short hair idea

“I cut my hair the other day. It used to be down to my waist. It’s a personal experiment. I’m trying to prove to myself that I can have short hair and still be feminine. It can be hard when I step out on the street and all the other women have long hair. I think a lot of people see short hair, and form an idea that I hate men, or that I only think about business. But I still feel feminine inside. I guess I want to prove that feeling has nothing to do with the type of attention I’m getting.”

(Moscow, Russia)

reasons aizawa shouta can’t have short hair: god,

things i never talk about enough which should be considered like a minor crime: berg with his hair down and unstyled vs that time his hair got singed during work and they had to cut off as much as they could to save what was left. thankfully his hair grows super fast so he was only down in the dumps for like a month or two


So I decided to do some quick-ish doodles of some changes in mind for some people which may or may not become canon. Not too certain yet if I’ll give every member something a little different about their design.