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Quick and dirty hat drawing tutorial

One of my biggest pet peeves is artists (including many comics professionals) who do not draw hats properly.  Since most of the characters I draw wear them, I get a lot of practice. I thought I’d share the basics with you.

Basic Hat Structure- a hat is made up of a crown (the part that covers your head) and the brim (the part that shades your eyes). The crown should be bigger than the head you draw. Always draw the head shape first and work the hat around that. The brim of a hat is NEVER flat. Hats are meant to keep the head warm and the sun off of your eyes. The front of the brim will fold down to give the eyes as much shade as possible. A band or ribbon runs around the bottom of the crown with a faux bow on the left side, mostly for aesthetic purposes.

Top Hats- These are favored by rich ducks everywhere. A proper top hat is made of silk. A lot of top hat-styled hats that are made of wool or felt are more of a coachman’s hat. Fine for cosplay but rather gauche when you’re drawing the Penguin. The traditional top hat will not have a large band and will have a ribbon around the brim. Some top hats have a crown that will collapse flat.

Bowler Hat or Derby- A short brimmed hat. A ribbon also covers the brim. The crown is rounded and made of hard material.

The Fedora- Not the short brimmed, straw trilbys you see hipsters wearing on the back of their heads. A traditional fedora is made of fur felt and has a large crown with a pinch in the front. A larger brim dips in front and traditionally is worn up in back.

Next lesson- we learn about the Homburg!

ok SO you may remember my taz girl scout camp au from a while back. WELL i have now worked at a girl scout camp and many things have changed in taz canon since i made it, and i am revamping it slightly. almost everyone is staff now and they’re all gay, just like REAL girl scout camp staff

lucretia is program staff, which at my camp meant that she leads… program - ropes, nature, arts n crafts, and archery. maybe at taz camp they have more program areas!

but please: imagine lucretia with a hot glue gun. imagine her teaching little girls how to shoot arrows and gently correcting their posture. imagine her explaining which native plants are edible. all in her cargo shorts and floppy wide brimmed hat. please

lup is waterfront staff!! you know that old trick used to teach how to paddle, with picking the frog up out of the water? she uses that even w older campers and Loves Her Whistle. Tweet Tweet You Little Hellions.

also bc i was in a unit w the head water staff and she regularly just stuck her hands in the grill to shift around coals. matches not working? she has a lighter. we didn’t get any firestarters? just throw some chips on those coals! get some grass cmon!!!! we can make this cookout happen!!!!!!!!

sloane is riding staff. alast summer she and hurley broke up… and sloane left before the last session… and everyone thought for SURE that sloane wouldn’t come back this year and… she DID. and OOH man she and hurley are gonna get back together in the best way after some tense convos in the dining hall.

during one last night campfire hurley pulls out her guitar and sings this beautiful old song about wanting to see your dearest friends sometime soon, about how you’ve been impacted by those you love… and she just looks out at the audience, at the campers, but all the campers know Exactly why she’s singing this, and WHO she’s singing it TO, and sloane has to sneak out the back and try not to cry in the bathroom

killian and carey have been going to this camp since they were little!! it’s so important to them!!!!!! they were CITs (counselors in training) together in high school and haven’t missed a summer in the LONGEST time. killian is a staff supervisor (basically the head staff in a unit) and carey is ALSO program staff. carey pulls the BEEEEEST pranks every year. like… koolaid filled water balloons. she’s a MENACE

uhhhhhh…… cassidy is also riding staff! antonia is usually assigned to the hiking/roughing it units. ren is good with the littler ones. jess fights a mountain lion

Vacation [Klaine] PG Pt. 1/6

Klaine in Disney World!  Fluff, fluff, cuddly fiances and stuff.
~2,600 words
Also available on ffnet and AO3.

“I can’t believe we’re really here.”  Blaine was beaming from ear-to-ear, spinning in a slow circle as Kurt fiddled with the strap of his satchel absentmindedly, trying to adjust it so it rested more comfortably on his shoulder.  “Kurt.  We’re in Disney World.

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