short legs

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I loooove your writings on Ciel's legs. I think they are absolutely adorable when his shorts are riding up on his thighs. But also YANA why are you drawing Ciel in such tiiiny little shorts and knee garters all the time?? I'm sure his little boney knees look cute when they're all bruised up and red. I bet Sebastian just drools at the sight. Do you think Seb has a thing for Ciel's legs when they're bruised up?

Oh definitely. He loves them either way but there is something about seeing those little limbs scraped up and bruised that drives him wild. Sebastian enjoys Ciel’s weak body. Not only does he get off on the fact that it only magnifies how much Ciel needs him but it reminds him of how fragile Ciel is even though the boy is pretty much evil incarnate. Sebastian adores his haughty little lord.

Now this does not mean it is something he wants all the time. After all, what kind of butler would he be if he allowed his master to continuously get hurt? No no, his favorite part about it is the gentle care he gets to give them.

Sebastian properly cleans the wounds on Ciel’s knees, propping a small foot up on his leg as he crouches before the young earl’s throne. He watches as Ciel squeezes his eyes shut with every dab of the cotton cloth he holds. A groan or two slips between Ciel’s lips, usually an insult blaming Sebastian for what has happened, this only bringing a soft grin to the butler’s face. 

Sebastian leans in, gently caressing one leg at a time to give it a delicate massage as he laps at the scrapes. Ciel jumps every time he feels the hot tongue on his damaged skin but he can’t help but love the soothing feeling it gives. Sebastian continues, trailing his lips around the entirety of both stems as he makes sure to place a silky kiss upon each and every bruise, stopping to give extra attention to the worst ones. 

When Ciel is in a lot of pain (such as after the green witch arc) Sebastian gives each leg extra attention. He watches Ciel he dig his fingers into the chair’s arms, grunting with every dab of the soaked cloth upon the open wounds. Then, tossing the red-tinted rag to the side, he brushes his lips against every mar and whispers words of comfort to Ciel. He pecks them once, then twice as his hands gently work out the kinks in the lanky stems, telling Ciel how well he’s doing. Ciel groans when he feels Sebastian’s thumb press into a rather stingy knot, Sebastian’s low and comforting words tickling the skin on his thigh as he reassures his young master between kisses that he is almost done, that Ciel’s legs are so beautiful, that he did a wonderful job today and that he is here to specifically care for all of his needs.

Sebastian’s words and gentle actions show Ciel and entirely new and unusual side of his demon but he has certainly become more than fond of these times. He enjoys being taken care in such a manner every now and again.

And Sebastian more than enjoys giving him the proper care and attention.

But even when Ciel leg’s are in such a state, Sebastian uses everything inside him to hold himself back. Bruised, broken and beaten or not, those legs are as tantalizing and delicious as ever and the demon can’t help but want-

🎀 Just a Bite 🎀