short message received

Downfall [07]

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,525

Genre: Assassin AU

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Office. Casual.

That was the short but succinct message you received on your phone from Jin as you were enjoying your reheated bulgogi set for breakfast—it was the place of meeting and the dress code.

When you regained consciousness earlier in this morning, the sun was barely peeking over the horizon. Alas, rising before the sun did wasn’t a bother to you, the more noteworthy reason being that you knew you wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep anyways.

The text came from your supervisor at around nine o’clock, and by that time, you had already been awake for several hours. He didn’t specify when he required your presence, but there was no need to; the unspoken order of “now” was always a hidden implication.

Plus, you never wanted to keep Jin waiting.

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