short curly haircut

My TOP hair products for short curly hair! As of 3/21/2016

My hair type: I have a good mixed of 3c (around the front of my hairline) 3a (at the crown of my head) & 3b every where else. It’s thick and gets VERY dry so..
I look for conditioners that will HYDRATE, add MOISTURE, & SHINE.

1: carols daughter black vanilla conditioner. I love this product cause #1 it smells AMAZING, and everytime I wear it, I’m complimented on great smelling hair. Too much of any conditioner will make it feel hard but this one leaves my hair feeling great!

2. Olive oil mousse- really suppose to be used for roller sets/twist outs things to that nature … But I use it as a conditioner/styler and it’s amazing , but I’m a lil heavy handed which can leave my hair just a taddd bit crunchy 😬..

3. Shea moisture curl & shine- is my handy dandy conditioner. Can never go wrong with this one. Love that it’s sulfate free, so that’s one less ingredient drying out my already dry hair .

So tell me what’s yall favorites and why?


You don’t really see many black girls with bangs -except for every now and then a celebrity will wear clip in bangs- so I figured I’d put up some pictures to encourage all my golden goddesses who are hesitant about them to do it! When I first wanted to get them, I was told not to because it would make me look “ghetto” but fuck that shit, I look fabulous! The double standard is real… 💁 any-who, they are extremely high maintenance if you have curly/kinky hair, so be ready for humidity and wearing headbands to the pool!