short crust

Goldilocks #Goldie for short.

Ocean man, the crust is elusive when it alteration finds, Or bends with the #washingtonredhens #chickens #hens #greeneggs #virgineggs #araconnachickens.

but imagine ladies being gatekeepers to stereotypical ‘girly’ interests like, a dude just goes “Omigosh I love baking! I bake all the time” and some lady just sidles up to him, clears her throat and goes “Oh yeah? What year was the first chocolate chip cookie recipe published? What’s the difference between sweet crust and short crust pastry?? I bet you’ve never even made a proper meringue, fake baker guys…”

Haha, like how dumb would that be?

Tuesday Tutorial- Quick Puff Pastry

The rains have started. We’ll probably have a couple more sunny days, but mostly it’s Fall here. Our mountains won’t turn red and orange, they’ll stay a blackish green, but the tops will fall under a fog. Even though it’s still warm now, it will be sweater weather soon. As much as I love summer, and I still have a small vacation to take, I’m looking forward to the cold. The cozy feeling of watching the rain fall with a cup of tea in your hands. The gentle scratcing of wool scarves at your neck. New boots.

The time of year to take things a little bit slower, and to make pastries by hand.

This is my absolute favourite kind of dough to make, I remember my mom teaching me as a little girl. Gently breaking up the butter with my hands and kneading the dough were two of my favourite things as a kid. I have since made it hundreds, if not thousands of times in my life. It is the kind of pastry that normally takes a few tries to get right, but this little trick- curtesy of the Tartine Bakery Cookbook- in which you roll the butter, makes all the difference.

I like to call this dough a rough puff pastry, it’s not quite as light as a puff, but it’s not far off, and while the method is closer to a pie dough, it’s much flakier and crisper than that. I rarely have the energy or patience for puff pastry, and almost any recipe that calls for it gets this instead. I use it for pies, tarts, cookies, savoury tarts, mini cinnamon buns. Nearly anything that calls for pastry, you could use this. It’s the ultimate pastry in my books.

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