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Trailer for Late Night Work Club project #2 STRANGERS


Unimagined Friends

A charming short animated film about unimagined friends who hope to become imagined through childrens drawings.


here’s why I doesn’t upload as much pictures as I used to- character desing and animation practice for my master work: animation short  “O Kovladu”(inspiration is from slovakian fairy tale by Božena Němcová ” :) )
I’m going to spend next school year with work on this project so prepare yourself for more Kovlad spaming :3


Going to the Cannes Film Festival was amazing! From screening my film “Orisha’s Journey” 8 times at their Short Film Corner (which is basically a short film festival within the Festival de Cannes), meeting and speaking with Director Guillermo del Toro, and having the pleasure to watch many wonderful films it was an experience of a lifetime! Sorry for taking so long to share some of my experience on tumblr here’s a blog below for more details on my trip:) Thanks y’all!



Once upon a time, I’m interested in making a short animation

These are animation I done by hand in Animation in 2014-2015.Before I graduate from this year,I went back and got my animation.I could get on usb,so I have to recorded the animation from the pc I worked on during my school year.

Animation 1-”Reala save the Day”(with real ending) The first time I finish this short,I remember it was a class collab and the ending image was too large to morph to the next animation.

Animation 2-”Reala save the Day”(Class collab ending) I redo the ending the 2nd time and did the morph in the being,the next person give the drawing to morph into my animation.Its took more than 8  day to complete this short.

Animation 3-”Smash HeadQuater”. This short was done in 2014,its took me a month to complete this class work.

I had this mental picture of Nico summoning ink-like shadows and disappearing  into them, so I made this really short animation to give it a try ! 

The shadows were created from this free footage . The video is web compressed so the quality isn’t so good, sorry about that. 

I guess one could say I’m slightly Nico-obsessed at the moment ;P

Duet - Glen Keane, 2014


Hey guys!  Here’s my third year film from Calarts.  Thank you to all who helped me make this, I couldn’t have done it without you!  For me it’s a film about losing your identity and needing to start again from scratch.  And as Amelia said:

“Don’t worry. No matter what happens it will be worthwhile in the trying”.


This is so stupid. But i had to get away from my studies… otherwise, my head would blow up. So i tried to figure out Flash which didn´t really work out for me. I know it sucks and it´s short, but i´m just glad i managed to post something relevant after all this time…

Hi, everyone!!
I have something big to show you today! I’ve been working for a while now on a NEW ANIMATION! :D It’s gonna be a traditional short film with losts of action and emotions. The title of the film is I Found You - it’s a really lovely and charming story about a young fox!

You can see here:

There’s a Lot of work and comissions to get other artists involved aren’t cheap.

Which is why I’d like to ask you to help me! Any way counts - both contributing and sharing/boosting the campaign info would be a great way of supporting. I been doing what I can so far, but it’s hard to get to everyone who could be interested in lending a hand with just the two of us working on the promotion! So please! If you have a second, contribute or share! Tell your friends and strangers alike, tell everyone, make new friends over discussing our project: facebook, tumblr, twitter etc All the info is available under the link, it’s great and beautiful, reading is much appreciated.

Again, I really need you guys out there and I’m infinitely grateful for you just noticing this post.
Thanks! (‐^▽^‐)