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I enjoy the fact that you rejoice in Chalo's universality in appearance. It is much more fun than those who attempt to find/portray their pets as the most unique visual experience. Good stuff.

all things are Chalo, Chalo is all things

Heist AU headcanons: MCs

Figured I’d throw what I had on paper on the computer for my own reference. That way it stays consistent. I wanted the MCs to all be workers in the hotel/casino. That way its easier for me to use them for different parts of the story. Anyways, this is mostly just personality, looks, and job information.


  • Long brown hair, brown eyes, and chubby.
  • Memequeen
  • Works at the casino as a housekeeper.
  • The pay isn’t bad. Its more than minimum wage, and a lot of times guests leave tips for the housekeepers. 
  • Like a cute ball of sunshine.
  • Drives a beat up Volkswagen beetle. (dull yellow)
  • Has snacks with her at all times & Eats when stressed.
  • Best friends with MC2 and MC4.


  • Babe City. Population 1.
  • Short blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and muscular.
  • Works as blackjack and poker dealer at the casino.
  • Smokes and rides a 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 300 (blue) to work.
  • Loves to gamble and street race.
  • Super cool and super dramatic. Most emotional MC.
  • #Selfiequeen
  • Makes a decent living on tips alone.


  • Red hair, freckles for days, bright green eyes, Curvy.
  • Fashionqueen. Cant touch me. These shades are Gucci
  • Designer/Coordinator for the ever expanding Casino/Hotel
  • No nonsense attitude, Gets shit done and done right the first time.
  • Perfectionist.
  • Has a temper on her like no other when provoked. 
  • Does not have a drivers license. Has her assistant drive her.
  • Paid really well. The closest to the higher ups out of all the MCs.


  • Don’t call her a tomboy. She just dresses in comfortable clothing. Being it boy clothes or dresses. Its whatever she feels like.
  • Short dark hair, thicc thighs, got that upper body strength too.
  • Bartender in the casino.
  • Makes the most money from tips. Can easily earn 500-1k a night in tips. 2k if its on a fight night.
  • Quiet, but very easy to talk to. Listens more than anything. So relaxing to be around.
  • Doesn’t drive. She takes public transit. Its better for the environment.
  • Musicqueen Listens to music a lot. Always has headphones on if she isn’t at work.
  • Usually eats lunch with Mc2 and MC1. Gal pals.


  • Pink hair, purple eyes, small and precious.
  • Pastelqueen. 
  • Concierge at the hotel.
  • Plays on her pink 3ds during her breaks.
  • Super sweet to everyone. Like a precious cotton candy babe.
  • Secret sinnamonroll
  • Laughs. A lot. Especially at bad puns.
  • Makes a livable wage. Doesn’t really rely on tips, but they do fuel her manga collection.

The notion that economic populism pedaled by Sanders is a big tent everyone can get on board, while social issues are limiting and divisive is just patently false.

Before anyone goes, why can’t the left, esp the democrats, be about both & we don’t have to choose? Well that’s what the democratic base - made up of people of color, esp black women - has always been saying, that Democratic Party needs to be both, coz we can’t just deal with economic issues while letting social issues take a back seat, because that’s how we often end up with economic inequality.

Race and gender are very much part of any economic issue yet often missing in economic policymaking; and the focus on class warfare alone isn’t fixing, doesn’t fix, and hasn’t fixed the underlying causes of our economic inequality.

Take this latest fiasco on reproductive rights as negotiable in favor of more “neutral” economic issues. Those who get less pay, not considered for certain jobs and promotions are because we have a uterus and/or are still expected to maintain traditional female roles, while trying to compete professionally under a very white and patriarchal cis male playing field. We get periods, get pregnant, are expected to raise kids, leave work early for PTA meetings, call off work when kids get sick, and/or stay home when we can’t get a baby sitter - and these are used against us to not get the same pay, get jobs, get promotions, advance in our fields at the same pace as our male counterparts, etc.

While it is true more men are taking paternity leaves and not all women get pregnant or have kids, but it’s women, regardless of what reproductive choices we make, are still the ones who get penalized economically.

So if you just advocate for equal pay and paid leave, but not have women, especially women of color, help develop the policy or at least form policies with race & gender lenses/minimum standards in mind, then you’ll create policies that speaks to and benefit mostly white, mostly male and mostly in the upper class.

Additionally, the sanders economic populism is short-sighted, which is why he often don’t get anything passed legislatively, even though they’re well, popular economic ideas.

Take also the fight for 15, which is one of his hills to die on. I applaud the unions and labor groups fighting for a living wage, and that’s what unions do, collectively fight for better pay for workers. But when you’re leadership or seeking leadership in a political party, or already an elected official, you have to have broader ideas and policies for jobs than just increasing minimum wage.

Even if we accept that the reason white working class voted for trump is solely coz of jobs, their main concern wasn’t they’re not getting $15 per hour, it’s they’re losing their jobs all together and they’re not getting them back. Yet Sanders economic populism, like Trump’s economic nationalism, has given lots of platitudes but still has no real policy answer to that.

Right now, we are also dramatically losing jobs that pay by the hour to automation, especially in retail and fast food restaurants, jobs mostly held by women and working class of color. Nothing, even platitudes, is given to address that. By the time we have $15 minimum wage, there won’t be anymore hourly jobs to take.

Economic populism that caters to white working class by default doesn’t transfer to benefit everyone else also, it in fact leaves the most vulnerable behind and keeps people of color invisible.

Sanders and any democratic leader can’t talk about jobs by paying platitudes to white working class at the expense of ignoring working class of color and women, because then they’re intentionally ignoring their own base who demand leadership that addresses and prioritize their economic concerns as well, and leadership that doesn’t treat social issues as secondary issues and in silos.

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After this recent episode, how likely do you think we'll get a Richonne baby?

Hey, @the-interno!

I think there’s a strong possibility for a number of reasons:

1. The Future - this is what they were talking about. What will life look like after they win the battles and rebuild their society? Short answer: Re-population. I know there are people who don’t want this and don’t think it’s viable (that’s cool, please do make your own post, though) or even practical, but the fact is this show is about humanity and survival. The most fundamental biological means of survival for humans is procreation.

2. Foreshadowing - the baby blanket and christening gown (thanks @sweettayjax for pointing it out).

3. This:

4. Scotty G asking Danai to make a joke about a Richonne baby way back before S5 aired.

5. All of the children at Oceanside and the Kingdom (ASZ needs to catch up hehe). 

6. All of the Richonne sexy times.

Considering all of this, I do think there is a real possibility of a Richonne baby in the future!


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Hi, question off the prepa talk. So if Mari is interested in fashion, would she try to take prepa classes for that? (And maybe Adrien would do physics?)

If Mari is interested in fashion, she’s more likely to take the artistic track in high school.

For the record, French schools have 3 highschool years. At the end of your 1st highschool year (known as Seconde or 2nde), you have to pick a track that will define the rest of your highschool classes and baccalaureate depending on what you do the best (or what you want to do later).

There are 3 general tracks (Scientific, Economic and Literary) but there are also a lot of other more specific tracks that not all highschools offer but that still exist.

Most people who want to work in graphic arts will therefore pick the STD2A track (Sciences et Technologies Du Design et des Arts Appliqués translated to Sciences and Technologies of Design and Applied Arts) and study for 2 years arts. They’ll also spend that time creating a book that will allow them to join art schools later on.

Now what you need to know about higher education in France is that there are countless and thousand of possibilities depending on what you want to do.

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Not the trans help anon, but I saw you're a Certified Trans Helper, and I too need help! So I keep changing my name on here because honestly I'm not sure what gender I am, and whenever I decide to have a masculine name I change it to a different one! Is this too confusing for people on here? Should I just wait to change it until I figure everything out, or is it okay?

Hey there pal!

It’s absolutely ok to change your name as much as you want, but that goes double online! While people IRL might (understandably) be easily confused and get frustrated because you’ve changed your name 12 times in the past week, places like Tumblr are great for trying out names/pronouns. You put them in your bio so people can always just check and won’t forget, and most people here are a lot more used to changes like that than the general population. 

In short, I highly encourage experimentation and figuring yourself out using Tumblr as your testing ground. There are always going to be a few trolls, but it’s a great place to iron out the details of your identity before you announce them to the rest of the world.


Someone finally did it. They broke down the Patronus Test to its full 38 questions. I won’t lie… I really like this.

The myopia boom

East Asia has been gripped by an unprecedented rise in myopia, also known as short-sightedness. Sixty years ago, 10–20% of the Chinese population was short-sighted. Today, up to 90% of teenagers and young adults are. In Seoul, a whopping 96.5% of 19-year-old men are short-sighted.

Other parts of the world have also seen a dramatic increase in the condition, which now affects around half of young adults in the United States and Europe — double the prevalence of half a century ago. By some estimates, one-third of the world’s population — 2.5 billion people — could be affected by short-sightedness by the end of this decade. “We are going down the path of having a myopia epidemic,” says Padmaja Sankaridurg, head of the myopia programme at the Brien Holden Vision Institute in Sydney, Australia.

This threat has prompted a rise in research to try to understand the causes of the disorder — and scientists are beginning to find answers. They are challenging old ideas that myopia is the domain of the bookish child and are instead coalescing around a new notion: that spending too long indoors is placing children at risk. “We’re really trying to give this message now that children need to spend more time outside,” says Kathryn Rose, head of orthoptics at the University of Technology, Sydney.

A Singapore poster encourages children to spend time outside to prevent myopia.

Dear Syracuse University’s Male Population,

     As fun as it is looking at the top of your heads and checking out your snapbacks from an aerial view, I would love it even more if you were taller than me so my view could change. It’s not that girls don’t like short guys, we just enjoy tall Orangemen even more. You don’t have to sacrifice your K-Swiss sneakers or your Sperry’s at all! The solution is a quick visit to, an online company that provides 2-5 inch inserts for your everyday shoes. Just imagine all the new things you’ll get to experience at a higher altitude: on-the-same-level eye contact, less awkward dancing, and tons of girls looking at you and saying, “FINALLY.”

  The only way to go is up.


An Orangewoman