short fingers lol

I’m fucking crying, why do I do this to myself.

I planned for this hurt!Noct fic to be around 3 - 4 chapters long.

I figured each chapter might be, at most, around 7 - 10K each.

But nooooo, chapter 1 is nearly 17K, and that’s without edits/revisions/etc.

Lol okay then.

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This year, the only place you’ll be able to see season 1 & 2 of the critically acclaimed drama, Ripper Street, is on [Amazon] Prime Instant Video. But the big news today is that Ripper Street will live beyond season 2. Today we are announcing that we are making season 3 of Ripper Street[x]

Arashi Finger Pointing King ranking (MS 13.05.2016)

After the Wink King ranking, next up: the Finger Pointing ranking.

With the gamut of finger actions, like the reverse finger pointing

… the finger pointing while playing guitar...

… the finger-kissing pointing pose…

… the combination finger-pointing pose demonstrated by Sakumiya…

… the “Gets~” finger-pointing pose

… who is Arashi’s King of finger pointing pose?

Riida comes in 5th place with 11 poses…

… while Sho-kun takes 4th spot with 18 poses.  A further narrowing down of our top three candidates, but…

Nino-chan hits his limit at 28 poses.

So who sits pretty at the top of the table between our Model Pair?

Masaki is second-placed at 31 poses…

And that leaves our youngest as Finger Pointing King with 32 poses; just ONE more than Masaki!  Crafty ne~ Jun-kun: the wink-AND-point strategy!

At least all members have contributed to the count this time round?  (^_^)

Cr: Music Station 13.05.2016