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✾✾ fic recs ✾✾

it’s fanfiction writer’s appreciation day so i wanted to make a super short fic recs list; hopefully of stories you haven’t been able to read yet !! ofc this list doesn’t encompass the entirety of the fics i’ve read or adored, but i wanted to spread some more love today :’’) 


:: plage - fluff, smut, swimmer!jin - @mint-tape

i really, really like elle’s stories bc she’s so creative with her plots and concepts. recently, i read plage and fell in love with seokjin all over again :’’) i really recommend you check out her other works as well !!

:: the discovery - smut, dom!jin - @noona-la-la-la

this is maybe the first story i’ve read from them, but it still remains one of my favorite jin fics ! what i like the most about all their stories i’ve been able to read is the realistic approach they take when describing a relationship’s progression :’)


:: better place - fluff, hogwarts!au - @workofteaguk

out of all of traci’s works i think i’ll always like this one the best. i loved the build up which made one of my favorite tropes  (friends to lovers trope) so believable :’’)

:: lost in paradise - fluff, smut, angst, summer faerie!au - @fireheart-namjoon

this is the first work of gi’s that i read, but i was instantly hooked and fell in love :’’) i love their writing style and the descriptions especially !! i recommend you read everything else on their masterlist too :D


:: costume - fluff, hybrid!au - @xhixtape

i remember reading this story before i had even joined tumblr. it’s still one of my favorite hoseok stories :’) i just found their relationship so cute.

:: kisses of carmine (ft. taehyung) - smut, angst, vampire!au - @cosykims

maybe one of my favorite series ? so much effort was put into the writing and the world building, it really sucks you in !! i can’t recommend this series enough tbh


:: and you as well must die - smut, murderer!namjoon - @pleaseseokjin

ah i really love this author. they’re one of the few authors i was familiar with before i joined tumblr, and i love their writing style and their plots. actually i love all of their stories, but i want to recommend this one specifically :’’)

:: passionfruit - smut, college!au - @rapmonluv

i’ve only started reading this series today, but i’m hooked :’D and i love everything i’ve read so far on her masterlist, and i can’t wait to get through the rest !!


:: metanoia - fluff, hogwarts!au - @taesthetes

i wasn’t sure which fic of cat’s i should pick bc i’m in love with everything she’s ever written, esp the universe of us ! but metanoia was the first fic i’ve ever read from her and the one that started our friendship, so it holds a special place in my heart 

:: the ocean - fluff, angst, mermaid!jimin - @chinnychimchim

i might have not told you, but this is actually my favorite story of yours i’ve read so far :’) i really recommend addie’s fics bc you get a little bit of everything. angst? dystopian? soulmate? fluff? gross amounts of sex? this is ur girl !!


:: salt and shadow (ft seokjin) - smut, incubus!tae - @floralseokjin

well you already know this one is my favorite :’’) jordan writes so many good fics, with original plotlines and relatable oc’s, so i recommend you read all her fics - if you haven’t already ! 

:: across the multiverse (4) - fcking angst, greek mythology!au - @gukvory

even though i’ve enjoyed every piece of yours i’ve been able to read, there are times when i think back to this fic and cry a little !! i’m really in awe at how you can convey so much through so little words;;

✾ JK

:: orange tulips - angst, fluff, soulmate!au, reincarnation!au - @kainks

i’ll always love this story so much :’’) i love reincarnation/soulmate fics so much, and this one will always have a soft spot in my heart !! ofc i rec all their other fics as well

:: love like you (ft seokjin) - angst, royalty!au, mxm - @wenotes

this story still breaks my heart dlfkjdfkj i’m still so emotional !! i know unrequited love fics always hurt but i’m always drawn to them for some reason ? 


i love every writer mentioned, as well as the amazing others i read from and follow !! i’m looking forward to discovering new fics as well :’’) you are the ones who inspire me and help me grow as a writer, so thank you everyone !!

Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day

I appreciate everyone who writes fanfic; writing is hard and fanfiction is underappreciated in every fandom. Y’all slay all day. This is just a short list of my faves and friends/family I’ve been so lucky to make through writing. 

@lovingnikiforov @catsbythegreat @yokohamastraydogs @nenufair @bungou-stray-dogs-indulgences @dirtylevi @promiscuous-jalapeno

viliana-of-the-leil  asked:

Hey Steve, just found out the artist of my current playmat is a racist d-bag, so I've got two questions: What's your favorite MTG piece you've done, and if it's available as a playmat, where can I buy it?

Sorry to hear that.  :(

I have a hard enough time picking something at a fast-food place or a show on Netflix, let alone a favorite piece of my own art.  But, the short list is easy, and it’s not-coincidentally the pieces I picked to carry playmats of.  So to kinda answer both your questions at once, here’s my playmat store page:

I was tagged by @cinnamon-wolf and completely forgot bc it got shoved down the drafts in one of my drunken chuckleshit fits >.> so sorry man!

speaking of those, expect a load of posts that made me wake up my whole house a week or so ago in a short while.

Rules: List the top ten songs you are listening to nowadays and tag ten mutuals 

1. The entire Ib soundtrack. Just all of it

2. Friends on the Other Side

3. Karkalicious 

4. Renegades - X Ambassadors 

5. Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz (8 bit)

6. Hero Chiryouyaku (String Orchestral ver.)

7. Chorale For War

8. When Crooks Laugh (Zunko - Vocaloid)

9. The Lordling

10. Carne Vale

lmao this is such a trainwreck look at this list

And I’m not sure I want to bother 10 people so I’m gonna tag 5 + anyone that wants to do this

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👻 DDADDS - Monster AU 👻

Welcome to Maple Bay!

This is probably definitely something that’s been done before, but what can I say? All Robert’s talk of cryptids made me wanna draw some monster Dads.


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Why I cut my hair short

A lot of people have been asking for my reasons behind cutting my hair short. Well, I’m here to spread the official reasons why.

  • I wanted the perfect Wolverine cosplay and needed to achieve his hairstyle (which I can now do with gel)
  • Short hair doesn’t block the exhaust vents in my jetpack
  • I am the opposite of the biblical Samson- I’m stronger the shorter my hair is (but the world couldn’t contain me if I cut it any shorter)
  • My hair flowing in the wind distracted those around me, causing mild traffic accidents wherever I went
  • Apparently secret societies enforce a maximum hair length
  • I needed a rope in order to escape from a locked tower and my scalp isn’t as strong as Rapunzel’s, so I wove a rope
  • My plans after graduation involve disguising myself as a young man and running away to seek my fortune
  • Short hair doesn’t show under my superhero cowl (or stealthy ski mask)
  • When I sang, birds came to style my hair and got tangled in my long locks
  • My pet dragon kept singeing my hair
  • I wanted to. That’s it. I promise. The only reason you need to cut your hair.
Reasons To Love Svt

  • not so Subjectively the best group ever 
  • They were supposed to debut years before they actually did 
  • The fact they kept going after something like that 
  • Like we get upset when a single members been training for a long time cough sm rookies cough
  • But svt as a group had to wait 
  • But when they did debut they were such a hit 
  • Like carats couldn’t be more proud
  • They grew in popularity so fast too 
  • We couldn’t be more proud 
  • The relationships between the members is half the fun
  • They love each other like family so much 
  • Constantly looking out for each other 
  • Seungkwan feeling bad about his body?
  • 12 other members will be right by his side to reassure him he’s perfect just the way he is
  • Mingyu messing with the filters because he’s worried about his skin color?
  • Someone will be saying he doesn’t need a filter within seconds 
  • When chan graduated a good handful went to go see him
  • Like if that isn’t love what is?
  • With 13 members you’d think someone is bound to get left out 
  • And not that it doesn’t always happen 
  • The members do make efforts to include each other 
  • They are always having fun no matter how tired they are or how late it is
  • Turning lights out on each other when they are taking showers 
  • Playing rock paper scissors at restaurants to see who has to ask the owner to play their songs 
  • You can just tell they genuinely love each other like family 
  • Like lets be real
  • If you spent so much of your time with that large amount of people 
  • You would totally find someone, if not multiple people that clash with your personalty 
  • And i’m sure these guys have had that happen
  • But they’ve worked past that
  • To the point where us fans cant even tell 
  • And boy we find out a lot of things lol
  • What Im trying to say is that they are totally accepting of each other and i find that amazing
  • They love their carats so much 
  • So so much 
  • Like when they each wrote an encouraging letter for students taking the SAT
  • The amount of work they put into making their performances perfect for their carats 
  • They’ve been through so much for us
  • They always bow so deeply at their concerts and it breaks me 
  • Seventeen in carat land was honestly the most beautiful thing
  • Their carats love them just as much, if not more
  • Like ask a carat what they love about svt
  • And they will either go on for hours 
  • And never run out of things to say
  • Or just be so overwhelmed they can’t even say anything
  • Because their love for the boys is just too much
  • Its adorable
  • All of them are super sweet people 
  • Constantly encouraging the members 
  • And always so content with anything svt gives us like 
  • Carats are so sweet
  • Super artsy too i dont understand 
  • Predebut videos are better than any other groups omg 
  • Your bias list is never safe when stanning svt because everyone is perfect 
  • All the carrot puns we can make and they make
  • They are literally a giant meme 
  • And they never fail to put a smile on our face 
  • Idk if yall have noticed but svt has been making an effort to be more active on social media 
  • They even did live shows on instagram 
  • And they’ve posted so much stuff on all their social media 
  • They blessed us with their dance covers of happiness and wild eye 
  • Synchronization kings 
  • When i first saw wild eye i was so confused 
  • Because i thought my video had frozen
  • But nope
  • That was just part of the dance
  • They have such a unique style
  • Like three units but one group
  • And they still all function as one working group 
  • 13 members, 3 units, 1 team = Seventeen 
  • Hella attractive 
  • Like seventeen is just made up of 13 visuals 
  • Everything they do is so amazingly aesthetic 
  • Their music is perfect 
  • That one time we thought we were getting a dark concept 
  • And it said Only for today 
  • And we were like !!!!!!!!
  • But they literally meant only for one day
  • It was just a black and white filter 
  • And we were freaking speechless 
  • Lmao that was a wild time 
  • But the fact that even the rappers can sing
  • And it sounds like heaven 
  • They are all really respectful 
  • We’ve all heard stories from staff thats worked with them 
  • And there is never anything bad to say about them
  • They cover girl groups in a respectful way and aren’t making fun of the songs like pretty much every other boy group out there
  • They aren’t in it for the fame 
  • They just want to make music
  • Cause i mean, lets be real, if their only goal was to be famous they wouldn’t have have ended up at Pledis lol
  • They are super super humble
  • How hype they get with each other 
  • They are their number one fans 
  • No one loves svt more than svt loves them
  • Its fantastic 
  • Freaking Bong Bong
  • Our lovely Kim Bong Bong
  • The fact that bongbongie represents the fans 
  • And they have named it genderless 
  • And hoshi broke down the stereotype that pretty eyes equals girl
  • Like when will your faves ever?
  • Their stages are freaking lit 
  • They go all out 
  • Whether youre there at the concert or watching a video of it 
  • You’ll get super pumped
  • And you can just feel the passion radiating out of the video 
  • Because they put 110% into everything they do
  • Stanning svt is like finding a new home 
  • Everyone is welcoming and warm
  • The guys just make you smile all the time
  • No matter what they are doing
  • Their love is neverending 
  • And everything is so personal and relatable
  • It feels like you know them personally and not like they are some famous untouchable group 
  • Everything about them just makes me smile and they can improve my mood like no other group
List of some good films on Netflix

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)
Heathers (1989)
Frida (2002)
E.T. (1982)
2001: a space odyssey (1968)
Two Days, One Night (2014)
The Road Within (2014)
Frances Ha (2012)
Beginners (2011)
Jurassic Park (1993)
The Falling (2014)
1001 Grams (2014)
Comet (2014)
White Bird in a Blizzard (2014)
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (2014)
Mauvais Sang (1986)
Adult World (2013)
Anna Karenina (2012)
The Aviator (2004)
Good Will Hunting (1997)
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)
Generation War (2013)
HellBoy (2004)
Django Unchained (2012)
Pulp Fiction (1994)
6 years (2015)
Can’t Buy Me Love (1987)
We Are the Best! (2013)
Hick (2011)
Before We Go (2014)
Elizabethtown (2005)
Almost Famous (2000)
Short Term 12 (2013)
Peace, Love & Misunderstanding (2011)
Liberal Arts (2012)
Somewhere (2010)
North Sea Texas (2011)
The English Teacher (2013)
Serendipity (2001)
One Day (2011)
Amelie (2001)
American Beauty (1999)

speedsterunlimited  asked:

Wow! The top 10 outfits for Minako were crazy! I love your comments Audrey XD Could you do a 10 ten for Makoto please? 💚💚💚💚

I hope you’re ready for the high waisted pants appreciation post, because that’s what it’s going to be. 

10. This is the ultimate Mom Friend look. She is just going out to run some errands and wants to know if you want anything from the grocery store while she’s out. 

9. Mom Friend: Summer Edition, a very similar look but for warmer weather. The loosely tucked shirt says “oh this old thing I just threw it on very casually” but is actually meticulously crafted. 

8. Serving up ice cream but also serving up LOOKS, correct? 

7. Wholeheartedly accepting her color motif into her heart and wardrobe. This ensemble screams “I am the reincarnated guardian of the planet Jupiter, born on this earth as a human.” 

6.  A lot of Mako’s look trend toward the femme side of things, but this one outfit is the tomboy within saying “hey today is the day we wear a hooded jersey with a baseball cap” and Makoto (who has learned to accept herself with the help of Usagi) says “hell yes it is.”

5. This might possibly be an outfit of Miss Haruna’s, but truly this outfit belongs to anyone who can pull it off. It’s like the Excalibur of clothing. 

4. The shorts are layered over the shirt, which is layered over the jacket, which is layered over the shorts. All is layered, and layers over all else. It’s beautiful, is what it is. 

3. Speaking of layers. Sometimes you want to take off all those cute but uncomfortable clothes and slip into something cozy and even cuter than before. 

2. I was already a huge fan of the green turtleneck, the high waisted shorts with matching hair tie, and the crisp white vest with a bow in the back. This is already the perfect outfit. But as soon as you add sunglasses, it just becomes….. transcendent. It’s greater than any of us could have imagined. It’s beyond us now. 

1. You knew what number one was before this list was ever even made. 

anonymous asked:

Heyo, do you all have any sort of reference for writing a character with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and all that sorta thing?

Hey there! Great question. I’ve compiled some links for you to check out, and yes, most of these are links to links. I hope what I’ve found helps you!

Before you start writing that character, make sure you can handle the responsibility.

What To Consider When Writing Mental Illness
5 Biggest Mistakes When Writing Mental Illness
On Writing Mentally Ill & Insane Characters
How To Use Mental Illness In Your Writing

Time to research!

On Doing Research
List of Mental Disorders (Wikipedia is generally a good place to begin your research to get a grasp on what it is you’re looking for so that you may recognize certain terms!)
Anxiety Masterpost
Resources For Sz-Spectrum/Psychotic People
Masterpost For Victims Of Psychologial Abuse
How to Write a Character with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Writing the character.

Mental Illness - The Character is Not Their Disorder
5 Step Guide On Writing A Character With X Disorder Or X Disease
Writing Characters with Depression: What You’re Doing Wrong
Any tips for writing characters with PTSD?

Other helpful links!

This Is a Towel: Mental Disorders

my fav lil things abt j-hope

- always ALWAYS the one who brings up song credits
- although he was tired af after the concert (stated by jimin), he still helped tae to get in the room
- no one talks abt it but he always beatboxes for the members and he’s rly good @ it but no one ever shines the light on him!!!??
- always the 1 monitoring the members’ progress in dancing and NVR fails to compliment them and their progression when he gets the chance to
- his cute coffee dates w his sister 😍
- is usually the first one to notice the fan projects (prime example being the eatjin project where everyone changed their dps to “we love eatjin”)
- how he’s the one tht has to take a few steps back when he’s w yoongi lmao
- known rapmom for a good few years but still wants to know him better through trips (friendship goals)
- does anything to make members laugh, esp yoongs
- “important business”
- so close to maknae line tae actually thought he was part of it till their 3rd anniversary radio show lmao (even funnier since rm is younger than hobi)
- jamming on the toilet
- smol hoseok dancing in predebut vids, still hella energetic as ever
- the one tht finds rapmon’s lost items
- bittersweet bc being an under appreciated member comes w cheaper merch… yea
- “jeongguk ahh~” tht deep voice ;—;
- tfw he in the centre of the stage you know shit gonna go down real quick
- rare talent: playing a recorder w his nostrils
- allows fans to touch his dimples
- good @ asking for directions in foreign countries
- his violent mood swings
- how he came for dancing & singing, but ended up creating his own Rap Style™ and writing all his own lyrics
- no one talks abt it but his freaking freestyles omg i could watch him do That all day
- !!!!!the nmd dance break!!!!!!! gdi
- the barfing sounds in 1verse
- 1verse
- forehead exposure
- not to pressure anyone but when will he be properly recognized as The Golden Hyung
- kinda weird but when he always moans during yoongs’ part in cypher 3 (IDK WHICH ONE SPECIFICALLY BUT THAT ONE TIME IT WAS HELLA LOUD AND I WAS TAKEN ABACK AF)
- his selfie game in america (the snapback w sleeveless look…. yea)
- basically the world does not deserve jung hoseok

jin | yoongs | hobi pt.2 | rapmom | jimin | tae | jk

What… am… I?

The beast towered over me, perched on its clawed toes, its twisted and ugly flesh covered in layers of sharp, smooth black carapace. It looked oily. Monstrous. It had horns on its head and beady, glowing eyes that bore into mine and seemed so familiar. As familiar as a mirror.

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here is a short list of wlw books because there aren’t enough being talked about/hyped:

feel free to add on/send me recs/books i’ve missed/talk to me about wlw books!!<3


  1. Use a big calendar to keep track of major deadlines, they’re harder to ignore.
  2. Make short to-do lists on sticky notes because they’re easier to conquer, and can be stuck on a wall or desk that’s easily visible. 
  3. Set more alarms than you need because you’ll probably need more alarms than you’ll set.
  4. Turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth, this one’s random but stop wasting water. 
  5. Don’t put bowls or cups on the bottom of the dishwasher as it blocks the bottom jets, and prevents the dishes on the top shelf from getting very clean. 
  6. Go buy or rent a book that you’ve been meaning to read. It’s easier to actually start the book when you’re bored and it’s right next to you. 
  7. Give yourself 5-10 minute breaks, but use your phone to set a timer; it’s easy for a “break” to become a vacation.