short cargo shorts

a small family of criminals in their early days before their demolition man, golden boy, or jack of all trades

summer fun trash crew.

that tank top was jack’s, he made wilhelm wear it. they also make wilhelm carry all their stuff. the two scoop cone is jack’s too, if you were not tipped off by the mess of sprinkles.

Cursed Voltron Ideas

A collection of cursed ideas for the Voltron Characters:

• Keith but with white fingerless gloves instead of black

• Everyone on the ship pours their milk before the cereal, not just Hunk

• Pidge eats ice cream with a knife and a fork, Lance mashes his up to make “ice cream soup”

• Shiro but he doesn’t make any bad jokes at all

• Coran minus his mustache

•Keith minus his mullet

• Allura in cargo shorts

• Anyone in cargo shorts (sorry Pidge)

• Keith and Lance but their colors are switched

feel free to add more cursed voltron ideas and headcanons


Alexander: First to ten?

Knox: Are you serious? It’s two of us against one of you, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Rhen: Let him be, he obviously wants to be horribly humiliated when he loses.

Alexander: Has anyone ever told you guys how mega rude you are? Because they should.

I know people are really into the idea of trans Pidge and that’s fine but like…I really love Pidge as girl. I feel like most “tomboy” role models in media show tough girls and seeing a more tech-obsessed, nerd girl is insanely cool. (I grew up as the more nerdy type “tomboy” kind of girl. I was into gaming, a ton of reading, and whatever field of science piqued my interest that month. I liked the company of boys better because we had more in common. All the nosy moms had to make comments on my short hair and cargo shorts. I constantly fought with my mother over my desire to never, ever wear dresses. And so on….) As a little girl, I always felt completely out of place in my own identity.

So Pidge as a girl is really cool and I love her!!! I get that people want a trans character, but at the same time, a boyish girl should not feel like she has to identify as a boy? It took me an absurd amount of time as a kid to realize that I can prefer traditionally “boy things”, but still be a girl. I hated being called a girl as a kid, as if it were a bad thing. But I don’t have to identify as a guy to have my guy friends treat me as an equal and invite me into their group. And neither does Pidge.

There’s nothing wrong with Pidge being a nerdy, tech-loving, short-haired, tough girl. If she turns out the way a lot of of the fandom wants her to be, good for y’all, I guess. I understand why people are into that idea. I just hope you can also understand why she’s still such an inspiring character to me as a girl. I’ll keep rooting for Miss Pidge “I don’t give a fuck about how I’m supposed to express my gender” Holt no matter what. She’s great.