I’ve always wondered what it would be like to experience the beach for the first time as a teen or an adult rather than as a child- maybe I’d understand why tourist willingly go out to get whipped in the shore break or why they run back towards the water for round two. Would I be like that too? Probably 💗

> You find yourself asleep for longer than you wanted to, but still alone. No matter, there was still the quiet nagging of the voice. It was there, tugging strings and cords in the far recesses of your mind as you slept. “Viktoras” it would softly call. “Wake up. Come on, there’s work to do.”

> Eventually you give in and stir. The voice raised its pitch ever-so slightly.

>> You fell asleep without studying.

> What did that mean? You were reading for hours! How was that not studying, especially when you didn’t know what you were looking for?

>> Think back to what Rose said. About the dream bubbles.

> That doesn’t help much. Real chucklevoodoos don’t work like that. You can’t invade somebody’s dreams.

>> Are you sure?

> Pretty damn sure.

>> Have you tried?

> …

>> When you were first exercising your powers as a wriggler, you’d give yourself bad dreams, wouldn’t you? It sounds to me you could invade dreams if you wanted to.

> But that’s a different case. With scaring yourself, they were YOUR dreams and nobody else’s. It would be difficult otherwise, since you wouldn’t have a grasp on the person’s fears.

>> You only need to look them in the eye once, right?

> That immobilizes prey. You would have to let go of them otherwise.

>> But what if you don’t?

> Well, maybe it’s possible, but that would take a lot of energy. Much more than you think you’re currently capable of giving. You don’t think you’d manage. It would exhaust you far too quickly.

>> Practice.

> On whom?

>> You keep the landdwellers in line for the Empire, don’t you?

>> Fodder.

Everything looks humongous
when you’re simply a child.
You wander through the woods
into a landscape so wild.

The vines and the moss
you’d just brush aside.
The forest couldn’t scare you
no matter how it tried.

You would find a lake
where you can swim free.
Without boundaries you’d soar
like you were sailing the sea.

But that was back then
in a mind so naive,
and now you move forward,
unable to perceive.

You wander the same forest,
but the vines choke your neck.
The spacious landscape
feels like a tiny wreck.

Each step you take scares
you to your core.
The tranquil lake won’t
even let you in its shore.

Why does the world seem
bigger when you’re older?
That seems to contradict
the idea of growing bolder.

My advice to you is
to again shrink down,
as small as your quandaries
that will make you frown.

As minute as a child,
too small to be hurt.
To again frolic the forest
and play in the dirt.

thegivendoesnotsatisfy asked:

I support your cause but I wonder where the money would come from to support the orcas in their sea pens. I imagine they'd be very costly to care for. Would you suggest that people could still pay to see them but no more tricks like a zoo or what?

I imagine it would probably have some means of getting funding, we have seen that millions of people now support the anti captivity view, so there are options including donations, and I suppose if there was an educational museum of sorts on the shore to teach about why the animals are there, as well as real facts about marine life in general, it could help the sanctuary itself. Procaps are acusing anti’s of trying to make ‘our own’ SeaWorld by taking their whales, but realistically, to fund the project, something would have to be done to help keep it maintained.

So long as the orca are not directed to do any tricks and are left alone to be themselves, if people on shore want to pay some fee to view the potential museum and have access to some area where they can watch the whales without disturbing them, that could be neat. One poster even mentioned web-cam like stations underwater where viewers could still see what’s going on underwater without disturbing the animals. It would be costly to keep them in sanctuary, I agree.

I don’t however think that there is a problem in allowing visitors, so long as they are 100% education, no tricks. no petting. no photo ops with any real whale. Having a museum on the grounds is something I really want to see happen. Right now our main focus is on getting the bill passed, which needs to hopefully ban export to other countries as well as import, because there is the very real threat that SW could attempt to move all its whales over seas before the bill goes through, to take them from all hope of being retired. (I’m not sure what then we could do for the group at loro parque, since they are out of the country and deserve to be retired with their family except morgan who needs to be returned to the wild and is an entirely different case of rehab and would need to go to her native waters. I think the LP orcas deserve to see their family again.

SW has created such a complicated mess, but if no one tries to fix it, nothing will ever change. It needs to be at least attempted sooner than later.

SORRY FOR TAKING LIKE 3 MONTHS LOL. I was out a computer ew. I was tagged by greekhalfblood in this thing so ahh here i go. Also thanks for tagging me aw 
Rule 2: Answer the questions from the person who tagged you. 

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The Questions:
Do you think that people are naturally good? Well i mean when they are first born they have no opinions so yea I would say so.

What are the kind of things that you like to read? Uhm i like dystopian books a lot and YA obvs, also i sometimes like reading like discovering themselves type books also fanfics woops.

Werewolves or Vampires? Vampires

The moon or the stars? Stars i take lots of photos of stars when i get chances to.

Do you believe in magic? Depends I guess?? lol

Do you like going to amusement parks? Not really, I feel kind of awkward but if someone takes me i will go.

Favorite way to cool down in the summer? Watermelon and I lay on cold tiles in my house aha.

Do you believe in the supernatural? Ehh not really, but I like reading about it. But i mean there is a lot we dont know about the universe

Are you afraid of height? Not really but i hate climbing ladders??? which makes no sense but whatever

Favorite kind of movie? Comedy?? otl I’m more of a tv show person

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My questions

1. Do you think birds have feelings or are their brains too tiny?

2. What is your favorite food?

3. Do you actually like shoes?

4.  What is your favorite song(s) atm?

5. What do you think about hippos?

6. Favorite drink?

7. What is a place that makes you feel happiest?

8. Tap or bottled water?

9. Do you want to learn any languages? If you do which language(s)?

10. Do you like soybean products?


Nora: “Um, Clarke, hey. Any word from your Dad about mine? I heard you saying you’d send a letter, and–”

Clarke: “Nope. It’s probably gonna take a day or two for him to find that stuff out. ‘sides, it’s Sunday and Leisure Day. That’s a double whammy of Post Not Coming.”

Nora: “Oh… so it is. I’d completely forgotten.”

Me too. Then again, I’m confused as to how seasons work in general - where is Sunlit Tides in relation to, say, Starlight Shores exactly?

Clarke: “Lessee… it’s Leisure Day here, and we’re opposite Riverblossom Hills, so it’s Snowflake Day there. And - north, south, east - I’m pretty sure Moonlight Falls is right between those, and that’d beeeee… Spooky Day. That makes it Love Day in Starlight Shores right now. Why?”

So it’s almost been a whole year sin– Ahh– um - no reason! Just curious. That’s all.

Clarke: “…”

Mercury: “Um, Virgo, why are you trying to scare me? I… I can see you. Right there. It’s not scary. Y-yet.”

Cinnamon: “Yeah, what’s your deal with the scaring thing?

Virgo: “Habit, I suppose. Vampires, werewolves and ghosts… hang around them for long enough and it’s not just their sleep schedule you’ll pick up.”

Mercury: “So… if I hang around a Fairy for long enough, I can fly?”

Cinnamon: “That is so not how it works–”

Virgo: “No no, they’re right on that. Flight of Felicity?”

Cinnamon: “Oh yeah! Duh.”

Virgo: “…I just hope I don’t pick anything up from the ghosts that will be here from now on. Or at least nothing that won’t help us out of this mess.”

S E V E N T H   K I N G D O M .  ➤  for erebor

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Did you know?

Whales all over the globe are washing up on shores from malnutrition… WHY?

Let me take you to the end of the Earth. The Antarctic ocean, where huge industrial ships are vacuuming the sea floor to suck up Krill to make omega 3 krill oil supplements.

Ok people let’s just gamble with our entire Antarctic ecosystem shall we!

We don’t even need them, we already have other great omega 3 sources.


Humans can live without Krill oil. The oceans can’t.

thief-of-shadows asked:

☯: A starter for our characters meeting in a foreign country 

He tossed his hair back, most of it still soaking, and waded through the water back towards the shore. It was hot today but the rivers were cool and the crocodiles lay downstream near wilder animals that tasted plumper than hardy farming folk. He was watching the reeds, not really focused on what he was doing when–

“Oi!” He hollered to the man rifling through his things on the shore. “Get off that!” Why did he feel like he was about to lose his wallet? Fuck. 

Belright, I’m home now and beebeebunni​ tagged me, the dear, so HERE WE ARE

  1. Write your name in song titles:
    C - Change of Time; Josh Ritter
    O - O Children; Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
    N - New York Woman; Earl Pickens 
    N - Not With Haste; Mumford & Sons
    O - Other People’s Love Songs; Kelley McRae
    R -  Ride of the Rohirrim; Howard Shore 
  2. Why did you choose your URL?
    pimpernels refers to the scarlet pimpernel, one of my favorite books.
  3. What’s your middle name?
    Grace, aka the biggest irony in my life. 
  4. If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be? 
    dragon. or maybe a phoenix. but let’s be real. dragon.
  5. Favorite color?
  6. Favorite Song?  
    In general: “Below My Feet” by Mumford & Sons; more recently, “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon.
  7. Top 4 fandoms? 
    Potter will always be first; Can I count all of Marvel as one? If not, then Agent Carter; Castle; Tamora Pierce. 
  8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
    the people, most of all–I’ve made some amazing friends here. And next to that, I love the creativity you see–fanart, fanmixes, fanfic; art, photography, photosets and gifsets. 
  9. Tag 9 people: Hmm…. princesskujo, miscellaineeous, notmindingthebuzzcocks, edinburgh-dragon. That’s not nine, but feel free to tag yourselves as well!

It’s ok by Milli

Sometimes I feel like crying.
Rolling myself into the ocean , to escape the tears. To experience fear.
The water becomes my oxygen even though I’m no fish, and I can’t breathe. It feels good to die.
My weight slowly sinks me to the sandy floors of the ocean, and the bubbles soon fade away. I meditate to a slumber, and wait to disappear.
As I wash up to the shore, I wonder why the current pushed me out to the earth. I submerged myself, so why am I being punished?
Instead I was reborn.
The sun latched onto my pale skin, evaporating the water left on my body. The bitterness of salty shore redesigned me, and I return to solid ground.

totallyfrandom said: Nice! I never knew of that tradition, only “Villaavslutning”. :D

Well now u know~ :DDD

Ahaha its also known for students and pupils at highschool and upper.-primary school as “school has begun” party and lmao they all comes to the coast and party at the shore lmao. and thats why its a big thing over here  i guess XD