short and tall couples

Couple aesthetic:the short one tries to kiss the tall one,but they can’t reach up; so they gently stand on their toes,take the tall one’s neck


Being a tall girl myself, i think this is great.  I always say to myself “i want a guy that’s taller than me”, with being 6ft 1 or 2" that may be quite difficult, so I need to accept that its highly likely that any future boyfriend will be shorter than me…
This picture should be reblogged, so that fellow tall girls, like myself, can learn that alot of shorter men actually like having tall girls on their arms and to brag about.
Don’t forget to embrace your height my long-legged friends! 
I have no hate for shorter women with tall men, so there should be no hate on this…

Prompt 16

Person A and Person B are decorating their Christmas tree. Person B really wants to put the ____ (star, ribbon, angel thing, whatever decoration) on the top of the tree, but unfortunately they can’t reach it. Person A wants Person B to be happy so they suddenly scoop up Person B by the waist and lifts them a few feet into the air so they can fulfill their little wish.

Enjoltaire Headcannons

-Grantaire is pretty short. He’s just a couple inches away from being tall enough to reach the top shelf, but short enough so that he has to stand on his toes to kiss Enjolras.

-Enjolras is about 6'0 and Grantaire is about 5'2-5'5 something

-When Grantaire first started calling Enjolras “Apollo”, it confused and slightly infuriated Enjolras because of how annoying he thought it was

-Enjolras WILL fight someone when it comes to politics.

-If they adopted a pet, Grantaire would pick out the ugliest and weakest cat and demand that they would adopt that one. And R would love that cat to death.

-Grantaire has a lot of mental problems and struggles with communication, which frustrates him. He usually tries to conceal his outbursts and disordered speech as much as he can in public, because a lot of the time they make h feel embarrassed, but since he’s grown so comfortable around Enjolras, he doesn’t feel like he needs to hide his symptoms in front of him. Enjolras accepts him as he is and realizes that he can’t help the way he acts and the emotions he feels. Alongside that, R uses his passions (art, dance etc) to help him cope, especially since he can’t stop fidgeting his hands no matter what he does.

-Grantaire is so active and reckless that he’s almost always got some kind of dirt or damage in his clothes, or a leaf stuck in his hair.

-Enjolras has an extreme amount of empathy and lacks self esteem. Even if he just sees someone prick their finger, he’ll rush to their aid and start apologizing relentlessly. He doesn’t think very well of himself, but tries to focus on the positive and making himself better. His low self esteem does get to him sometimes, and when it does, it hurts a lot.

-Enjolras finds himself very fascinated with Grantaire’s artwork. Sometimes, when R isn’t looking, Enjolras watches over his shoulder to see what he’s working on. Grantaire absolutely loves it when people compliment his work, especially if Enjolras is the one giving out compliments.

-Enjolras will occasionally have panic attacks (usually late at night). He’s scared to tell anyone, but usually Grantaire notices that something’s wrong. Most of the time when Enjolras gets a panic attack, R will hold his hand tightly and cuddle him reassuringly to try and help him calm down, no matter how long it takes. Usually, Grantaire cuddling him won’t make the panic attacks go away, but Enjolras appreciates the effort and feels safer with Grantaire near him.

-Grantaire can’t help but blush and squeal internally whenever someone addresses him as “my love” or “my dear”

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Kiss With A Fist

AN: Just a little bit of Nessian - because I suffer from a strong case of height difference kink. Post ACOMAF.

Inspired by this post/prompt (X). Requested by @klarolinestan.

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The first time she kisses him, it’s in a fit of anger.

They’ve just started sparring together - because his wings are freshly healed and she’s still coming to terms with her new powers and what happened at Hybern. And according to Rhys it makes sense for them to train together - a mischievous glint in the High Lord’s eyes as he says it to Cassian.

Stupid Illyrian prick.

He can see Nesta struggling to keep her powers in, to control them, each hit she fails to block making a crack in the walls she’s built around herself. Their breathing becomes heavier and heavier just as the air around them grows thicker. Cassian cannot help but admire the her eyes, their colour vibrant with rage that’s yet to be unleashed, her dishevelled hair framing her face like a crown.

She might be young and inexperienced but it doesn’t make her an unworthy opponent. Quite the opposite - whatever he throws at her, she takes and gives back everything she has in her, her strikes strong and determined.

He misses a step and she takes advantage of it with agile ruthlessness.
His back is against the wall before he realizes what’s happened, her rugged breathing hot against his chest and Cassian’s trying to move but her hands burn on his skin.

“Nesta.” Her name feels like some unearthly player on his lips.

She swallows it with a kiss.

He’s so much taller than Nesta, her head fitting right under his chin - but she pounces on him, bringing his mouth to hers while her legs lock around his hips.

There’s a small laugh escaping his throat but she silences him by sinking teeth in his lower lip.

Vicious little thing.

Next day, he has Rhys teasing him about the nail marks on his neck and shoulders and this strange little bite he’s got in the corner of his mouth.

Cassian finds that he doesn’t mind the teasing. One bit.

Their kisses turn longer and longer and it worries Nesta sometimes. More so, because it makes her notice these little things about him, like the slight furrowing of his eyebrow when he reigns in his anger or the gravelly note in his laugh when he trivializes his own pain.

It tugs at this thread deep within her, calls to some primal need deep in her bones.

She’s not supposed to like the Fae male.

But now there’s a library in the House of Wind that’s seen Nesta perched up on a desk - finally at perfect height with standing Cassian - and melting in the man’s arms more than once.

There’s also the kitchen they sneak into at night, along with a perfectly comfortable counter, its surface pleasantly cool against her body as she wraps her legs around him.

And there’s a window sill in her bedroom where -

The memory pulls a wave of heat in her belly.

He doesn’t treat her like a gentle little thing when she’s anything but and he seems to like the way she fits nicely tucked under his chin. He appreciates how anytime she yearns a kiss, she needs to physically drag his head down to meet her lips - an amused smirk curling his mouth as soon as she presses onto his neck with her hand.

A smirk that very much needs to be kissed off his face.

The first time Feyre smiles after her return from the Spring Court is when she sees Nesta sneaking her way into the dining room for her welcome party exactly five minutes after Cassian walked in.

The neckline of her dress is crooked and there are far too many loose curls falling off her updo for it to be on purpose. And Cassian’s no better with his hair mussed and a little tear in the collar of his shirt.

Feyre notices how the general’s gaze naturally flickers to her sister the moment she appears, the way they gravitate towards each other throughout the night, only to pull away and back together again - her lips stretching in a gentle smile when for once, she recognizes the signs.

What a beautiful mating dance.

You know what I love? Seeing unconventional couples. Like short men and tall women. Or thin men and plus sized women. Or two feminine lesbians who neither of them is “the man” in the relationship. Or two masculine lesbians where neither of them is “the girl” in the relationship. Date who the fuck you want. Fuck y'alls opinions.