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A few of our favorite moments from the camera traps in Peru - the first captures the incredibly rare and elusive short-eared dog (Atelocynus microtis) making off with a massive fruit in its jaws (and it’s the first time this animal has been documented in this particular area!), and the second series shows a curious ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) in the middle of an early-morning prowl. 

Camera traps such as these provide untold insights on the biodiversity of an area. It may take a person years to report any solid evidence of these types of animals in a studied environment due to the difficulties of tracking creatures that have senses finely attuned to our presence in their territories. One of my favorite parts of being in Peru was simply knowing I was in a place inhabited by these magnificent species, despite the fact I would probably never get the chance to see them. 

To learn more about how mammalogists conduct surveys of these areas, check out our latest video checking out the bats of this region

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Giant armadillos, predictably, dig giant burrows, which average 35 centimeters in diameter.  These massive burrows have proven of vital importance to other local species, serving as dens, hiding places, shelter from heat or rain, and feeding grounds.  Over two dozen other species have been found using the giant armadillo’s abandoned burrows, including rare animals like the short-eared dog.  Because it alters the local ecosystem in a way that benefits other species, the giant armadillo is considered an ecosystem engineer, and its existence is considered vital for the other animals in the area.

Karamel Fanfic #41 Part 2

Title: Present

Part 2 of A True Hero

Part 1

Prompt: After being with the Legion of Superheroes for 3 years in the future, and seeing everything Kara has done, he wonders if he should go back in time to her or not.

Word Count: 5130

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Hey y'all.

Okay, so, I was so not planning to finish this fanfic till, like, my exams were over (which is about two weeks later), but my plot bunnies didn’t leave me alone, I had some down time (if you count not being sleepy at 1 a.m. downtime) soooooo this happened. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this!

I also wanna thank @karamelizedlove​ and @somos-poeiraestelar​ for inspiring this fic with their idea. Hope you like it!

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The Cheater, chapter 2

So you wonderful people said such encouraging things about my first drabble (inspired by @mustardyellowsunshine‘s writing prompt). So yes, I’ve turned this into a fic. This seems to happen to me a lot. 

Anyway, part one is here and if you feel so inclined, please drop a review on

I welcome anything constructive too!

Kagome was sitting in the New Residence Hall cafeteria with her roommate Sango and another person they had met on their floor named Miroku. He was about as typical as any first-year university guy, as in, he hit on anyone in a skirt. And anyone in pants. Miroku hit on everyone.

When he had met Kagome, he wasted no time in flirting with her. Kagome was a little smitten, until Sango walked over to her five minutes later and confessed that a really cute guy with a gold earring and a small ponytail had just hit on her. Now, the two girls were wise to Miroku’s ways, but kept him around anyway. He was fun to hang out with and he provided the two with a necessary ego boost when they needed it.

Kagome might have spotted Sango and Miroku making out at a club a few nights ago, but she decided not to tease her roommate about it. Yet.

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“Patches is just about as cute as they come! He is recovering from a minor skin condition but that doesn’t slow him down. Patches enjoys going for walks, he knows a few basic commands, and he’s ready to find a new best friend. Patches appears to be friendly with other dogs but we are still learning if he is good with cats.”