short barreled


Quiet Riot with @silencerco and their Saker 7.62 with muzzle brake, Saker 7.62 without muzzle brake, and Omega Silencers. Noveske SBR, and full size rifle with Trijicon ACOG, and EOTECH.


Le Centenaire knuckle-duster pistol

Manufactured by a French gunsmith at the N°5 Boulevard de Strasbourg in Paris, France c.1889 - serial number 25.
.22RF Short single shot brass barrel, brass knuckles and steel lock plate with steel trigger and bar-hammer - the single action firing mechanism is made of only four pieces including these two, the others being two springs.

A small self-defense weapon made to commemorate the centennial of the French revolution, a sort of little brother to the Apache revolver.