short haired chris

I have so much to do but I have no self-control. THIS MUSICAL IS SO GOOD!!! Please listen if you haven’t gods, it is just amazing. I’ll be drawing the other characters and maybe animatics later but I got things to finish :’((((

Dan Stevens was a hot Prince, I hate how people are saying he is ugly. If I was Belle I would be head over heels for him, gosh that hair warms my heart. He was even hot in his aristocrat rococo french get up in the beginning of the film, he looked like a hot flashy rockstar in it. I’m always different lol most girls my age are into short haired ripped guys like Chris Evans, and I’m just like blahh…..

based off this post 

Soft, gentle fingers scratch Chris’ scalp and pull through his curls. His eyes flutter, falling half-mast until he’s watching the TV through his thick eyelashes, catching hints of color and dance as the camera pans and changes.

They’re watching the King and the Skater, naturally. Phichit’s humming along to the song while his fingers run through Chris’ short hair.

It’s so relaxing, Chris can’t help but think as his back loses its tension and he eases further into Phichit’s warm lap. He lays his head high up on Phichit’s thigh and turns to the screen with the intent to watch, but Phichit’s combing his fingers through his hair and Chris is a weak, weak man. His eyes droop. The music turns into a long, continuous blob of sound, indistinct and indiscernable. The world blurs between his eyelashes and all he smells is Phichit’s delicious cologne cloying his nose and his tongue with thoughts of love and home.

He tunes out for a minute but comes to what he’s sure is a moment later to a warm blanket wrapped around his shoulders and Phichit’s fingers rubbing behind his ear and into his crown. Chris curls more into the warmth pillowing his head and sighs, relaxed and blissful.

He falls asleep to Phichit’s soft laugh and the feeling of his fingers stroking his hair.