short animation


short film! animated in about 2 weeks. the music used is ‘summer’ by joe hisaishi. enjoy!


Paper Airplane

I made this short animation for school! This is my first animated sequence I’m happy with so it’s sort of a milestone for me =)

I had this mental picture of Nico summoning ink-like shadows and disappearing  into them, so I made this really short animation to give it a try ! 

The shadows were created from this free footage . The video is web compressed so the quality isn’t so good, sorry about that. 

I guess one could say I’m slightly Nico-obsessed at the moment ;P

Satisfied Sketch-dump! I wanted to do a few drawings to explore Angelica’s expressions before I start the rough storyboard/ animatic of the song.

I also really want to animate Burn so i’ll be switching back and forth between animations, the ask box is always open, but requests might take a little bit longer since i’m working on the animations but just know that they are coming!


Duet - Glen Keane, 2014


Hey guys!  Here’s my third year film from Calarts.  Thank you to all who helped me make this, I couldn’t have done it without you!  For me it’s a film about losing your identity and needing to start again from scratch.  And as Amelia said:

“Don’t worry. No matter what happens it will be worthwhile in the trying”.


This is so stupid. But i had to get away from my studies… otherwise, my head would blow up. So i tried to figure out Flash which didn´t really work out for me. I know it sucks and it´s short, but i´m just glad i managed to post something relevant after all this time…

here’s a little animation based on this video:
I was watching a compilation of those Dunked on meme vines (if you’re interested, here’s the compilation: ) And this one just made me laugh so hard that I wanted to animate it xD it’s not perfect I know… ;w; it’s my first animation (with sound and all) and I made this with my 3ds and phone so… yeah xD I hope it’s good enough!;w;

I looove those vines about Sans fight. they’re just so true and accurate.
Sans is the best boss ever.


We are very proud to finally introduce our short film GRANDMA’S HERO !!!

Please share if you like it !


The 2016 Nick Animated Shorts Program is ON!

We’re now taking global pitches for our 2016 shorts program – anything original, humor-based and character-driven is fair game. We can’t wait to see your ideas start rolling in! If you’re interested in submitting, visit for more info.

We’re also very excited to officially announce the 22 participants selected for our 2015 program! Click here to see the full list.

ALSO, you can watch past shorts on, including most of the ones GIF’d above!

(Top L to Bottom R: Summer Memories by Adam Yaniv, Ice Station Zedonk by Tom Parkinson, By Request Pizza by Arica Tuesday & Mick Ignis, Magic Children by Monica Ray, Off the Shelf by Robert Iza, Bug Salad by Carl Faruolo, Planet Panic by Gene Goldstein, Zombie Brothers by Eric Robles)

Hi, everyone!!
I have something big to show you today! I’ve been working for a while now on a NEW ANIMATION! :D It’s gonna be a traditional short film with losts of action and emotions. The title of the film is I Found You - it’s a really lovely and charming story about a young fox!

You can see here:

There’s a Lot of work and comissions to get other artists involved aren’t cheap.

Which is why I’d like to ask you to help me! Any way counts - both contributing and sharing/boosting the campaign info would be a great way of supporting. I been doing what I can so far, but it’s hard to get to everyone who could be interested in lending a hand with just the two of us working on the promotion! So please! If you have a second, contribute or share! Tell your friends and strangers alike, tell everyone, make new friends over discussing our project: facebook, tumblr, twitter etc All the info is available under the link, it’s great and beautiful, reading is much appreciated.

Again, I really need you guys out there and I’m infinitely grateful for you just noticing this post.
Thanks! (‐^▽^‐)


But seriously, though. If you haven’t watched these Oscar-nominated shorts, you should probably get on it. Feral, Cavedigger, and Alice: The Lady in Number 6 are all on Vimeo On Demand. >>>