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Benedict Cumberbatch talking about Martin Freeman - Shorlist magazine 15.12.2011

Do you and Martin Freeman have a similar friendship to Holmes and Watson off set?

I absolutely adore him, but I’m more of a pest to him than he is to me. We haven’t seen much of each other because of The Hobbit. I don’t do anything on it until next year. And before that with Frankenstein and Tinker Tailor, both of us have been working back to back. But we had a lot of time on set catching up. I look at him as an only-slightly-older brother. He’d hate me to call him my older brother [laughs].

Is that how you wind him up?

Oh yeah. He’s always telling me I’ve basically come from Hogwarts. He’s this upper-middle-class kid from Teddington and yet I get this massive amount of stick for going to public school. Sometimes I play up to it just to annoy him. This year I was making him laugh and he was like, “What’s happened to you, Ben? You’ve actually become funny”. [Laughs] I just said, “Oh, no, I just gave you an awful lot of space on the floor last year to keep you happy”. He’s hysterically funny. He does things that make me laugh, like, months afterwards.

í just love their friendship and how they tease each other