short giraffe


Dear ‘Raffe (Short for giraffe),

It’s weird. Our relationship still excites me like brand new shoes although we’ve walked so far together already. I decided yesterday, amidst leaving subtle kisses along your neck and jaw as you snored your life away, that I’m going to give you all of me.

At this point, you may be wondering what I’ve been giving you all of this time if it isn’t all of me… and I can tell you… I’ve been giving all of what I thought I could. Something about last night, in the moments that I could feel your belly rise up and down, grazing my own ribs in rhythm, that I realized, with you, I’m not scared to be more, to be anything and everything. You revive, ignite, and create parts of me I killed, put to sleep or wasn’t aware of at all.

You make me proud to carry all of my identities. I feel pretty and handsome. I feel strong lifting you in the air or being bent over by you. You speak to every part of me.

You’ll stumble on this post  in a few minutes or weeks, depending on when you feel like perusing my Tumblr. I hope you understand how you make me feel in this moment.


~ Love


Thank you to anyone who has supported our journey and our

Youtube Channel (Tae and Lou). The support has been so appreciated.

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I feel like prompt number 1 would be fun and different to read 😂

Okay I seriously love you for asking for this one because as soon as I saw the list I had a brilliant idea for this so yaaaay. Here we go, I hope you like. <3 

1. The skirt is supposed to be this short.

Even threw his head back, his entire body shaking from the laughter consuming him to the point where he couldn’t see anything but stars. He finally took a few breaths trying to calm himself down, as he looked back at Isak, red faced and tears shining his blue eyes. 

“Oh baby this is just. I mean I am flattered that you would dress up for me but-” 

He was cut off by the couch cushion hitting him square in the jaw which set off another giggle fit. 

Isak rolled his eyes and placed a hand on his hip which just made the entire situation even more amusing for Even who found himself unable to stop laughing again. 

Even calmed himself down and took in Isak fully. He was standing in front of Even glaring down at him wearing a red and white cheerleading out fit. Pom poms sitting right at his feet where Isak threw them when he came out, and Even whistled and told him to pick up his pen for him. 

“Stop staring at me!” the golden haired cheerleader groaned, crossing his arms. 

“Nice legs” Even just can’t help himself. 

“I mean it Eveeeeeeen” 

Even raised his hands in truce “Okay okay i’m done. would you like to explain why you are all dressed up for the big game Mr. spirit.” 

Isak shoot him daggers. 

“Last one I promise.” 

Isak rolled his eyes but a smile was hinting at his lips, as always when he was around Even. “Okay so…well…Jonas bet me that I couldn’t go a whole day at school without mentioning your name once..and-” 

Even grinned so wide he turned into one of those clowns you throw balls in at the fair. “Awwww you lost? looks like someone is obsessed with meee” 

Isak shook his head, his cheeks turning bright pink “shuuuuut up they tricked me! They asked me what I was doing after school when they knew I was hanging out with you.” 

Even nodded understandingly “So how did long did it take you to lose?”

He bowed his golden head in shame “5 minutes.” 

Even was gone again. laughing to the brink where he couldn’t even breathe “FIVE MINUTES” 

“You suck” 

“Hey come here.” Even tugged on his skirt and brought him close enough for Even to breathe him in. 

“So they made you wear this to the party tonight?” 

Isak tugged on the skirt “Yes! and I swear they made this shorter so I get blue balls or something.” 

Even smiled “You do know that’s not what blue balls means right?” 

Isak rolled his eyes. “I know Even I meant. There is no way i’m attractive in this, you can basically see my ass!” 

Even shook his head, his laughter consuming the room. “Firstly, The skirt is supposed to be this short.” he squeezed Isak’s hips, sending shivers up his spine. “secondly, dear god Isak you are hot.” 

Isak raised an eyebrow. 

“You are so sexy it’s taking all of my restraint and willpower not to take this really short marvellous costume off right now and showing you just how beautiful you really are.” 

Isak shook his head, his face bright red. “shuut up” 

Even raised both eyebrows “I am serious. Isak look at yourself! I can see every inch of your legs, and your arms and -” Even gulped “Okay we need to make it a rule that you wear skirts and dresses more often. it’s like the second best thing to naked Isak.” 

Isak laughed “You are such a weirdo, you know that right?” 

Even pulled Isak onto his lap and kissed him “Yeah but i’m your weirdo” he said against his lips. 

and then he was pushing Isak off and standing up. 

“What are you doing?” Isak asked, confused. 

Even shrugged. “I’m gonna see if Noora has any dresses I can borrow. You didn’t seriously think I would let you have all the fun did you?” 

Isak smiled as he watched him walk away. Because he knew Even was really doing it to make Isak feel safe and less self conscious and right then all he could think, was that he never imagined ever being this loved in his whole life. 

Even came back out. “So Noora had nothing, but Eskild did.” 

Isak laughed “of course.” 

“We are gonna be the hottest people at this thing.” 

“For sure” Isak said gazing at his beautiful boyfriend and the tiny sparkly dress he was holding which will definitely be way too short for giraffe Even. 

“I’m suddenly looking forward to this party now.” 

Even raised his eyebrows and kissed his lips. “Good.” 

Okay this was so silly but I hope you enjoyed it <3 

EXO reacting to you being short

Suho:He would like that you were short as he is not tall himself. It makes him feel more manlier that you only reach his shoulder,he would love to cuddle you and find it cute that you only reach his chin;even on your tiptoes.

Kris:The height difference would be adorable!He’d love when you wear his t-shirts and they look like dresses.Being shorter would make him feel a lot more manly as you are so cute and little he would feel protective.

Xiumin: Like Suho Xiumin is not tall either so he would like that you are around the same height(maybe a little smaller) but he would not like if you wear massive heels because suddenly he comes up to your shoulder.

Kai:Would love your shortness because then he could tease you!He would always joke around about his short you are and that he could lose you in the crowd. He does love how short you are though and would love when you wear heels as it transformed you from cute to sexy.

Sehun: Loves that he can help you around the house because your short,it would make him feel so manly when you can’t reach something and he can get it for you. He would love that you are shorter than him because he thinks it makes you look cute and dainty.

Baekhyun:I feel like baekhyun would not take too much notice of your height,being short himself he would not think about how short you are.

Chanyeol:This giraffe would love that you only come up to his chest,having to reach things for you,leaning down for kisses,he would find it adorable!

D.O:Again,like Baekhyun because he’s so short he would not notice how short you are but would like that you are shorter than him as it makes him less insecure than dating a woman who is a lot more taller than him.

Chen:He would make fun of how short you are even though he’s not exactly tall.He’s love cuddling,and you wearing his clothes because his jumpers go to your mid-thigh and make you look adorable.

Lay:Would not mind what height you are. Someone would genuinely have to point it out for him to even notice that you are below average in height,but he still wouldn’t care,he would just find it cute when you couldn’t reach the top shelf.

I couldn’t think of anything for Tao and Luhan sorry(🎶sorry sorry sorry🎶) requests are open!

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Okay but I feel like Sonny got accidentally hurt a lot as kid , and like father like son? Like yeah there were some issues with bullies but I feel like both Sonny and Ollie are the type to like run into a door and leave with a bloody nose

Oh my god, YES.

As the son of Sonny Carisi, Ollie moves like nothing short of a baby giraffe. Especially when he goes through his growth spurt and his legs get longer.

The poor kid is tripping over himself all the time. 

Like Sonny goes into his room to tell him that dinner’s ready and actually witnesses his son tripping and falling while trying to take off his pants. 

All Sonny can do is go back to the kitchen, tell Rafael about what he just witnessed, and say, “Well, at least we know he’s mine.”

Concerts and Being a Decent Human Being.

So I want to bring up something that’s been a problem thru the past couple of Steam Powered Giraffe concerts I'v been to, along with some other concerts in the past.
The thing is a lot of taller people will stand straight in the front making it IMPOSSIBLE for someone who’s shorter to see the stage at all.
I’m 5'2 and the people who were standing in the front had been taller then me by a full torso, even while standing on my tip toes and trying not to fall I could barely see anything, and it happens all the time to me and shorter individuals.
This is a problem I don’t think has been addressed enough and its unfair for those of us who are short.
And yes, I know life’s not fair, but when I'v gone to 3 SPG concerts and all the times I'v not been able to really see the stage cause the tall people rushed to the front it becomes a problem that needs to be addressed.

Basically the only thing I’m asking is that during concerts PLEASE BE COURTEOUS TO SHORTER PEOPLE.
If your tall please don’t go to the front of the concert, or for the most part just be polite and if you see someone struggling and constantly shuffling and standing on there toes to just see the stage, take a step back and let them beside you or in front of you.
Its not going to prohibit you from seeing anything and you will be making someone’s day 100% better from just being a decent human being and being nice.

I don’t know what’s the deal half of the time with tall people but me and a lot of my shorter friends have been pushed further back and been treated roughly during SPG concerts and other concerts in general and its upsetting.
Sometimes it get’s to the point where we don’t even want to go to concerts since we won’t be able to see anything thanks to taller individuals.

So tall people, please keep an eye out for us shorter folk and please don’t all just rush the very front of the stage.