short hairstyles with fringes

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thoughts on hirata yuya?

absolute cutie <3 especially with that big mole on his cheek.
Stunning face features. I mean, look at that perfectly trimmed eyebrows, nice forehead, jaw bones and super cute lips. Also his philtrum is one of his charming point. 
Pulls off any kind of hairstyle, with fringe or without fringe, a little short or long. Except Iwachan’s hair because it makes him looks like a hedgehog lol sorry pls don’t kill me 😂

Will definitely become a great father. He loves child and is super patient handling them. Do you know that he became a kindergarten teacher for a day? If you haven’t, please watch the video for your daily dose of fluff <3

Expressive. Just watch his interview and see how he always moves his hands while talking :3

Great at sport. He was a part of an annual TV program 「最強スポーツ男子」(The strongest sportsman) on 2015. He didn’t win but being a part of that TV show is already amazing in my opinion! (you can watch it here)

and my main reason for liking Yuutan is: He can set his priority straight. How could I know about this? He gave up being in Engeki Haikyuu to focus on his uni graduation. Beauty & brain at its best <3