short comic strip


Happy 2nd anniversary for y’all!! 

I came up with this idea while I was on my holidays… and it’s just part one!! 

Last drawing on this old computer, since tomorrow arrives my new iPad Pro with the apple pencil (I’m poor so I had to save a lot of money) Hope it’s worth it and I can draw a thousand more comics of these two dorks!

Enjoy! (Hope the chinese part is alright though)


Poor Chat… don’t worry, you’ll win her heart, I’m sure haha

First comic done on my new iPad Pro! I’m exhausted🤧


Mc wyd ;U; i love this precious beb (i will luv any precious beb) ゚.+(〃ノωノ)゚.+°  +。゜~”(゜∀゜)゜。+ 

I haven’t played V’s route yet and I’m collecting hearts and hourglasses while playing casual and deep route. I was kinda in the mood to draw something and while playing MM I got and idea to just draw randomly. I wanted to draw the part where Yoosung bought all the chocolate milk because of Seven’s joke.. Kinda wanted to draw a lot of MM but its hard cause my photoshop keeps on crashing. I needed to fix this lolololol

I just imagined this scene, and I wanted to draw.. Maybe tomorrow again??Hope ya’ll like it! Any MM fans here? ???? hahahha

Have a nice day as always!

- Cruxie


Seasons AU

A universe in which the seasons actually have human forms which aren’t visible to humans. They use their respective types of magical energy to bring on the seasons.

Yuuri is Spring and Victor is Winter. Winter always seems to hang around a month or so into Spring because he is absolutely smitten by Yuuri; though the latter seems oblivious to Victor’s flirting. He tries to spend as much time with Yuuri as possible and hopes he can show his love to Yuuri.

What he doesn’t know is although initially oblivious Yuuri has actually worked out the Victor is flirting with him but is too embarrassed to admit it to himself. He thinks Victor is gorgeous but doesn’t understand why he’s so interested him.

I loved drawing this, it was so much fun~! I’ll definitely be doing more on this AU so keep an eye out!

I honestly just wanted to draw Yuuri in some kind of flowery fantasy-esque clothing and then this suddenly happened. Their outfits loosely incorporate their skating costumes. ‘Yuri On Ice’ for Yuuri and 'Stay Close To Me’ for Victor respectively.

Here’s another short MM comic strip. I was playing Jaehee’s route day 5 and encountered this text message. I just happen to be in a good mood to draw something so I draw this instead!

Have a nice day as usual!

- Cruxie