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London Shoreditch

Fall’s such a relentlessly magical time for inveterate book lovers. Opening the door of a great bookstore still puts us right in the path of an overwhelming sensory avalanche. Needing to see and touch everything at once. Finding something we don’t even know we need until it mysteriously appears on the shelf in front of us, haloed in that I’m-coming-home-with-you glow. The damp, dusty smell that shouldn’t be sexy. 

People we admire are pointing us to new stuff or talking to us about how many ways there are for a book to be a book. Nightboat Books and Letter Machine Editions just got some big-time love for their authors from the folks who hand out National Book Awards

We’re jealous as hell of anyone who got to browse the London Art Book FairGareth Long, who made something new from those iconic rainbow-banded J.D. Salinger covers, is showing books and book-objects in our London window displays. We’ve also got these silk screens, many of which will be familiar to anyone who’s ever been friends with this punk.

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