short black and white dresses for 2013

The thought process of a Swiftie

(A True Story)

Caller:  Hello. I’m calling, because you were listed as a reference for Jane Doe, who has applied for a position with us. May I ask you a few questions regarding Jane Doe?

Me:  Absolutely.

Caller:  How long did you work with Jane Doe?

Me:  (Mentally thinking to myself - Hmmm, when did I last work with her???? Oh, I remember! It was the year I went to my first @taylorswift Concert!! We dressed up like Taylor!!! The girls were in black shorts, (white) button down shirts, and black hats!!!! I wore a polka dot dress, red sweater, and oxfords!!!!! Signs, lights, the WORKS<3<3<3.  It was the Red Concert … that was 2013!!!!! I REMEMBER IT ALL TOO WELL … .!!!!!!!) 

(clearing throat) Approximately 5 years.