Zaha Hadid’s Luxury Z Speedboat by Shoreteam

London-based, Baghdad-born architect Zaha Hadid has teamed up with France-based Shoreteam to create the Luxury Z for London-based writer and art-dealer Kenny Schachter. Commissioned by Schachter for his Rove Projects, the unique speedboat measures around 8 meters in length and is meant to be an artistic expression of individualism with a stealthy asymmetrical design courtesy of fiberglass and carbon fiber construction. Limited to only 12 production models, the Luxury Z is set to go on sale sometime in early 2013 with a retail price around €375,000 EUR (approximately $460,459 USD).


Zaha Hadid, is a Bristish-Iraqi architect, who’s work are well known world wide she is the great mind behind projects such as The London Aquatics Center for 2012 Olympics, The Bridge Pavalion, Guangzhou Opera House, etc.

Now Zaha Hadid has teamed up with french based Shoreteam to design a limited edition speed boat for London art dealer and writer Kenny Shachter for his personal use. There will on be 12 of these luxury boats released when it goes on sale in 2013.

Design statement from Zaha Hadid:

The asymmetrical design is sculptural in appearance while practically affording more seating accommodations.  In a sense, the bespoke boat is as much a work of art as a Cisitalia sports car in the permanent collection of the museum of modern art in new york.

The idea is to think of vessels and vehicles as highly individualistic expressions of art, architecture and design reflecting the edge of what is possible using the most advanced means, including materials, software systems and methods of fabrication"