short haired nezumi

On a rainy day - reunion will come.

06.06.16 day

Uh, such great NO.6 date and I don’t have anything from my drawings and writing to upload T_T.

But don’t be afraid! Now I want to talk about you about one matter about Nezumi and later (after I will come back from work) I’m going to upload some surprise :).

Anyway, back to first matter.

I read few opinions that people like novel Nezumi better, and I’m not talking about Nezumi with short hair. I’m talking about Nezumi from old covers, mainly from Beyond. Well, anyone like what they like and I’m not critical about it. What bothered me at such comments is… Imagine Eve with Novel-Nezumi face. Be my guest, you don’t have to imagine it, I will show you XD:

Yes, total beauty, no wonder that everyone fell for her XD.

Let’s see it once more:

Well, I rather not meet her in dark alley XD


God, I’ve read chapter 2 of Setsuna Graffiti. But all I thought was: NEZUMI/SHION XD

Kou and Ginga look like their sons. Ginga = Nezumi face and Shion’s hairstyle, Kou = Shion’s face and Nezumi’s dark hair.

And then the other guys. The woman reminds me of Eve, or a pretty long haired Nezumi… or a fem. Nezumi… and that dude looks like a gentle short-haired novel style Nezumi. X’D Arrrgh… I just can’t read this manga without thinking that stuff all the time. No. 6 is always in my mind. I can’t even fokus on the story because all I think is: “Oh, (s)he looks like Nezumi/Shion, or their sons, or their grand-children or whatever."  orz

And yet, Kino-sensei’s drawing style is so beautiful. I really love it.

(Ahh, I switched NezuShi’s hair styles XDDDD OMG! I can’t….. Shion! Look at Shion! *cries*)


This is the last request! No. 6 x Reborn!

I really don’t know this anime… that’s why  I’m not sure if those are their usual clothes… but I hope you like it nonetheless, neko-yuuki-kun

Now I’ll return to drawing normal NezuShi stuff for a while. :3

Sorry to all my followers who didn’t wanna see this crossing over stuff.