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Do you have any suggestions for playing a Kenku?

Honestly, I’ve neither played a Kenku or Gm’d for anyone playing one.

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BUT I just had a look at the D&D wiki and I love this line:

“A race of crow-like, wingless Avians that communicate through their ability to flawlessly imitate any sound they hear

I’m immediately thinking about Bumblebee from Transformers but infinitely more awesome. So here’s a few quick thoughts:

- A Kenku Bard that communicates exclusively through 1950′s style old-timey radio snippets

- A Kenku Wizard with short-term memory problems who can only cast spells he has heard uttered that day 

- A Kenku Fighter who has made a vow to only use the voices of those he has failed to save

Any of my followers have any good Kenku advice?

Important announcement for short boys:
- y'all are ok
- you shouldn’t be taller
-not every guy is gonna pick on you because of your height
-and even if they do just kick them in the balls
-you are attractive
-yes there are plenty of boys and girls that don’t care about height
- usually they are the taller ones btw so don’t get scared to talk to them
- actually don’t get scared at talking to any girl/boy at all
- cuz you are all valid
- you are handsome
- you are cute
- and you are all hot
- y'all are ok just the way you are
- keep rockin'

Holy shit guys read every heart a doorway by seanan mcguire

-the main character is an asexual girl
-the Hottest Guy In School is trans
-its about a school for kids who had amazing adventures in alternate realities and are coping with being back in our world
-the writing style is amazing
-the characters are amazing
-its also a murder mystery
-this is an actual line from it: “Cheese making, for example. The perfect intersection of milk, science, and foolish disregard for the laws of nature.”

Thank you, to all my shorter short friends, who make me feel not as short as I actually am