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Kai Parker x Reader
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Y/N couldn’t shake the feeling that things had gone too smooth a few days ago when Damon and Bonnie came for a visit. It wasn’t like them to give up so easily… and Bonnie giving Kai a chance ? That was unheard of ! She had had multiple opportunities to do that and she had refused.
Kai was very nervous during the first week , isolating himself so he doesn’t hurt her but after that he started to relax and they returned back to normal or whatever normal they had. They grew closer with every passing day and Kai wondered more and more if Damon had been right - that they were in love.
Y/N and Kai spent their afternoons together , either curled up on the sofa or just walking around town. It had been a big change from before when Kai thought she’d run off and leave him to spend eternity alone. After their surprise visitors had left and she refused to leave with them , he wondered a lot about what Damon had said…
It was early in the afternoon , Kai and Y/N were sitting on the couch playing cards. She was losing but didn’t care about it , there was something else on her mind.
“Can you whoosh me on top of the clock tower ?” Y/N said breaking the silence. “I want to try something.”
“Why ?” Kai asked curious. “Whats up there ?”
“Nothing’s up there… I just …” she tried to find the right words to tell him , without getting him to freak out. He had been so over protective of her the past two weeks , she missed the danger and the adrenaline that came with living with him. “I want to jump from there.”
Kai’s eyes widened. “No. No,  you are not goi-”
“Let me finish.” she said smiling nervously. “You will catch me , I know you will … I just kind of … I need an adrenaline rush. Not sure how to explain it.”
Kai chuckled. “Oh , I know whats going on. You miss me maiming and torturing you , is that it?”
Y/N completely ignored his question. “So , is that a yes?”
“No. It’s still a no.” he said , getting up. “I’ll put a boundary spell around the clock tower just in case if you are thinking about trying to get up there by yourself.”
“Come on , Kai. Please.” she gave him her best puppy dog eyes pouty face she could manage.
“You do realise if something goes wrong you will die right ?” Kai said getting up from the couch.
“Nothing is going to go wrong. You will catch me. I know you will.” she said smiling.
“How can you be so sure? What if you fall in the wrong direction ? Or some wind shows up and carries you meters away from where I am standing ?” Kai was pacing around , waving his hands nervously. Y/N looked at him wide eyed for a few moments and started to laugh. “What ? None of this is funny , Y/N , don’t you get it?!”
Kai was starting to freak out remembering what Bonnie had said - that if she dies that’s it and he was terrified something like that might happen and it would be his fault…the idea sounded fun to him and if it wasn’t the whole ‘permanent death’ thing hanging in the air , he would’ve said yes right away but he didn’t want to risk losing her.
Y/N got up and wrapped her hands around him. “No , its not , I know that.” she said , kissing his cheek. “You worry too much … Please ? Just one time. I won’t ask you for anything ever again.”
Kai sighed , wrapping his arms tight around her. “There is no talking you out of this idea is it ?”
She shook her head. “Fine. Let’s go.” he said giving up.
They walked outside , standing at the street level looking up.
“Wow thats high.” Kai said. “Too high. No , I changed my mind. You are not jumping.” he said , his arms crossed on his chest.
Y/N hit him playfully on the shoulder.
“Come on , it will be fun.” she said smiling.
“You are crazy pants.” Kai said , looking at her. “Oh no … not the puppy eyes again.” he covered his eyes with his hand , slightly shaking his head.
“Come on … please ?” she asked , smiling innocently.
“I’m so going to regret this.” Kai muttered under his breath and grabbed her , holding her tight. “Close your eyes.”
Y/N closed her eyes and in a second she felt wind rushing around them. When she opened her eyes they were standing at the top of the clock tower. Kai’s grasp on her had tightened.
“Careful. We don’t want you falling before I’m down there to catch you.” he said worried. “Are you sure about this ? Really really sure ? You can still change your mind…”
Y/N smiled at him reassuringly. “I’m sure.”
“Alright then … just wait a few seconds , until I’m down there before jumping OK ?” Kai’s hands were shaking , he leaned in kissing her forehead before jumping down.
Y/N glanced over the edge , making sure Kai was in the right spot. His eyes locked on her up in the tower. She turned her back to the edge , outstretched her arms , took a short breath and jumped.
About 5-10 seconds passed , maybe less maybe more , she didn’t know , before she landed directly in Kai’s arms.
It took her a moment to recover from the fall , Kai refused to let her on the ground , pulling her closer to his chest. He was breathing heavily , a few sweat spots on his forehead. His eyes didn’t want to leave hers , he leaned in and for a moment she thought he might kiss her but instead he just whispered to her.
“Never do that to me again , Y/N.” he said , letting her down on the ground gently. As soon as she was on her feet , Kai pulled her into a hug , holding her tighter than ever.
“I knew you’d catch me.” she said out of breath.
“I’ll always be there to catch you…” he said softly.
In that moment Kai knew - Damon had been right. He was falling in love with Y/N …

*a few days later*

They had went out star gazing that night , enjoying the clear sky with the twinkling lights of the stars overhead. Kai had brought a large blanket , spreading it on the ground for them to lay upon , and also a picnic basket packed with their favourite foods.
“What’s the first thing you’ll do after we get out?” Kai asked.
Y/N smiled at him. “I love how you said we… ” she said. Up until a few days ago he had always said ‘you’ , as if he was sure he’d be stuck there alone for all eternity. “I don’t know. Catch up on all TV shows on Netflix maybe ?” she said. “My life was so boring before I met you.”
She snuggled closer to him on the ground.
“I find that hard to believe.” Kai said stroking her hair. “There is never a dull moment in Mystic Falls… ”
“What would you do ?” she asked curious.
“I’ll go teach your brother some manners.” Kai said laughing , his expression changing to serious one in a split second. “No one threats my girl the way he did…”
Y/N pulled away for a second , looking into his eyes.
Your girl ?” she asked smiling.
Kai flipped her over on top of him. “My girl.” he said again. “I like you Y/N. As more than a friend… I - I’m not sure exactly what those feelings mean , but it’s the most real thing I’ve felt in my life.” he said , his hand reaching behind her head gently pulling her towards him , her forehead resting on his for a moment. Y/N’s heart skipped a beat. “I want to kiss you so badly …” he whispered his eyes locked on hers.
“So kiss me. ” she whispered , feeling her heart beating faster with every passing second. “Kiss me Malachai.”
He pulled her into a gentle kiss , his lips hungrily wanting more and more deepening the kiss. Their bodies pressing together , Kai pulled away from her just for a second to see her smile.
“I’ve been wanting to kiss you again for so long …” he said softly , brushing her cheek. “You’ve awoken something in me , Y/N.”
They laid on the ground a few more hours until like 3am and that’s when Y/N saw it. Grazing across the night sky , leaving a large glowing in the darkness trail , was a comet. In all their time in the Prison World , they hadn’t seen this. 

Kai couldn’t take his eyes off Y/N and hadn’t even noticed the bright comet in the sky. He couldn’t believe they were there together , that she hadn’t pushed him away and he gotten to kiss her again , not just once this time. His fingers traced every inch of her face that night. He listened to her heartbeat when he touched her , noticing how it changes every time - going from a steady rhythm to a completely messed up one , beating so fast and skipping a beat every few beats. Kai leaned in , whispering in her ear while his hand slowly slided under her shirt , resting on her stomach , his fingers tracing soft semi circles across her belly button.
“I think I am in love with you…” he whispered with a small smile.
Y/N shot up straight sitting on the ground , her hand pointing at the sky.
“Do you see this?” she asked suddenly. “Tell me you see this too..”
Kai looked up , shooting up straight too.
“Its a comet !” he said surprised. “How … how did we not know about this ?” he asked. Kai started thinking … a comet is a recurring celestial event. Bonnie must’ve used it to create the prison world , which meant they could use it to get out.
“Wait …” Y/N said suddenly , turning towards him. “Did ..d-did you just say you think you are in love with me ?”
“Um … yeah , but you are missing the point. We can use the comet to get out of here , without having to wait for Bonnie to come in a week and a half.” he said. “All we need is -”
“Shut up , Malachai.” Y/N said knocking him on the ground pressing her lips against his , kissing him like never before. They could worry about the Ascendant and getting out of the Prison World in a few hours. Right in this moment all that mattered to her was Kai saying he is in love with her.
“What ..what was that for ?” Kai asked smiling. “Did you just tell me to shut up ? It’s never going to happen , sweetheart.”
Y/N pressed her index finger onto his lips shushing him.
“I love you , Malachai.” she said , not taking her eyes off him.
What? he mouthed , a grin on his face. His eyes suddenly glowed brighter than the comet.
“I love you.” she repeated smiling. “Or did you think I’d let just anyone hold me the way you do and sneak into bed with me in the middle of the night , pulling me this close as you always do?”
Kai smiled even wider and flipped her over so now he was on top of her. His hands resting on either side of her shoulders , bracing against the ground , his knee keeping her legs apart.
“You love me ? … Even after all the horrible things I did to you?” he asked smiling. He felt as if this was a dream and he might wake up at any moment , it all seemed too good to be true - the girl he had feelings for had feelings for him too. If this was a dream , he didn’t want to wake up.
“Well , no relationship is perfect.” she said sliding her hand on his back pulling his body closer to hers , her other hand tugging on his hair pulling his face closer to hers. “Kiss me … ” she whispered.


A month later , just as Bonnie had said , she and Damon arrived back in the Prison World to take Y/N away. They had expected the spell Bonnie put on her to work and send her to them when she died , except that never happened which meant they had to bring Kai back …
“That’s where his apartment is.” Bonnie said pointing out a building a few hundred meters away from where they had arrived. Both of them entered the building , climbing to the 3rd floor where the door to Kai’s place was wide open. There was no one there. Damon used his vampire hearing to try and find them but all he got was complete silence. The next few hours they spent roaming the empty town looking for signs of them , but the entire place had been deserted. There was no one there except them.
“I thought you said they can’t get out on their own.” Damon asked annoyed.
“They shouldn’t have been able to ..” Bonnie said confused.
“Well , they did. What are we going to do now ?”
“I have idea.” she said.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


A Guide To Public Speaking

By: Rebecca

I admit, there is something terrifying about using your voice in front of a large group of people.

Below I have compiled some tips and tricks to help you overcome those butterflies. These are things that really work for me, and have helped me to become a confident public speaker.

1. No one is listening anyway. Ok, unless you are the president of a country, team leader, politician, or are hosting an event this one probably doesn’t apply to you. But if your speech is for school, to be honest the only person that’s really paying attention is your marker. So you can relax, knowing that as long as you don’t do something stupid your peers are just watching your mouth move, and hearing your voice like they do every day.

2. I admit, that doesn’t help much, and its probably not good advice. But, on the flip side you should really know your audience. If you are speaking to your marker, or a judge direct your gaze at them. Public speaking is essentially a one sided conversation, so making your audience feel as though they are part of what you are saying is really important.

3. Slow down! Hold your horses and have a think about what you are going to say. Most young women have a tendency to get all of the words out and then sit down. As well as something teachers tell you to do to get top marks, slowing down allows your body to ease into the situation. If you heart is racing and your head is spinning, having a slow and steady voice really drags those things back into line.

4. Breathe. Ok, the opportunity may be inevitable and you still might be scared to death. The key is to trick your mind into thinking the conversation is as normal as anyone you are having, like when you tell your mum about a dream or your day. Keep your breathing normal, no short sharp breathes.

5. Dress up. For the occasion your should wear something comfortable but slightly more formal that your daily attire. Even if you have a uniform you should make an effort to straighten yourself out. Immediately you will command respect from your audience. For girls with long hair, tying you hair away from your face stops you from hiding behind yourself.

6. Stand tall, be proud and be you. Let your audience know your character. Most peoples fear comes from feeling completely open to others judgment. Therefore, make up a new character, put yourself up there as someone different. Even Beyoncé does this!

7. Be prepared! You want to understand the material you are presenting, and hopefully passionate about it too. Its easier to speak confidently about something you have knowledge about rather than something you did a Google search about the night before.

The basics: Your voice should be slightly above normal speaking volume and slightly slower than normal speaking pace.

Even if these tips still leaving you scared to death, try focus on how fantastic it is going to feel when that speech, presentation or debate is finally over.

A final piece of advice: Focus, prepare and take things slow.

Photographer: Jade