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my fav lil things abt j-hope

- always ALWAYS the one who brings up song credits
- although he was tired af after the concert (stated by jimin), he still helped tae to get in the room
- no one talks abt it but he always beatboxes for the members and he’s rly good @ it but no one ever shines the light on him!!!??
- always the 1 monitoring the members’ progress in dancing and NVR fails to compliment them and their progression when he gets the chance to
- his cute coffee dates w his sister 😍
- is usually the first one to notice the fan projects (prime example being the eatjin project where everyone changed their dps to “we love eatjin”)
- how he’s the one tht has to take a few steps back when he’s w yoongi lmao
- known rapmom for a good few years but still wants to know him better through trips (friendship goals)
- does anything to make members laugh, esp yoongs
- “important business”
- so close to maknae line tae actually thought he was part of it till their 3rd anniversary radio show lmao (even funnier since rm is younger than hobi)
- jamming on the toilet
- smol hoseok dancing in predebut vids, still hella energetic as ever
- the one tht finds rapmon’s lost items
- bittersweet bc being an under appreciated member comes w cheaper merch… yea
- “jeongguk ahh~” tht deep voice ;—;
- tfw he in the centre of the stage you know shit gonna go down real quick
- rare talent: playing a recorder w his nostrils
- allows fans to touch his dimples
- good @ asking for directions in foreign countries
- his violent mood swings
- how he came for dancing & singing, but ended up creating his own Rap Style™ and writing all his own lyrics
- no one talks abt it but his freaking freestyles omg i could watch him do That all day
- !!!!!the nmd dance break!!!!!!! gdi
- the barfing sounds in 1verse
- 1verse
- forehead exposure
- not to pressure anyone but when will he be properly recognized as The Golden Hyung
- kinda weird but when he always moans during yoongs’ part in cypher 3 (IDK WHICH ONE SPECIFICALLY BUT THAT ONE TIME IT WAS HELLA LOUD AND I WAS TAKEN ABACK AF)
- his selfie game in america (the snapback w sleeveless look…. yea)
- basically the world does not deserve jung hoseok

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Simple Black Hoodie Collection

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Created for: The Sims 4

5 styles
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I Missed You

Practice Room

A New Toy

We Don’t Make Good Friends- 1 2 3

Blame it on the Alcohol 1 2 3


You Want Attention?

You Want Attention? Part 2

Do You Want Me


Trying New Things


Just Trust Me Okay?

We’re Just Friends, I Swear



Paying Him a Visit 


I Can Teach You



Other Stuff

Long Time No See- Jackson (Got7)


Know What You’re Capable Of- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 

⇨ m e m b e r : m i n g y u

[ you’re a real demon, calling me your baby boy ]

word count: 1, 048

includes: a lot of sappiness + gets slightly heated + enjoy!!

✎ if u’re wondering what tf “seventeens boyfriend corner” is, i’m basically gonna be posting short scenarios for each member that depicts the cute moments of being their gf. i’m starting with mingyu, therefore dedicating this to  maya and her celery stick bf!

You could hear it, the wispy hum that belonged to the ceiling fan, puffing fragile currents of air to graze skin smooth and lush. It was not an annoying sound, nor was it one that faded into absentminded darkness. There was a certain presence it burrowed, reaping the doves that cooed through a system still and quiet.

After many instances that could no longer be counted on fingers and toes, numbered by pale stars in the sky, or mossy pebbles that lined every creek, did you wallow in the thought that the sound was soothing.

It just so happened to be on today’s instance that you settled with your newfound conviction.

You could feel the prominent bone in his hip dig into your backside, the marble slope of his nose shift against your hair. The whirr spinning from the ceiling fan suddenly wasn’t the sole croon tickling your ears anymore; something else was beginning to brew. A groan, low and husky, vibrating from the chamber of his chest, exhaled past pink lemonade lips. Perhaps he was awakening from your ancient slumber.

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Created for: The Sims 4

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151227 Gayo Daejun

anonymous asked:

So like, I absolutely adore Spring Day, it literally saved my life, but I'm still really upset that Hoseok got like literally no lines. Like, I think it's alright that sometimes the members has short lines, but no lines at all besides being backup?? That makes me kinda sad. I feel the same way with Jimin and the Wings Outro

Yes it makes me sad too :^((((( like he only sings in the background dkdjskjs

cosmic-weird-soul  asked:

Heyy😁can I have a imagine with Hansol 13 and 32 where everyone in seventeen likes her and she is very creative ,likes to write songs and she and her bff have together a band that is very famous in America.Thx ~(^o^)~

♡  Send me a member + number(s) and I’ll write a short scenario! ♡

13: “Kiss me.” 
32: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” 
Member: Hansol

(i tried to include everything you requested ㅠㅠ these are supposed to be pretty short and simple, but i hope you like it still! ♡ )

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anonymous asked:

Wow, seems as though Mod Saihara has a bit of a.....Short temper XD Nah I'm kidding, though I may be 5'7, I would like to help you infiltrate the tols as a lot of people around here are 6'0, please let me help you undercover !!

i will actually deck you if you ever make a short joke again


The restaurant was small and cosy, nested on the riverbank with a wonderful view of the city park across the road. It was also completely empty and no one understood why until the barista came to give Catherine the keys from the kitchen and left for the night. They stayed talking until the first morning rays hit he windows and filled the hall with warm orange sunlight. 

Finally Heda said, ‘I’m just sorry we won’t see you guys on stage anymore.’ 

‘I’m afraid we are one member short and quite content with it,’ snorted Siobhan, sipping her third coffee. ‘You guys are lucky. You found family in this band. It’s rare. Shawn and I… we never had that. We learned to live with the people that surrounded us, but at the end of the day, we were happy when we didn’t have to see them over the weekend.’ 

Heda and Fyfe glanced at each other with a smile. ‘Well,’ grunted Fyfe mockingly. ‘Imagine I didn’t love them. Who else would want to spend their time with such monsters.’ 

‘Oi!’ cried Heda, while Sorcha laughed. ‘It’s not like you’re such a prize yourself, Mr constantly listening to Smoke on the Water!’ 

When they started arguing, Sorcha was the only one left grinning. She nodded to Siobhan, winking. ‘We are a great, slightly dysfunctional family. But I wouldn’t have it any other way..’ 


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