short angry dudes

Overwatch: Canon vs Fanon
  • Ana: Mummy ||| Mom that gives everyone and their bf/gf her blessing
  • Bastion: Peaceful killer machine ||| Devil incarnate Stray robot puppy
  • D.Va: Teenaged pro gamer ||| 12-year-old junk-food junkie
  • Genji: Zen cyborg ninja ||| I’m-lovin’-ramen
  • Hanzo: Guilt-wrecked fratricide ||| Borderline alcoholic that is hooked on sake
  • Junkrat: Mentally unstable criminal ||| U fokin’ wot, m8?
  • Lúcio: Famous DJ fighting for social justice ||| One of the kids
  • McCree: Cowboy ||| Save a horse, ride a cowboy
  • Mei: Ethusiastic climatologist ||| Bully magnet
  • Mercy: Compassionate doctor ||| Overworked team mom
  • Pharah: Loyal soldier ||| Gay for the doktor
  • Reaper: Traitorous villain ||| But with a heart of gold
  • Reinhardt: Cheerful valiant giant ||| Granddaddy ILF
  • Roadhog: Sadistic sociopath ||| Tall, stoic, and brooding
  • Soldier: 76: Edgy Captain America Batman ||| The blind 50-year-old twink
  • Symmetra: Perfectionistic Green Lantern ||| Ice queen
  • Torbjörn: Robot-hating robotics engineer ||| Short angry dude
  • Tracer: Fem Dr. Who British time-traveller ||| 12-year-old with ADHD
  • Widowmaker: Cold-blooded sniper ||| French serial seductress, oui?
  • Winston: Super-intelligent gorilla scientist ||| Boring team leader
  • Zarya: Strongwoman turned soldier ||| Do you even lift, bro?
  • Zenyatta: Zen robot monk ||| Zen robot monk with a dick probably

oh look, another oc~

this is Kai, the protagonist of my mecha prisoner story idea. He has a bad temper and trouble communicating with words that aren’t swear words. He also cuts his own hair because he doesn’t trust people with sharp objects near him. Too bad he doesn’t actually own scissors tho.

He’s personality and back story has changed somewhat from what it originally was, mostly because he was way too apathetic and I can’t write that way too well haha.