short animated film



“Maudit Piaf”, my first short animated movie (made with 3 other people) !

I hope you like it ! 


Danza de los Muertos
A young boy’s grandmother visits him from beyond the grave but he is too scared to dance with her.

Danza is my undergraduate film completed at Savannah College of Art and Design. It was my life for a good year or so and still holds a place in my heart. Of course, I’d like to thank my wonderful and hard working crew for helping this happen! As well as my supporters; friends, mentors and family a like. You guys rock! And…. 

I’m super proud to say the film has gotten into a few film festivals!


Portland Film Festival -Portland, OR (2 screenings: August 30th and 31st)

Urban Mediamakers Film Festival - Norcross, GA (October 11th @ 7:00 PM)

Sunscreen Film Festival - Manhattan Beach, CA (October12th @ 11:00 AM)

SoDak Animation Festival - Brookings, SD (October 17th- 19th)

Savannah Film Festival - Savannah, GA (October 26th- November 2nd TBA)

There’s nothing quite like seeing it on the big screen. Check it out in theaters if you can. Also….

Currently, plans are to release the film on Vimeo THE MONDAY BEFORE DIA DE LOS MUERTOS - OCTOBER 28th, I believe.

I’m excited! Keep a look out!


Nicolas Ménard, Somewhere [Short animated film], 2013

I cloned pages as I worked on the stormy shore drawing of Lake Pontchartrain, then strung them together for a short progression movie. I get a charge out of making blips of animated drawings. Doing this was a fun and very easy thing using Made with Paper. I should make the waves surge and the boat skiddattle.


Here’s a little teaser for my new animated short film: Peppercorn Babycorn Unicorn! 


Contre temps from the Contre temps Team


I’ve been here for a million years
through the joy, through the tears
but when I’m gone this will go on
and the circle starts again.

I’ve watched the mountains rise from dust
Saw the gold return to rust,
I had cried when the oceans died,
and the circle starts again.

I was here when the world began to turn
Kissed the sun as it started to burn,
The whispering at the reckoning
said: “The Circle starts again”

The moon was rising from above
I caught her eye and thought it was love,
but she turned her back,
the sky went black,
and the circle starts again..

I dance through castles made of stone
Walked the desert sands alone
In the midnight hour, You feel the power
and the circle starts again.

Now question falls to you my friend:
No beginning has no end,
will we ever learn?
with the world still turn?
will the circle start again? 

Birds and butterflies
Rivers and mountains she creates
But you’ll never know
The next move she’ll make
You can try
But it is useless to ask why
Cannot control her
She goes her own way

She rules until the end of time
She gives and she takes
She rules until the end of time
She goes her own way

With every breath
And all the choices that we make
We are only passing through on her way
I find my strength
Believing that your soul lives on
Until the end of time
I’ll carry it with me

Once you will know my dear
You don’t have to fear
A new beginning always starts at the end
Until the end of time
She goes her own way

I find so much strength in this. Sometimes your castle has to be burned down to the ground so that new life can be born from the ashes. So that you can rebuild it; stronger and greater.


Audrey Sushov-Invention of Love


Harry Smith. Early Abstractions. No. 1: A Strange Dream (l946), No. 2: Message from the Sun (1946-48), No. 3: Interwoven (1947-49) (Part 1). 1946-57.

School is finally OVER

I’ve finally fnished my last year of CGI Animation & Special Effects at ESMA.
My short animated movie “Amir & Amira” received the Price of Honor from the Jury presided by Mr Benhamou at Illumination Mc Guff and the support of Shelley Page from DreamWorks. The latter wants to show our movie in several international festivals, so for the time being, the movie can’t be found on the internet. I would like to thank those who accepted to be interviewed as muslim feminists (who answered my call here on tumblr last summer) during the pre-production of the film. Their names are cited in the ending credits of course.

For the moment you can see a little preview of the movie. One of my team mates made his Animation Reel with shots from unfinished versions of the movie (some are just playblasts or are missing Hair) so don’t take it as a finished version:
PS: He’s a great Animator and is for hire!

As for me, I will soon be working in the North of France! I have been offered a job at ANKAMA (Dofus, Wakfu…) as a Character Designer on a new project. It’s a bit hard for me to leave the South for the North but I’m so excited to work there!


The Gift, directed by Julio Pot (Chile, 2013), story by Felipe Gomes

An original approach on how love works.