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Concerts and Being a Decent Human Being.

So I want to bring up something that’s been a problem thru the past couple of Steam Powered Giraffe concerts I'v been to, along with some other concerts in the past.
The thing is a lot of taller people will stand straight in the front making it IMPOSSIBLE for someone who’s shorter to see the stage at all.
I’m 5'2 and the people who were standing in the front had been taller then me by a full torso, even while standing on my tip toes and trying not to fall I could barely see anything, and it happens all the time to me and shorter individuals.
This is a problem I don’t think has been addressed enough and its unfair for those of us who are short.
And yes, I know life’s not fair, but when I'v gone to 3 SPG concerts and all the times I'v not been able to really see the stage cause the tall people rushed to the front it becomes a problem that needs to be addressed.

Basically the only thing I’m asking is that during concerts PLEASE BE COURTEOUS TO SHORTER PEOPLE.
If your tall please don’t go to the front of the concert, or for the most part just be polite and if you see someone struggling and constantly shuffling and standing on there toes to just see the stage, take a step back and let them beside you or in front of you.
Its not going to prohibit you from seeing anything and you will be making someone’s day 100% better from just being a decent human being and being nice.

I don’t know what’s the deal half of the time with tall people but me and a lot of my shorter friends have been pushed further back and been treated roughly during SPG concerts and other concerts in general and its upsetting.
Sometimes it get’s to the point where we don’t even want to go to concerts since we won’t be able to see anything thanks to taller individuals.

So tall people, please keep an eye out for us shorter folk and please don’t all just rush the very front of the stage.




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