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Editor's Note: Yes, we were hacked...again

Our apologies for the adult post that was published earlier. We were either hacked or phished.

This is the second time this has happened. We realized pretty quickly the first time that “password” was probably not the best choice for password. Apparently, “123456” wasn’t a good idea either.

In all seriousness, we’re sorting things out. We appreciate everyone who reached out to us tonight, and we hope to have things fixed soon. -Matt

Are you a pretentious art hoe? A Henry Winteresque classics-lover? Do you have an affinity for movies like the Dreamers and Heathers? Or films such as Kill Your Darlings and Dead Poets Society? Are you weak for classical art museums and Van Gogh buttons and Monet close-ups?

Say hi to the artsy™ squad.

to join:

  • reblog this
  • preferably following me
  • fill out this short form
  • follow the nw blog that i have not coded (opt.)

what you get:

  • other equally pretentious art hoes
  • a place to discuss aesthetically pleasing films
  • art and stuff
  • a place/tag to share your own art/films/photography etc.
  • kik or skype chat
  • new pals
  • a spot on the nw page

looking for:

  • aesthetic blogs (pref.)
  • hate-free bloggers
  • organized blog
  • tagging system (pref.)


  • deadline is sept. 4th
  • 15 members give or take
  • you can come to me if you have questions!!

The Pitch, Round 2: Ayn Rand, Twitter court orders & health care scandals

Friendly competition between writers never hurt anyone! Us here at ShortFormBlog are interested in writing what you want to read. Head over to our Facebook photo album titled “The Pitch.” We all want to be the winner, but there can only be one. The story with the most Likes by Friday evening will be written just for you by Monday morning. Have you read last week’s winner yet? It’s really freaking good, guys. Trust us. source

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