short paste hair

things i never talk about enough which should be considered like a minor crime: berg with his hair down and unstyled vs that time his hair got singed during work and they had to cut off as much as they could to save what was left. thankfully his hair grows super fast so he was only down in the dumps for like a month or two

“Apparently, she and I are gonna be quite the team one day.”

I wanted to draw future Flynn and Lucy from the journal. They’re an interesting pair to think about, aren’t they? A little older. A little crazier. His hair is longer, hers is shorter. That feels right.

Flynn’s hair is based off Goran’s look in this old Madonna video. So I know for a fact he can pull it off.


(Requested by Anon)

When you heard the news that the love of our life was accepted into the confederate military, your heart nearly stopped.

Jasper Whitlock, your fiancé, was going off to war to become like the many men who risked their lives for the glory of war.

You couldn’t let him go alone, so you did the only thing you could think of doing.

You cut your hair, grabbed one of your father’s best outfits, and went to sign your name on the list of volunteer soldiers.

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Hair - A KakaSaku Drabble

tl;dr - I’m not done with the series so most of this is my headcanon. See end of drabble for more details

He starts to notice something’s wrong once her hair reaches just below her shoulders. She twists and turns the strands, wringing them nervously, tugging, pulling, stretching, rolling the ends of it between her fingers as if it’s a nervous habit. The pink strands seem to be reaching out for attention as she plays with the ends.

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Held Steady-Voltron

So I started filling out these requests in one story several months ago–then my life kicked into high gear and I was too stressed to write. Finally though I finished this. It’s around 3000 words..

Oh man…How about something with Lance? Either he’s sick and complains about it, so nobody believes him until it gets much worse, or he tries to hide it because he doesn’t want to look like the weak link.

A is sick and not exactly in denial but rather just down playing it a lot. They keep hanging out with their friends as they go on with the day but are obviously feverish and half asleep. In the end B carries them to bed despite sleepy protests.

           It had been a rough morning for Lance. The blue paladin had awoken to Allura sounding the alarm for one of her emergency drills, just early enough that it wasn’t worth it to go back to sleep before the day began. He dragged himself out of bed in a stumbling haze, not really awake but just conscious enough to realize that something in him wasn’t right. Even so he had put on his suit and joined everyone else less than a minute later than the rest of the team had assembled. Thankfully Allura’s scolding had been brief—Lance had done his level best to remain upright while the princess spoke with them but the longer that he was conscious the more Lance came to realize that he felt terrible. His limbs ached and felt heavy, and lightheadedness made walking a chore. His stomach was uncomfortable but in a vague sort of way that might have been queasiness, but it also might have been hunger—Lance was still too asleep to tell. Still the brunt of Allura’s ire was focused on him and the blue paladin decided that rather than complain about his condition it would be easier and less likely to annoy his teammates if he kept his discomfort to himself.

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                                            PART 2:

                      You were internally panicking. And you couldn’t exactly tell if this weirdly beautiful blonde girl could tell. All she did was stare at you with these bloody red eyes. As she led you down the confusingly twisted halls, and finally up to gigantic doors, you had learned that her name was Jane. You kept your distance, a bit, from her as you followed her, but she said nothing as you two walked. She smiled almost creepily as you stopped at these gigantic doors. Jane opened them, gesturing you inside. As you walked in through the doors, you noticed an office out to the side, just before you came in with a beautiful woman behind it, but she looked normal. Your eyes widen, as terror ran through your veins. As before you, was, strangely, was a huuuuggeee room with three chairs *cough* more like thrones. And on each of those “thrones” was an even stranger man sitting on them.

 All three men stared at you with the same blood red eyes as Jane’s and the same pale skin. You finally noticed, after a moment of reluctantly looking away from the three men, that other people were in the room. But those people, instead, almost reminded you as of guards or maybe even knights. It was as if they were protecting the three men on the thrones. You turned your attention, wearily, staring in horror at the three men.

 In the center, on the center throne, was a man, smiling with black long-ish hair. And another one sitting on the left of the center smiling man, was a man with brown hair, looking almost sad, but shocked. And the last man, the one on the right side of the center throne with the creepy smiling man, was one with blonde short-but-hair-past-the-ears hair and an almost unfeeling expression as he stared at you.

                                          "Welcome, (Y/N).“




Said is not dead, and when you use a different word incorrectly to avoid using said, it’s 1000x worse than if you’d just used said in the first place.


This is going to be a 2014 update on my old picture of the humanized mane six. Gonna be adding the outfits next.

This isn’t the final version because obviously they’re not clothed xD And just basic coloring for now since I’m going to be doing an outfit overlay for the final anyway.

I wanted to focus on adding slight variations to their body types. Some of my general headcanons have stayed the same since the old drawing- Fluttershy is still tall, RD short, that kinda stuff. I decided to try out a bulky Applejack, and gave Pinkie Pie a bit of pudge. And I think I already mentioned in the past how short-haired Twilight has grown on me over time, so I stuck with the bob cut.

The outfits will be generally the same with RD and Fluttershy almost done, and I’ve already laid out the sketches for the rest of them but I still don’t expect to finish this anytime soon.

Paper Not Blood

I throw my head back, laugh short and bitter. “You know the best part? This…’s not allowed. Divorce or not for three years you were my step sister! It doesn’t matter that I didn’t know you, that it’s paper not blood, that we didn’t grow up together, no matter what from the outside it’s fucked up! It’s so damn fucked up but I still can’t help it!”

Her whisper is shaky. So soft I almost don’t hear it. “Stop trying.”

Sometimes you are a prisoner, captivated by something you never saw coming.

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