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Animation tests with different lighting.

 I am currently writing and developing the story for a short. I have every main beat figured out, and so far the story has way more heart than any previous film I’ve done. I’m doing all I can to make the story strong, and I can say it’s sort of a spiritual successor to the previous three films I’ve done (Crayon Dragon, Woflsong and Tiny Nomad) Here are some visual explorations

Jonathan’s book in “In a Heartbeat”

After watching it a thousand times (and a sleepless night, at that!), I became quite curious as to what book Jonathan was holding in the short film! Pausing at the correct moment and taking a closer look, one can see the author and title of the book in his hands, which is “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde. This is a real book, but in the short film, it reads “The Picture of Dorian Gay”… 

I see what you did there, Esteban and Beth ;))))

Note: Even when speaking about the original book, it was a gay story!! THIS is why I love films with small details–they have the best discoveries. (Also, Oscar Wilde is gay…damn i love this short film)


MANNEQUINS - Two eccentric mannequins are delivered to opposing boutiques and become competitive and jealous as they notice the other drawing more attention than themselves.