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May I say, I love your new Enjoltaire fic? Its so pure, I just want to wrap E up in a hug, and give him a socializing 101 book. Can I ask for some of the fashion advice people write in for Bahorel? I feel like his answers are always along the lines of 'more mesh, less pressure to fulfill traditional beauty standards'

I’m so glad you liked it! Enjolras isn’t necessarily terrible at people in general but he is fairly terrible at Grantaire, I think. Good thing he was asking advice from the person best qualified to give it in that case!

As for Bahorel, his column is a monthly affair and literally everyone on the campus reads it. It’s online-only because it tends to be picture and link heavy.

The iconic one would be “You said for people wanting to show their legs off to wear skirts or short shorts, but dudes can’t really do that, and we don’t really look sexy in gym shorts. What about guys who want to show our legs off? Is it only skinny jeans?” And the response is just a picture of Bahorel scowling wearing a sharp blazer and a fluffy tulle skirt that does indeed make his calves look amazing.

But he gets a lot of people saying “Your advice is always to dress for our best assets, but what if we don’t feel like we have any assets?” and Bahorel is very good at helping those people out. “Dude or dudette or non-binary-dude-type-person, everybody’s got assets! Everything is an asset if you phrase it right, or to somebody. The question’s just what YOU like best. Do you think your left wrist is cool? Find a bracelet you love. Into your sternum? V-neck time!”

Also he keeps an exhaustive list of various places to find good clothes for bodies the fashion industry doesn’t like to dress, from plus sizes to lingerie recommendations for trans folk to clothes without tags or lots of seams.

Eventually he starts a vlog channel and ends up doing a series of videos about ways to use your local thrift store that don’t require you to completely rebuild garments.

Oops……….not exactly a dick slip but just as hot. See through silky white shorts showing this hot dudes sexy circumcised dude Penis and tight balls. So fucking hot. I see this all the time now days. I love it!!! It makes me hard everytime I see a hot guy in silky sheer see through shorts. Fuck Yeah!

Today on "A day in the life of a smol trans dude": Milo's adventures at target
  • ME: *finds pants I want to try on*
  • Mom: "Go try those on, I'll meet you over there."
  • Me: *Goes to fitting room* *falters at which side to go on because Im so used to going to the girls side*
  • Target lady: "This side little man" *Points to mens*
  • Me: *is Happy* *Leaves after trying on pants*
  • *5 minutes later*
  • Mom: *goes to fitting room* "Have you seen my son?"
  • Target lady: "Is he really good looking?"
  • Mom: "That's him"
  • Target lady: "He just wandered off... He's almost too pretty to be a boy."
  • Mom: "Haha yeah he is really good looking, thanks."
  • ------------------
  • Man if only she knew : ')
Stan and Soos things

Stan and Soos have definitely played catch at some point (Soos may have had to beg him a lot but Stan gave in)

Soos does eventually get legally adopted by Stan, but he doesn’t change his name to Stan Jr (he instead names his and Melody’s kid after Stan, obviously)

Soos asks Stan if he still rollerskates and Stan’s like “how did you know I used to rollerskate?” And Soos is just “oh haha I saw a memory of you rollerskating in short shorts, dude!” Stan is understandably confused

They both enjoy watching the Duchess Approves and Gossiping Housewives together.

“I can’t believe Kaitlyn said that to Brianna!” “I know, right?!”

Stan somehow finds out about Soos’ dad and they both bond over their shitty fathers

Little Soos wasn’t too great at fixing anything, but Stan never once scolded the kid, he’d just fix it himself once Soos left. Stan would even walk him through some of the basics, like how to (safely) use a power drill

hmm… It’s quite complicated to describe what kind of emotion I want to show in this piece, I was charmed by his dialog with Hisoka in ch 352, [This isn’t meant to be a taunt, but believe me when I say my victory is 100% certain. Even with that in mind, do you still wish to continue?] or in short, “dude, don’t fite, u’ll die.” “fite me.” “… m’kay..”
So it’s like a mix between hesitation and ‘as you wish, sir’. The first thing I had in mind is probably it’s his indirect way to express his gratitude to Hisoka (for helping him getting his Nen back) since the same attitude can be seen through his Troupe member several times, they’re not ashamed to show their gratitude to their enemies.

Hey @mywaay I love your Road to El Dorado AU

Swan Song

“Oh my god we won,” Beca said, engulfing her co-captain in the biggest hug she’s ever given.

“Yeah. Wow. Yeah,” Chloe said, eyes sparkling at the brunette.

“AFTERPARTY!” All the bellas snapped their heads towards the blonde Aussi who was running and screaming around the stage with their trophy in hand.

“You going to that?” Beca raised an eyebrow at the redhead.

“Yeah. I’m just gonna change first at the hotel,” Chloe smiled as they exited the stage.

“I mean Amy’s probably just gonna throw it in the ballroom of the hotel or a conference room or… It’ll be in the hotel is all,” Beca shrugged.

“Cool. I’m gonna go… hail a cab,” Chloe said, awkwardly walking away.

“Chlo?” Beca called once entering their shared hotel room.

Chloe was leaning over the one queen sized bed as she put some folded clothes in her luggage, humming some soft tune.

“Oh, hey. I was gonna come, I swear, I just,” Chloe didn’t even get a chance to finish before the brunette’s arms were wrapped around her waist, turning her around.

“Hey,” Beca said quietly, inches from the redhead’s face.

“What’re you doing?” Chloe asked quietly, mirroring the brunette’s tone.

“Just because the bellas are over… right now, it doesn’t mean we have to be,” Beca said, eyes flickering from the redhead’s lips to her eyes back and forth.

“O-Oh,” Chloe said.

“I wanna kiss you now,” Beca said, forehead leaning against Chloe’s.

“Then you should.”

The kiss was slow and soft, not like all the adrenaline from their win was bubbling to the surface but more like all four years of college together were coming together for an ending.

Yet somehow this kiss didn’t feel like an end.

“Where’s Cap’n Chloe?” Stacie asked her Aussi and freshman friends, looking around the crowded celebration for their co-captain.

“Haven’t seen her. Beca just went up to look for her,” Emily said.

“Ah. Might be a while,” Stacie joked.

“Hey, either of you seen Beca?” Jesse asked, walking up with Benji by his side.

“No, sorry. We were just talking. She might be in her room. Here, I have an extra key that I stole,” Amy said, taking one from her pocket and handing it to the boy.

“Right. Uh. Thank you,” Jesse said, wagging the key in the air and walking away.

“Floor 12 room 22!” Stacie called after the boy.

“Thanks!” He yelled back.

“Beca?” The male voice rang through the room as Jesse opened the door, poking his head in.

Both Beca and Chloe broke apart immediately, the redhead with a shocked and frightened look on her face.

“Yeah Jess?” Beca asked, walking over to the door.

“I just haven’t seen you since you guys won. Wanted to say congratulations,” Jesse smiled, hugging the brunette.

“Thanks, Jesse. But you really shouldn’t have flown all the way to Copenhagen,” Beca scratched her neck, hoping he’d soon make himself scarce so she could just continue what she was doing.

“Nonsense. I’ve had the plane ticket since months before we broke up. And I had to take Benji to see Emily,” Jesse chuckled.

“Right. Well I’m uh… I was actually just gonna shower really quick. So. Can we talk later?” Beca bit her lip.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’ll talk to you later. Congrats!” Jesse said, turning around and leaving the room.

Beca walked back over to the bed and sat down next to the redhead, silently thinking.

“You two broke up,” Chloe finally broke the silence.


“Why?” The redhead asked, turning to face Beca.

“I didn’t want him like I wanted you,” Beca said, pushing the redhead back and kissing her again.

“Mm. Seems about right,” Chloe laughed.


i made garbage at 2 in the morning
nem’s voice/roki’s voice is actually how i sound like when im all chirpy n dying at the same time so there u go

As long as your blanket, extend your legs. علي قد لحافك، مِد رجليك
—  Egyptian expression; used to tell someone who overspends, over-promises and overdoes a lot to just tame themselves and try to stick to their league.
“Yeah, I shouldn’t have gone to that festival with just $120 left in my account. I really overspent and now I’m short on money.”
“Dude, stop overdoing things like that. Extend your legs just as long as your blanket!”

I don’t really think that’s what Sans meant, Pap, but you take that comment however you want to buddy.

…But seriously just imagine Underfell! Papyrus in his own “cool dude” outfit