short legged cat

yeah heyo me again trying to figure out how to draw your friendly neighborhood wreck-gar 

//Yells into a megaphone// 📢📢📢I WANNA F U C K I N G  D I E📢📢📢

“Similarly, the BamBob is being produced by the combination of a hairless Bambino (short-legged cat), and an American or Domestic Bobtail cat. This produces a hairless Bambino cat with an adorable little Bobtail!”

hey you guys want to see my gremlin and abomination [pulls out my freak of nature cat with no tail, no hair, and short legs]

a-really-gay-enigma  asked:

I'm trying to come up with a warrior name for a very chubby, short-legged, cat with Siamese markings, she's always very curious and loves Honey (her secret non-clan cat girlfriend) and will fight for her, I hope you don't mind me asking for suggestions?

hmmm bee could be a cute prefix (u know bees… honey…) so like beenose, beewhisker. floral names may work well too. lilytail, roseheart, daisypelt. i think avian names work really well too. larksong, robinwing, sparrowfeather. hhhh if u gave me their eye color i could have helped more

Translation: Itadaki High Jump 2016/08/18 - Hikaru, Yabu, Arioka

I had wanted to sub this episode, but I’m a total noob in subbing so I decided to make this into a post instead. So you can read this while watching the show so you know what they are talking about :) Feel free to use anything in your subbed projects with credits please. Thanks!

*Please note that I am not exactly a cat lover myself so I will not spend time translating details about each cat.

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