short leather gloves

(What am I doing?)

The park grass is alight with diamonds sparkling in the streetlamps over by the sidewalk. The moon provides light where the lamps won’t reach and it is quiet. Bruce and Adam sit side by side on a bench. Their shoulders brush when Adam shivers from the light October breeze. Matt sits at their feet, elbows on his knees, head in his hands, fighting the sleep that pulls at his eyelids.

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Michael Bastian

Jacket, shorts, shirt, and long johns: cotton; sweater, balaclava, and gloves: hand-knit anthracite wool/cashmere/opossum/metallic thread (Josh Bennett for Michael Bastian) with applied leather patch; antique top hat: beaver; belt: leather; sunglasses: Randolph Engineering for Michael Bastian; necklace: G. Frost for Michael Bastian; pocket square: 100% Italian wool; boots: custom leather (Quoddy for Michael Bastian)

Photo by Mete Ozeren

Kyo came on stage wearing leather jacket over a very loose black shirt. Its sleeves were so long they were sticking out from the jacket are were hiding his hands a bit. He also wore black trousers and a skirt thingy. He took off the jacket after few songs.
Fingers of his left hand were painted black. On his right hand he was wearing a short leather glove (the one that goes above his knuckles). He also wore black beads.
Straps of the leather head piece were under his chin and the piece itself was so high on his head we could see the hairline under it this time.
Lines below his eyes were black, same as lines starting from his jaw. Lines over his eyes were red. I was standing very close the second night so I could see more details, what looked like black teeth the night before was actually metal teeth grills like he wore for the video of saku.
Not totally sure about this, but he might have had more piercing in his ear than before?
For encore he came on stage without a shirt and a stocking, but left the make up on (which looked amazing when he was laughing in the end ;))