I’m insecure.
I’ll always want you to remind me that I’m beautiful and that I matter. I’ll always want you to hold me and touch me, or else I’ll feel like maybe you’re mad at me or you’ve finally seen all my flaws and decided that I’m not what you want anymore. I will try and give you everything, but my body will be the hardest.
I need you to understand. I need you to understand that the years of photoshopped magazine covers and standards didn’t surpass me and I need you to understand I need you to love me enough for the both of us.
Cause I’ve never loved myself, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to.
—  v.m
The room is dark except for one lone blacklight
That makes his teeth shine like stars
I’ve never seen before when he laughs
The floor is hard tile, and cold
But I am warmer than I’ve been in months
Beneath this blanket we share
Awash in melodies so familiar
Yet made so new at his fingertips
And outside the trees are dead and dying
But here in this dorm room darkness
I feel like something new has only just begun

ultraviolet. hban.


Soon enough, I was being replaced before my eyes
But that’s shouldn’t matter, right?
It shouldn’t matter because I moved on

That was one hell of a ride
Everyone seemed so happy
However I was that kid in a corner of a room of a party
no one even seemed to be bothered by my lonesome or slightly quick depression
It was like I wasn’t even there
Not that I ever wanted attention, I just wanted to feel loved
Is it much to ask for love and acceptance?

this is just another poem about you,
describing how much i adore your soul,
the way you continue to fill others with flowers,
even when they cut you open with their thorns,
amazes me every time,
it means you are one of those people,
who is able to feel death running through their veins,
but yet your faith in others,
never dies.
and that is why,
i never want to lose you,
you are what my hearts need,
to keep beating every second of the day,
before i met you i would never think of,
how much you were able to let me open my eyes,
and see what this world really is,
what love really is.
—  your soul is my inspiration
I think once you move on, you start to see the person as less and you thought they where. They aren’t a hurricane of heart break or a glorious ocean any more. Their eyes don’t remind you of chocolate or the sky, and their presence doesn’t make your heart skip an extra beat. They just become a person who loved you a little less than you loved them.
—  11:02 - wish we were just strangers
i am so blessed to have you tangled up in my heart,
without having your arms around me in my dreams,
i wouldn’t be able to function like a normal human,
maybe i am just paranoid but i can see you everywhere i am,
when i am sitting in the bus on my way to college,
listening to my favorite song that reminds me of you,
i swear i can feel my body craving all of you,
i can’t wait for you,
if it was possible i would’ve already bought a cute little house somewhere only we know,
but i will wait for you,
for our hearts to fly into each other,
after being many miles away,
for so long.
—  you are worth the miles, the sadness i feel when i wish you were here, the tears i cry when i can’t hug you, the kisses i saved for you in a bottle, you are worth it all.