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A film I made this year DOG GONE!
It’s about DOGS! PUPS! BUBS! SCAMPS! PETS! AND MORE DOGS! Grab your nearest bub and ENJOY!

More CalArts woofness:

If we’re gonna talk about the health problems in flat-nosed breeds let’s also not ignore the issues in short-legged breeds like Corgi and Miniature Dachshund which suffer from arthritis and back problems due to the way they were bred. (Personally this is alarming to me because I now see a trend of “let’s breed the corgi with as many other dogs as possible to get stumpy corgi mixes!” I’m afraid people will inevitably ignore any health consequences it brings up for those dogs because they’re “just too cute!”)

In general many purebred dogs have a long history of health issues because they were bred for visual appeal instead of health… However I feel like I never see anyone go beyond the pug problem when addressing this.



Belated selfie spam, but we finally cosplayed RanPoe! Very excited to post photos soon ///

The authors Ranpo and Poe have a special place in our hearts because Maru and I studied them respectively. It’s like we’re wearing our literature nerds selves on the outside.

Edogawa Ranpo 江戸川乱歩くん: @princemaru

Karl カール: Karl


Red Hood: Dogs to the Fight. Coming Soon.

“Jason Todd was once a Robin -sidekick of Batman-, until he was captured, tortured, and presumed killed by the crazed Joker. Seemingly back from the dead, Jason Todd assumes the identity of ‘The Red Hood’. Red Hood: Dogs to the Fight follows Jason as he re-emerges in the Gotham underworld, starting his own lethal war on crime, starting with the elusive Black Mask and his gang.”