)

-my translation;  thanks to the respective uploaders for the videos.

Yes! Lucou needs help!

Long story short, I need a programmer. I was originally getting by by using kits from the asset store. Found the perfect one and got it, then it updated and combat was so terrible that it would’ve needed a complete overhaul to work how I need it to.

So yeah. I need a programmer. It will eventually be paid but at the moment I don’t have the money, I need someone to help me get a prototype/early build out there so I can put the game back up on Indiegogo (last time I had nothing to show but a bland gameplay video, that was two years ago though I’ve learned since then.)

I’ve been developing this game for nearly three years now with many engine-related difficulties. I’ve been putting my heart into this game and I’d hate to have to cancel it due to not having any programmer or anything.

IM me if you’re interested.

At the very least please reblog this to spread the word.

GIVEAWAY: World figure skating tickets (HELSINKI - FINLAND)


Again, I underestimated my availability.

I’ve got 2 tickets to watch the short programme of the Ice Dance and one of the singles short programme. (I have to check)

It’s heart breaking that I have to give them away but trust me I’ve exhausted all possible methods to get me there.  


If any Rinkwatchers followers want to go. Message me, it’s 1st come first serve.

I’m going to give it a week.

The only requirement is that if you go, you have to tell me everything and show me pictures. 


Yuzuru Hanyu landed 2 quads in SP and broke world record

At the last event of the Grand Prix Series, NHK Trophy (held in Nagano, Japan), Yuzuru Hanyu broke the world record (which he set in Sochi Olympics) with his SP score, 106.33, placing first after short programme.

He was the last to skate in the second group. In his SP, “Ballade no.1”, he successfully landed a quadruple salchow in the beginning, and then a perfect quadruple toe – triple toe combination. His superb performance received 106.33, which is 4.88 points higher than the previous world record, 101.45, he set in Sochi Olympics 2014.

Boyang Jin, who was last to skate in the previous group, landed two quads, including a 4Lz3T combination and earned 19.33 for that element. He received 95.64, which was the world record SP score for this season. Hanyu, who saw [Boyang’s] score, revealed that “I thought ‘I’m going to get a higher score than that’.”

Hanyu is guaranteed to qualify for Grand Prix final as long as he places on the podium at this event. He is aiming to be the first skater ever to win 3 consecutive grand prix final titles. Regarding his free skate on 28th, Hanyu (original article: “King”) said “although I have just finished my SP, I want to focus and do my best in [the free skate tomorrow].“

“I did my best. I am pleased that I had a clean short programme. Instead of surprise or happy, I’m mainly glad that [this result proves that] what I have done in practise is not wrong. [Regarding Boyang Jin’s score] I was thinking ‘I’m going to get higher score [than him]. Watch me.’ while I was performing. Although I have just finished my SP, I want to focus and do my best in [the free skate tomorrow].” – Yuzuru Hanyu

“I have been waiting for this performance for so long. Including two quad jumps [in SP] is the new standard for the international top level skaters. [Regarding to the changes made to the programme], I was very conservative [in terms of changing the layout of the programme] but he was very ambitious” - Brian Orser

[x] [x] [x]


Press conference after free skate at Skate Canada.  

Yuzuru:  "I was a little nervous and I didn’t have confidence for the quad loop…. you know….. so I couldn’t land for the loop and I couldn’t rotate for quad loop. But…. yeah I think I did try… I tried to quad loop with both programmes.  I can get really good experience for the Grand Prix, and then, good for the season, so…. yeah I feel like….. I feel a little regret for the result and my performance but….. I’m a little satisfied for my 2nd toe(loop) so…”    [note: this is based on my own hearing.  I wrote it down for a Japanese fan who asked.]

Yuzu was 4th in the short programme, 1st in the free skate, and won the silver medal.   Good start to the season!  You did great, Yuzu!  Thank you for a beautiful performance!  お疲れ様でした!

Pirozhki with friend(s)

for the prompt Otabek & Yuri - visit

(This is my third attempt to submit 1. the final version of this fic 2. without being swallowed by tumblr. It’s harder than you think!)

Otabek bit into the pirozhok and started chewing slowly with his eyes closed. Yuri stared at him and tried to read his face. Why was it so very hard? Especially with Otabek. But he had to know how this stern Kazakh - the person to whom he was connected by a bunch of weird feelings - liked it. That large pile of pirozhki on the table was his own work - carefully supervised by Grandfather, of course - but still, he put almost as much effort into making them as in his new short programme.

The old clock’s loud beats echoed in the tense silence. A truck rattled by noisily. Someone was shouting in the neighbouring apartment; a door got shut and made the samovar clatter on top of Grandpa’s cabinet.

Otabek finally opened his eyes. “This is good” he murmured. “And thank you for inviting me.”

Yuri’s insides were dancing with joy. It was a good idea to invite Otabek to Moscow before their training camp after all. But he should say something now, shouldn’t he? Something… nice?

Grandpa came to the rescue. “Yurachka’s friends are always welcome.” He smiled. Not that Yuri had asked anyone over for lunch before.

Otabek thanked him again, reached for another pirozhok and turned his head to look around in the cramped little room. For Yuri, Grandfather’s small flat in this neighbourhood of neverending grey tower blocks meant a safe little haven filled with love and the smell of home cooked delicacies. But following Otabek’s gaze over the shabby carpet behind the sofa, the faded photographs on the walls and the glass cabinet jammed with a lifetime’s worth of knick-knackery; he suddenly became aware how painfully old-fashioned the place was. But Otabek didn’t seem to mind it. Or did he? Yuri couldn’t tell.

The glass cabinet captured Otabek’s interest. Not the ancient, dusty souvenirs  - like that broken plaque with weird looking horses and the sign “greetings from the Kazakh S.S.R” - but the small drawings stuck between the glass and its frame.

Oh shit. Yuri felt his cheeks burning. “Grandpa, why are you keeping that rubbish?!”

“Those are precious to me,” he said with a smile. But the awkward pictures were Yuri’s childhood doodles of cats, tigers and… a skater. And no matter how bad the drawing was, that stick-legged, silver haired figure was embarrassingly recognizable.

“Let’s go shopping after lunch!” Yuri tried to distract Otabek from those stupid doodles.

“To the GUM?”

“Hell no!”

“It’s supposed to be your favourite place.”  Otabek looked at him with a shadow of a smirk on his face. “According to an interview at least.”

“What?!” Oh, that interview. He will kill Lilia for arranging it. “You can’t tell the reporter of a fashion magazine that you buy your best clothes at the back of a suburban market…” he muttered. “but why are you reading that junk, anyway?!”

Otabek shrugged; his lips still curved. “Let’s go then.”

Yuri’s phone blipped. Otabek’s too. Grandfather highly disliked when Yuri was checking his phone during meals, but he still took a quick glance.

v-nikiforov just posted a photo. “What the…”

“Can’t we just eat in peace, Yura?”


But the phone blipped again. And again and again.

“What the hell is this idiot up to?!” Yuri snatched up the phone.

A stupid selfie with Katsudon on a slightly familiar city road. He narrowed his eyes. Are they already in Moscow too?!

Another selfie. Viktor in an inappropriate pose on the bonnet of an old car. An even more flagrant pose on the roof of the green car. Wait a minute…

Yuri jumped up and ran to the window. And indeed, there were two little figures around Grandpa’s beautiful old Moskvich.

“Insolent little shits!” Without paying attention to Grandpa’s disapproval, Yuri flounced out of the room, teared off the entrance door and run down, jumping two stairs at a time. He felt too angry to be bothered by the fact that Grandpa’s flat was on the sixth floor. 

“What the hell are you doing here, idiots?!” he shouted in English while catching his breath.

“Hey, hey, isn’t it our little Yurio?” Viktor Nikiforov grinned at him from the roof of the car.

“Hello” Yuuri, the annoying Japanese greeted with that stupid expression of his.

“Get off my grandfather’s car!”

“Oh, I knew this old tin can looked familiar!”

“GET OFF!” The only reason Yuri restrained himself from kicking Viktor was, he had no intention of damaging the poor car. “Why are you here anyway?! Isn’t this city big enough for you?!”

“Uhmm, we’re looking for a place,” Yuuri tried to explain “My sister asked me to buy some clothes… and we were told that the best shop for animal-prints is at a market somewhere around here. But I think we got lost.”

“Nah, we aren’t lost.” Viktor waved his hand.

“I’m afraid, we are. Oh, hello Otabek!”

Yuri turned. Otabek was walking towards them, the plate with the pirozhki in his hands.

“Your grandfather said you should share this with your friends,” he said. He seemed way too calm for this outrageous situation.

“They’re NOT my friends!” Yuri gritted his teeth.

“Thanks.” Yuuri bowed his head slightly. “Your grandfather’s pirozhki are delicious.”

“These were made by me.” Yuri murmured.

“Oh, that’s a good skill to have.” Viktor jumped off the car finally and grabbed a pirozhok. “You can sell them if you don’t get into the finals.” He winked.

Yuri clenched his fists.

“But for now,” Viktor continued with his mouth full,  “maybe you can show us the way to that market.”



“What’s that commotion over there? Is it a sale?”

“Haven’t you heard? Viktor Nikiforov and Yuri Plisetsky are here!”

“Who? Which reality show are they from?”

“They’re figure skaters! Don’t you watch the figure skating competitions?!”

“Ah, I don’t have time for that, sweetie; with my grandkids and my aching back and…”

“But our Viktor and Yuri are the best in the World! Old Nastia was always bragging about Yuri Plisetsky being her regular customer, but who’d have thought she was telling the truth? And now they’re here shopping with two foreigners!”

“Hmm, they should buy some beetroot too…”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Sashenka! Get that phone here! I want to show the picture we took of them. That Viktor is a good looking man!”

“Which one is him?”

“That! The handsome one in the zebra shirt.”

“Ah, sweetie, I don’t have my glasses on. They all look so similar in those animal-prints…”

Japan representatives’ speech at Japan nationals

Shoma Uno
“Good evening. In this competition, I was able to deliver satisfying performances. Although I still have some regrets [from these performances], I’m happy to be chosen as representatives for World Championship. I will work hard in training, in order to have good performances at Worlds.”

Yuzuru Hanyu
“Thank you everyone for your support. I have regrets from the performances in this competition. Throughout the season, there are parts that I have improved on and parts that I have yet improve on. I will train hard to prepare for Worlds and aim for good performances in Worlds.”

Satoko Miyahara
“Thank you for your big support in this competition. I think I delivered great performances in this competition but I think there are parts that I’m not happy with. I will work hard so I can show everything that I’m capable of in Worlds.”

Mao Asada
“Good evening, I’m Mao Asada. We have just finished [the competition] but thank you for all your support. After short programme, I wondered [if I can qualify for] Worlds. Since I qualified for a spot in Worlds after [FS] today, I want to train hard in practice to have an even better skate than today’s in Worlds.”

Rika Hongo
….they’ve cut it.

Men: Hanyu/Uno
Ladies: Miyahara/Asada/Hongo
Pair: Sudo/Boudreau-Audet
Ice Dance: TBD