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i found that what alleviates that itch for me is putting extra effort into nurturing platonic relationships!! i also try hard to keep my calendar busy so i have stuff to look forward to always

Unfortunately trying to do that can end up triggering the same feeling if they’re people I have had crushes on in the past, or have considered dating but they’re not an option. I’ll try though.

Good Mythical Moments #4 - Thursday, July 23, 2015
It’s mail time and Rhett and Link are going to show you how they photoshop their memories!


I hate to do this on such short notice but.. My work has not been giving me enough hours to pay off some of my student debts. Where as in the summer I would work 10 hours per week, I now get about 1 hour per month. So, as I look for and keep applying for a new job, the best way to help me stay afloat is with:


All of the prices are listed on the image above, but if you want a way to figure out your total, add your style (Ex:Lineart) to your Size (Ex:Full body).

Character Design Commissions are a flat $20 USD regardless of the circumstances. This also goes with scenery or landscapes.

All payments will be transferred through PayPal once the commission is done and I give you the a-ok (it’s more of an honor system thing for me, I know some people like their money before but I want to give the buyer the comfort that I won’t just run away with their money). Sadly, I only accept United States Dollar.

Please message me here on tumblr or through

Thank you for reading, and I hope you can spread the word.