short haired chris

Dan Stevens was a hot Prince, I hate how people are saying he is ugly. If I was Belle I would be head over heels for him, gosh that hair warms my heart. He was even hot in his aristocrat rococo french get up in the beginning of the film, he looked like a hot flashy rockstar in it. I’m always different lol most girls my age are into short haired ripped guys like Chris Evans, and I’m just like blahh…..

a very short fanfic

How ‘bout a night with Chris O’Dowd and Alan Davies?

…just listening to the Irish accent and low voice of Chris and the flegmatic tone and slight lisping of Alan seems to be a pretty good start…

.in a room of an old house, illuminated only by the misterious and warm gloaming of a summer evening, infiltrating through the moist and heavy air, what is filled with various pleasant scents.

All senses would sharpen and getting more receptive to every little stimulus. We’d start to explore each other. Slowly, but driven by an unquestionably strong, instinctive, elemental lust. Smelling and tasting and touching the smooth skin, and unpredictably scratching, biting it for a moment, gently and playfully, then let go - more and more frequently and increasingly wilder… Wanting to touch every little inch of each other’s bodies, to feel all the curves, squeeze all the muscles, while enjoying every texture we reach.

I’d stroke and sensually grab their beautiful, curly hair (on their heads and also other places of their body…) just as if I couldn’t get enough of it, and they’d stroke and grab my curly hair as well..

It would feel like bathing in silk and velvet and flowers.
And cocks.


The End.

biohazard4ever  asked:

Imagine Claire is always teasing Leon about his hair and that he should cut it, and the day he appears with a short hair like Chris's Claire is like WHAT DID YOU DO?! YOU SINNER! I WAS ONLY TEASING YOU -, now everybody knows Claire has a weakness for Leon's hairstyle lol

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