The Evolution of a Common App Essay: Tips and Excerpts

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do choose a topic that you feel strongly about even if people say it’s cliche. A “unique” essay isn’t effective if it comes across as outlandish, unfocused, or worse—contrived; it’s the way you approach a subject that matters, not the subject itself. 
  • Do aim for sincerity over memorability. 
  • Don’t address risky (sensitive) subjects like mental illness or drug use. There’s a fine line between vulnerability and TMI; what strikes a chord with one reader might offend another. Think about how you can communicate similar ideas using different anecdotes. See below.

The Evolution of an Essay

I went through seven drafts from start to finish; this is a shortened (and slightly exaggerated) version of my thought process.  

What’s the most integral part of your identity? 



My struggle with it has probably shaped me more than anything. 

Okay, too risky. What’s an event you keep revisiting in your mind?

That time when I got caught in a riptide.

Why is it significant? Jot down a few key words/ideas.

Helplessness. Fear. Saving myself. Writing. This became:

Surrounded by yet estranged from humanity, so close to shore yet so far away, I began to despair. The sharp pulse of my fear ebbed into resignation; my kicking and flailing slowed. But almost as soon as I stopped struggling, it dawned on me: all I had to do was tread. From this experience arose my poem “Fujian.” This piece is a memorial of the boundless joy I had felt upon reaching land, an elegy for the arrogant girl who had thought that she was greater than the sea. But it is also a lesson for days to come. Don’t waste energy fighting life’s many storms. Weather them out.

I went through several drafts and changed the topic several times, but noticed a recurring focus on the third idea—overcoming a seemingly insurmountable obstacle by ceasing to struggle. In my first draft, I was only able to swim back to shore after I stopped resisting the tide; in my final draft, I was only able to speak up after setting aside my fear of ridicule:

I think about how I’ve exchanged no more than a few words with my grandfather during the entire trip, fearing that he would rue the foreign lilt of my Mandarin. But silence is too high a price to pay. My aloofness has shielded me not from hurt but from connection; it is the weakest defense, mere child’s armor in a grown-up world. And so I clear my throat, my Mandarin an old tune whose lyrics I am only just recalling, and begin to speak.

The Whistler, from Ask Reddit’s “[Serious] What is the creepiest thing that has ever ACTUALLY happened to you?”

Submitted by user bingbong1234:

I’ve been waiting a long time to tell Reddit the full story of The Whistler. This story requires many details, but it is unexplainable, creepy, and 100% true. I also have video evidence.

When I was about 8 years old I was taking my dog for a walk through the neighborhood with my mom. It was maybe 11pm. We live next to a swamp/woods area on the edge of our neighborhood in Lansing, Michigan. I remember it being very silent and slightly windy. From down in the swamp we heard somebody whistling at us. It sounded sort of like a bird, but each whistle was different enough where the lack of consistency made it human-like. The whistle sounded higher, then lower. I can’t really describe it. My mom had a concerned, slightly terrified look on her face and grabbed my hand and said that we should go inside quickly. I didn’t understand because I was too young, but seeing my mom freak out made me freak out too. After a while, though, I kind of forgot about it.

Two years later, I was taking my dog out again, late at night. There is a large bush that could easily obscure a person behind it just next to the front door. As I was finishing the walk, the whistling noise started again, same pitches, same inconsistent, human-like tones. As soon as I heard it, a chill went down my spine as I remembered exactly the feeling of seeing my mom, terrified, looking down into the swamp at something I couldn’t see (maybe she couldn’t either). I ran inside as fast as possible.

Years went by and I thought about it less and less. I told only a handful of people, and eventually it slipped from my mind.

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Imagine being the newest recruit onboard the Enterprise…

“You must be the Ensign Y/F/N Y/L/N.” Jim offers you his hand. “Jim Kirk. I’ll be your Captain for the new three years.” He smiles charmingly at you.

Your smile mirrors his as you take his hand. “I’m looking forward to it, sir.” He’s even more attractive in person and your cheeks start to flush pink despite yourself.

“Well hopefully I’ll be seeing you around.” Jim’s grin turns mischievous then. “I heard a little rumor that our first stop for shore leave is gonna be a pleasure planet.” He laughs as your cheeks flush darker at the implication. “Have a nice first day, Y/N.” And with that, he’s off towards the bridge leaving you alone in the hallway to collect yourself.

Rhys snores when he’s having a particularly restful night’s sleep, and Vaughn thinks it’s adorable.

The lanky man lies curled up in the bed in the back of Vaughn’s cab, arms folded underneath his head and legs curled up against his stomach as he snoozes in Vaughn’s lap. He himself sits up straight, back against the cool metal of the cab wall as he carefully strokes Rhys’ hair, chuckling at the loud snuffling snort that comes from him. Rhys is probably going to end up drooling all over his leg but Vaughn’s pretty sure he’ll find it in his heart to forgive him.

It had been a really, really good day, after all. For the first time in awhile they’d stopped somewhere that wasn’t strictly a truck stop, pulling off into a town just off the freeway, surrounded on all sides by dots of bushes and brown grass. Pale as he was, Rhys had practically been glowing as he’d stepped out into the sunlight, blue crop top pulling up slightly expose his stomach as stretched his arms high over his head.  

Vaughn hadn’t even tried to keep the smile off his face as Rhys reached forward to lace long fingers with his own.

The town had been a pretty kitschy, tourist-y place, full of fast-food drive thrus and gift shops full of tacky roadside memorabilia. Rhys had snorted with laughter when he ‘d picked up a bag of “invisible jerky,” and even though there was no way Vaughn was going to buy an empty bag even if it was only three dollars, he’d managed to fend off Rhys’ sad puppy dog pout when he’d bought him a cute pair of blue agate earrings that matched his eyes.

Rhys had been laughing and joking and smiling brightly in a genuine way that Vaughn hadn’t seen for the past week or so, and it’d honestly refilled the young trucker with some hope that’d been lost in long nights holding Rhys’ sweating, shaking hand, or in moments of strained silence with only the crackle of the radio between them.

He wanted Rhys to be happy, but sometimes when he could do nothing but watch as Rhys sobbed through the burning in his veins, happiness seemed so far off, dancing away on the endless horizon.

Vaughn notices Rhys’ legs shivering softly, and pulled the comforter further up and over him. He’s wearing the sweatshirt from Vaughn’s online college. He’d ordered it last minute before the start of the semester and had had to make due with an extra large offering that went down to his knees. Thankfully that’d turned out to be a blessing in disguise since the sweatshirt had long become Rhys’ favorite article of clothing of Vaughn’s, and hung around his hips in a cute lazy way that the trucker had grown pretty fond of.

Rhys murmurs something in his sleep that kind of sounds like his name, nuzzling against the trucker’s legs before settling back down. Vaughn pets the hair off of Rhys’ forehead, smiling at the adorable way he scrunches up his nose.

There’s only a couple hundred more miles ’til they reach their destination. Rhys hasn’t seen the ocean in years. He’d told Vaughn that the last time he’d been to the beach had been when he was only a kid, and he barely remembered much of anything besides the smell and the vanilla ice cream he’d gotten at the snack shack. Vaughn had already requested a little break between this job and the next one so he could take Rhys to the shore once they stopped on the coast and unloaded the truck. He’d already been looking up the best beaches and the most tasty ice cream shops on his tablet, secretly planning a treat for Rhys at the end of their long journey together.

Rhys mumbles, a bit of sleepy distress seeping into his voice as Vaughn shifts his head from his lap, but before Rhys can stir awake he’s spooning up besides him, arms wrapping securely around Rhys’ waist. Vaughn smiles against the back of Rhys’ neck as he goes back to snoring, the comforting sound filling the cab and helping to lull Vaughn to sleep as he gives Rhys only last, sleepy little hug.

He just knows they’re going to make it together.

Something small for the Gayperion Trucker AU I have with @mandaocity I hope you like it dear!!

Rickard Rakell - Summer Love

Originally posted by dangerouslyaddictivethings

This would’ve been posted a lot sooner if I hadn’t been staring at this gif for the last two hours lmao

Request from @diehardduckie :  Hi! Could you write a Rickard Rakell imagine about anything cute/sweet? Thank you so much!

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we are rooted in the sea, veins and arteries stretching
across the earth, twining tangled to the world’s salt-soaked center
and i’ve seen: we can’t stop running to the shore,
stopping short with hands pressed to our hearts,
the sand holding firm and sharp and clean against our skin.
it feels like the end of the world.
it feels like the beginning of everything.
there’s a hole in my throat that only fills up when i’m
watching the waves dance with the sun, dreaming about
twirling around in the endless cool, the endless softness
until i’m bitter with the taste of it, brackish and sticking
in the back of my mouth. the water changes color:
opaque teal as i’m falling dizzy to it, faded out over the side of the bridge
(i always think what would happen if it cracked and we fell),
cyan in old pictures moldering along my walls.

it’s like this for a moment. it’s like this forever.
it’s only like this in my head.

(pour enough oil on the ocean, and it will light right up
when the rest of you flick out your cigarettes.)

—  oceans above, for earth day//ast.
  • Percy: What did one ocean say to the other?
  • Jason: *Trying to keep the mast up during a storm* I'm a little busy here Percy.
  • Percy: *Ignores him* Nothing, they just waved.
  • Jason: *Succeeds* Oh that's nice. You're funny.
  • Percy: Did you SEA what I did there?
  • Jason: Yeah I got it.
  • Percy: Are you SHORE?
  • Jason: Yes.
  • Annabeth: Stop tormenting Jason, your jokes suck.
  • Percy: Don't be such a BEACH.
  • Annabeth: Percy. Don't.
  • Percy: Water you saying?
  • Annabeth: Percy, I've heard all of them. You've told me each one more that ten times. Now STOP and help out or just do something productive.
  • Percy: Fine. If that's what you want, I'll just go KRILL myself.
  • Annabeth: ....
  • Jason: How long do these usually last?
  • Annabeth: He's not even halfway through.
  • Percy: None of you seem to care about the fact that I just TIDE.
  • Leo: Noooooo I FISH you'd come back.
  • Annabeth: I'm done with life. I had better hopes from you Leo.
  • Jason: Why dude. You have a better sense of humor than this.
  • Percy: I was going to stop but since Leo is a good friend, I SHELL continue.
  • Leo: Let's SAND the ones with no sense of humor away.
  • Jason: .......
  • Annabeth: Are you telling me they've never done this to you before?
  • Jason: Nope...
  • Nico: Damn, you're lucky.
  • Leo and Percy: *at the same time* THAT'S WHAT ONE RIVER SAID TO THE OTHER.
  • Annabeth: NICO.
  • Nico: I'M SORRY I FORGOT...
  • Percy: Are you guys tide of these jokes? Because i understand that after a whale they're kind of predictable.
  • Leo: Nah man I think they have their own porpoise.
  • *Five minutes later*
  • Annabeth: They haven't changed, have they?
  • Jason: Nope.
  • Annabeth: *sighs*
Salazar Logic part 2:

1) When killing pirates, always take time to eat an apple 

2) Get up in people’s faces (especially Barbossa’s)

3) Always kill pirates, regardless of whether or not they’re waving a white flag

4) Be sure to correct anyone who calls pirates “Men”

5) Randomly narrate your backstory and explain that you kill pirates, in case people are too stupid to work out that you are a pirate hunter with military background (despite all the evidence)

6) Occasionally stand motionless on the half or quarter deck with a “don’t disturb me or I’ll kill you” look on your face 

7) Throw British soldiers into the flames of their burning ships

8) Do strange movements with your right leg so that no one understands what the fuck you are doing until the movie comes out 

9) Run towards the beach with your entire crew like a bull at a gate, but as soon as you get to the shore, stop and take time to explain to the “good guys” why you need to kill Jack 

10) When telling Barbossa and Henry to find Jack for you fails, send all manner of supernatural creatures and monsters to find him, instead (that includes your ship’s masthead)


♈ ARIES //  You watched me limping, wounded, and unfamiliar with the sight of my own blood. You took my gentle hands and placed smoldering coals in their bruised palms. Curled my fingers into a fist so tight that my knuckles turned ghost white and the skin threatened to split open. You said that sometimes, it’s not enough to make them hurt. They have to burn as well. Your scorching touch left blisters. That raw skin grew back thicker.

♉ TAURUS //  You may have been an angel, the way you sat down beside me in the shade with such blissful grace. You hummed a simple something and started plucking absently at the meadow grass. I looked your way with inquisition. You brushed the dirt off my cheek and smiled. Your fingers wove wild flowers through my tangled hair as you sweetly rambled over the softness of each strand, and of how beautiful I looked. And I truly felt I did.

♊ GEMINI //  You woke me at 2am – lightning in your eyes and mischief behind your teeth. You shook the sleep from my limbs, said I didn’t need heavy things, and dragged me far from the bed I’d made. But you let go of my hands just as the storm rolled in, and started sprinting. I realized then you had made me weightless so that I wouldn’t fall behind. We became wind and raced like hurricanes until the sun returned. Now I laugh when I hear thunder.

♋ CANCER //  You led me by the light of moon to the weathered shore, and stopped at the oceans mouth. The sand slowly conformed to the curves of my toes, my feet sunk in ankle deep. You had promised me that this world would always make room for me to stand. The tides rose higher. You kept your fingers laced in mine. With waves now at our throats you said, “It will be okay”. And I was not afraid when the sea finally swallowed me whole. I will be okay.

♌ LEO //  You had to squint through your own blinding rays to see, but once you saw that I felt cold. You sauntered over, cupped my face with smiling warmth and kissed my forehead and cheeks. Bubbling light spilled from your lips as you announced that I was the brightest being you had ever seen. It was empty, I knew that – but for a fleeting moment, I did feel luminous. You had fingers dipped in summer heat. Sunburn lingered where your hands had been.

♍ VIRGO //  You had the most humble touch – almost like a whisper. You placed your hands lightly on my shaking shoulders, and I thought you were a ghost. My left arm was made of glass. It shattered on contact. You simply let me cry, and started sifting through the broken fragments. I apologized, and said you didn’t need to help. But when you placed those pieces in my right hand, I saw the fractures in your own. I felt why your touch was so gentle. You smiled. I understood.

♎ LIBRA //  Your hands are elegant, but they have never really met my own. Not completely, anyway. Because when you turned left, and I turned right. I stepped up just as you stepped down. You only ever smiled when I frowned. It isn’t bad – it’s just balanced. We have met each other, though. It was in the middle place, and only for a second. You waved kindly as we passed, and I think your fingertips may have grazed mine. Something felt like feathers.

♏ SCORPIO //  You have never been afraid of the dark, have you? Or maybe you have, and that’s how you knew I would be, too. Your hands were like that. Like mine. I thought I was alone and stumbled blindly. Frantic hands – I grasped desperately at the nothing in the empty spaces. But when my fingers suddenly felt foreign flesh, I didn’t even flinch. Because although I could not see, I somehow knew whose skin it was. And those places didn’t feel so empty. And I no longer felt alone.

♐ SAGITTARIUS //  You stopped along your endless trek one day, where the air was thin and the ground was cracked. You saw me there, too scared to move, and pushed the corners of my lips into a more positive position. The Earth split open beneath us, but you just took my wrist and spun me ‘round. You lead me in a dance, sparks on your heels. We laughed, and pretended that we weren’t on fire.

♑ CAPRICORN //  You offered a gracious hand to me as I dangled helplessly off the edge of the universe. Feebly straining to grab your fingers, I cried, “I can’t reach” and you replied simply, “You will.” And that pulled out a strength buried deep in my bones. It was not much, but it was enough. You heaved my tired mass the rest of the way – proud that I had come so far. I was full of doubt, but you were right. The view is much nicer from up here.

♒ AQUARIUS //  You asked to read my hands. Hesitant, I held them out flat, and offered an apology. You ignored the sorry, brushed my callouses and called them unique. Then you coated them in dirt and told me to look when my eyes were closed. When I did – I saw that it wasn’t dirt at all. It was stardust. I held the Milky Way, and wept into my open palms. I thanked the air, since you had vanished by the time I dried my eyes. I can still see stars on them sometimes.

♓ PISCES //  Your hands found mine on day one, out at sea. They haven’t seemed to drift too far since. They carry me back to shore when I’m flailing, being toppled by wave after wave after wave. And once when I was particularly determined to dive – you held on and sank with me to the bottom of the ocean. You said that no one should drown alone. That you’d been here many times before and that you’d breathe for us both until I was ready to inhale again. There was never any pressure.

The Vamps Preference #7 He gets nervous/flustered around you *Requested*


“Y/n hurry up!” Tristan yelled up your staircase once again as you finished getting ready. You were going to a party with him and the other boys tonight. It was sort of a pre-party for an award show that would be the next night, so there’d be many other musicians there too. The other boys had dates already. Since you were Tristan’s best friend, he asked you to go with him, as a friend of course. “Shut up Tristan I’m trying to actually look good right now.” You said. You could hear him walking up the stairs to your bedroom as you finished applying your lipstick. “Aww you’re trying to look pretty for me?” He joked with a hint of cockiness but fell silent as he stood in the doorway. “Well if there’s a bunch of cute musicians there then you’re not the one I’m gonna try to look good for.” You countered. He just stood there quietly. You looked over at him and he was just staring at you. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” You sassed and he just blushed. “I-I’m sorry…I wasn’t meaning to- sorry.” He muttered. You looked at him strangely. “I was just joking, chill out. Is something wrong?” You asked. “What!? N-no.” He scoffed but he was obviously lying as his voice was laced with nervousness. “You’re just really- I mean…I wasn’t expecting..I um- I’m gonna wait downstairs!” He blurted and ran out the door, almost running into the wall. You just looked after him questioningly before putting your make-up in your drawer and digging through your closet for shoes. You walked  to the living room and saw Tristan standing in front of the front door. “You ready?” You asked causing him to jump. You just laughed at him and blushed again. “Ready.” He  mumbled. He didn’t open the door he was just staring at you. “You gonna open the door?” You giggled. “Oh! Right, sorry.” He stuttered turning around quickly to open the door, hitting himself in the face with it in the process. Try not to give yourself a concussion before we get there.“ You joked. If you thought he was blushing before, his face was bright red now. "No promises.” He said under his breath before walking out the door.


“Where’s Brad?” James asked as you all sat on the shore waiting for him. “Stop asking, he said he’ll be here in 5 minutes.” Connor stated. You’d all agreed to go out to the beach today and just hang out. You ended up waiting about another ten minutes before Brad finally showed up. “Finally!” James joked as Brad walked over to you all and sat in the sand with you. “I’m sorry I woke up late.” Brad shrugged. He looked over at you and looked away. About one second later he looked up at you again and didn’t look away. You tried to ignore it but he didn’t stop so you just kept listening to the conversation the boys were having. You glanced over at him, giving him a questioning look and he looked down instantly and blushed. You tuned back into the conversation and when you looked away from him, Brad had his eyes on you again. Tristan noticed this and started smirking as he tried not to laugh. Brad was just fidgeting around with his hands nervously as he stared at you and James finally noticed and stopped talking. “Mate, what are you doing?” James asked. “Staring at what he wishes he was doing.” Tristan said under his breath, referring to the fact the Brad kept staring at you and nudging Connor with his elbow. Connor was trying not to laugh and you were suddenly feeling very exposed in your bikini. “Anyways, you guys wanna get in the water now?” James asked, changing the subject quickly. At that the all ran to the ocean except for Brad who was hanging behind a bit. “What’s up with you today?” You asked suspiciously as you slowed down to walk with him. “Me? N-nothing, you just um…. you look really good today.” He mumbled. “Thank-” “ Oh god that sounded really creepy didn’t it!?! I didn’t mean I was like looking at you because you’re in a bikini or anything- YOU ALWAYS LOOK PRETTY.” He blurted out. You just stared at him awkwardly for a second. “Thank y-” “I just made that worse didn’t I??? Never mind, let’s just go!” He said, interrupting you again as he grabbed your hand and dragged you to the water to join the rest of the boys.


All the boys were hanging out at Brad’s house tonight. You hung out with Brad a lot since he only lived two blocks away. Tonight was one of those nights. It was about midnight and they were now all asleep, strewn all around the living room as another movie came to an end. You got up, stretched, and began to put your shoes on. “Where are you going?” You heard someone mumble sleepily and turned around to see Connor sitting up, rubbing his eyes. “I gotta go home. It’s midnight.” You stated and finished tying your shoes. “I’ll walk you.” He offered. He got up and put on his jacket. “You don’t have to. I only live two blocks away.” You shrugged. “No it’s fine, I want to. You shouldn’t be walking alone this late at night anyways.” He insisted. At first it was quiet between the two of you as you walked. You glanced over at him quickly and noticed his cheeks had a touch of pink. “So um…do you hang out with Brad a lot?” He asked nervously. You just shrugged. “Maybe like once a week."You said. He was really quiet but it wasn’t as awkward as it could’ve been. "Are you cold?” He asked a minute later when he noticed you shivering. “No I’m fine.” You smiled. “Here you can take me jacket.” He said and started taking it off. “Oh god are you trying to be cliche?” You giggled. “No it just kinda came natural.” He blushed. “Thanks. We only have like a block to go though.” You laughed. “I know.” He shrugged. You finally got up to your front door  after a couple more minutes. “Thanks Connor, here’s your jacke-” “No it’s cool, you can keep it.” He interrupted. “But we don’t really hang out so that’d be kind of…” “Oh- yeah I know but if you keep it then I’ll get to see you when you bring it back.” He stated. “What?!? Did I just say that  out loud?!"  He asked. "Yeah you kind of did.” You laughed. His face turned bright red. “Oh well you have to if- I mean if its weird you know. You’re just really pretty and I wanted to see you again!” he stuttered. Apparently he didn’t mean to say that  either because his face turned even more red.  “Sorry I just get really nervous arou-” before he could finish you kissed him on the cheek. “Goodnight Connor.” You smiled before walking inside. “Good night.” He replied just before you closed the door.


“Y/n will you pleeeeeaaasse play truth or dare with us?” Brad begged. “Why???” You asked. He’s been trying to get you to play for the past ten minutes. “Because it’d be more fun with you.” He pouted.  “Fine.” You sighed and he grabbed your hand and pulled you to circle of people who were participating. You were at a house party with the rest of the Vamps as well and it was getting late.  “Okay, Connor you go first.” Brad said. You saw  someone sit beside you out of the corner of your eye. You looked over to see it was James. You smiled at him and  she smiled back right before Connor said the first dare. “Ummm…James. Truth or dare?” Connor asked. “Dare.” James smirked confidently. “I dare you to kiss y/n.” Connor challenged. All James’ confidence faded and he became nervous. “You don’t have to.” He said, turning to you.  “A dares a  dare.” You shrugged.  You could tell he was nervous. “Um.. okay..” he stuttered as he leaned in, pressing his lips to yours. Tristan wolf whistled at you guys and James was blushing when he pulled away. “I bet you enjoyed that, didn’t you James?” Brad joked. They continued the game again. You saw James glancing at you. “What?” You asked after a few minutes of this. “Well…that was…” He started to trail off when one of your friends ran up to you. “Y/n! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” She exclaimed before pulling you away. You talked to her for awhile before she left you alone in the kitchen.   You felt someone tap on your shoulder and turned around to see James standing behind you. “Hey, I just wanted to say sorry about earlier. I hope they didn’t pressure you into anything you didn’t want to do.” He said. “It’s cool James, it wasn’t a big deal."  You giggled. "Good because I didn’t want anything to be weird between us- not that it WAS weird! I mean- it wasn’t bad or anything! We should do it again sometime- Oh God I didn’t mean it like that! I just…it wasn’t terrible and  I’m gonna stop talking now.” He sighed. “Um..Okay yeah, I guess I’ll see you around.” You said awkwardly. “Yeah, see you around.” He sighed.

The Littlest Winchester - Swimming Lessons

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 984


           “Why are we going to the beach again?”

           “Because we need a day off. Ain’t that right, sweetheart?” Dean extends his arm over the back of the seat to fist bump his four-year-old daughter.

           “Yes!” The little girl returns the fist bump as best she can from her position in the car seat.

           She’s never been to a beach before, not even a pool, so this whole day is going to be an adventure for her. This morning Dean took her to get her first swimsuit and a pair of arm floaties. While Sam stood by and rolled his eyes, Dean spent ten minutes selecting a pair of swim trunks for himself. As much as he tried, he couldn’t persuade Sam to do the same. Sam had rejected his brother’s every suggestion with a resounding ‘no’. He was going in shorts and a t-shirt, and that was that.

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Yes hello there its been a while.  tb5-heavenward wanted an English Channel piece and I am a sucker for swimmer!Gordon, so here is this.

Living Halfway

Gordon Tracy is the sort of person who does not believe in halfway, even if halfway very much believes in him.  He is the type of person with incomplete projects at every turn, simply because he forgets to finish something he stops caring for.  He is the type of person who, when he loves, will love wholly and completely, leaving no moment untouched, but he will just as easily turn around with such unambiguous indifference that the people who he leaves behind – strangers and lovers alike – have no choice but to feel at least a little bit heartbroken.  He lives his life halfway between boy and man, halfway between rescuer and victim, halfway between orphan and son.

So Penelope isn’t the least bit surprised when he breaks, halfway across the English Channel.

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Meant to be pt.2

Summary :  A world, a world where people have soulmates, each and every person on earth is connected, bonded to another one, wherever this person is. A world where soulmates can communicate with each other through skin, everything wrote/sketched/drew on the skin, will appear on the soulmate’s and disappear few minutes later.

Word count : 1400

Genre : SoulMate!AU - Fluff - kind of a little mini bit of angst

I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistake, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language ♥

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6

End of school, beginning of the Summer, but for her, it was also the beginning of troubles.

She managed to ignore him for a few weeks, well in fact, right after the drawing spam she got on her arms, she asked, begged him to stop, at least until Summer and that’s what he did. But now there was no turning back, school is over, and he will definitely communicate with her again, and even thought she hates admitting it, she was really excited about it.

June 14th, already two weeks and he still haven’t done anything, no drawings, no words, no “P.J”’s. What if he didn’t want to know her anymore ? What if he got tired of waiting ? What if he got hurt when she said she didn’t want to know him ?

A lot of questions were stuck in her head and it drove her crazy. Crazy to the point she was ready to do the first step. She turned arounf in her apartment for a few minutes before finally grabbing a pen and settling down on her couch. It was 7pm, “he shouldn’t be asleep, it’s too early, he has to see it right ?”

She stayed there, with her pen in one hand, facing the wall with a blank expression, thinking about what to write. It was her really first time writing something first, and she was nervous. She never thought this would ever happened, she never thought she would be in this situation, stressing over what word to write on her arm, trying to talk with her supposed soulmate, but here she was, pressing gently the point of her pen on her right wrist.


It may be the end of school, but to him, the beginning of summer meant more work, because of the cool weather and the sea near the shop, many more customers would stop by to get something to drink. It has only been two weeks, and yet he never saw that amount of people in the shop before. Sadly, like him and Jungkook were the only two working there, days were long and tiring, and he had really no time to think about his soulmate.

That’s why he didn’t answer to her. He didn’t even saw her name on his wrist, too busy, serving iced teas and lemonades while smiling even thought he was so tired.

And it was like this for about a month, him working hard, and her trying now everyday to talk to him, name, city, age, she tried everything, but he never answered, and that made her heart ache everytime.

“Why must I be this freaking stupid ?! I knew this was bullshit ! I knew it was impossible !” she screamed, throwing the pen as far as she could, fighting against the tears that were threatening to fall.

She always knew that a foolish thing such as “soulmates” couldn’t really exist, that it was just something to make people feel less lonely, to make even the saddest person feel  loved. But it was all fake, there were no true feelings behind all of this, just some weird genetic shit that connected your body to another one somewhere.

The days have passed and it was already the end of June, Lucy came back from her parent’s house in Ilsan and surprised her with two tickets for Busan, convincing her with some “Think about the beautiful beach that Busan has ! The cafés ! And who knows, maybe you’ll find a boy there ..”

“FINE, fine, I need to change my mind anyways, when are we leaving ?”

“I may have bought the ticket because like they were for tonight it was cheaper… so yeah tonight !”

Her eyes widened, shocked by the news, before running to her bedroom, packing her things with her best friend. And in the blink of an eye, they found themselves boarding into their plane, in direction of Busan.

July 2nd, Jimin had a day off, finally, he could take some time for himself, and for her. He surprised himself looking at the calendar, noticing the date, and remembering that school has ended a month ago, and that he totally forgot about her due to his work. Without thinking about it twice he grabbed his usual black pen and started to write something on his arm.

“How are you ?”

It was simple, but he couldn’t think of anything else at the moment, it was all so new to him. He waited patiently, as the minute passed by, the writing slowly faded away, and no answer was in sight, nowhere. “Maybe she just didn’t see, maybe I should write it somewhere more noticeable”

So he did it again, this time he wrote it on his hand, but once again, it slowly faded away, with no response.

He tried, again and again, but nothing. “Why ? Why me ? Why can’t I find a lovely soulmate just like Jungkook did ? Why is she ignoring me ? And why is this hurting me so much ?! I don’t even know her ! AISH”

He quickly put on a white T-shirt and walked angrily toward the front door, he was about to go out, when he found them behind front of the door, Jungkook and his soulmate, in each other arms, eyes closed, clearly enjoying each other presence. Jungkook was smiling, he couldn’t see his bestfriend’s soulmate’s face, but he could swear she was too. Even if he was angry and sad, he couldn’t help but smile in front of the scene, slowly and silently walking away, exiting the quiet building.

The moon was showing, and it was the beginning of a beautiful summer night.

He walked toward the beach near his work place silently, headphones on with his favourite song, feeling the fresh and salty air getting closer and closer, until he was there.

He took off his shoes and started walking in the sand, each step in rhythm with the song, and without noticing it, he found himself starting to dance, his passion. He danced thinking about her, he never put this amount of emotion in a choreography before, but this felt right, this was appeasing his heartache.

It was night already when they landed, but they didn’t want to go to their hotel yet, and decided to go to the place they wanted to see the most, the beach.

Lucy told her that she would join later on, because they still needed to drop their luggages before enjoying themselves. While her friend made her way to the hotel, she called a taxi, which drove her directly toward the beach.

It was amazingly beautiful, the sky was clear and the stars were blindly beautiful. She inhaled deeply, smelling the wet sand mixed up with the salty sea, and got closer to the shore, but suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Right in front of her, lighten up by the reflection of the moon, a man was dancing.

He was wearing a large white T shirt with ripped jeans and was bare foot. His arms and legs were moving smoothly and his hair followed the movements of his body perfectly. Without realizing it, she got closer to the man, and sat down, few meters away from him. From where she was, she could see him perfectly with the calm water in the background. She never felt this before, just seeing this guy made her smile and calm down, forgetting all about that stupid “soulmate” of hers.

He knew, he knew someone was looking at him, but he didn’t care, he kept dancing, and he kept thinking about her, which made him more and more angry seconds by seconds, until he couldn’t take it anymore and fell on his knees, screaming in front of the calm and relaxing water like he never did before, letting his emotion get the best of him.

And she was still there, looking at him, scared and intrigued at the same time, until he looked behind him and locked eyes with her.

Both of them instantly tensing and relaxing at the same time, and they stayed like that, until Lucy got back, breaking the sudden connection between the two, and making him leave.

He just looked at her, and she just looked at him, and that’s all it took to capture each other hearts without them even knowing.

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@aslaugtheseeress continued from X 

Asta had slipped away from the celebrating warriors. The mead was endless, but she barely finished a cup. She was in a weird mood, as she walks to the docks. The drums nearly drowned out the sound of waves crashing against the shore. She stops as she sees a woman sitting alone.

Asta walks slowly towards her, not recognizing her at first. “Hello, not wanting to join in the festivities either?” She asks as she gets closer.


It’s a cold one again, the official raining season kicking off. Auren’s busy as usual, catering to her guests, and off in the back for periods of time to check on her patients. Benjamin had been gone for a while, but she didn’t mind. In fact, she hadn’t expected a visit from Benjamin for another month or so. And surely didn’t expect him to show up like he would.

A fleet of ships had docked on their shores. First Order ships, no one suspected it was a good thing. But the didn’t bomb the shore, nor did they stop to demand. They were racing to the inn, carrying a vital patient, someone who’d experienced dangerous saber wounds to the face, as well as a blaster shot to the side. He was critical, and they knew Auren would provide the care and time for him. 

If they only knew.

As they hurried on and into the back, with the help of droids and other workers, Auren was left to check the patient, who’s face was covered in bloodied bandages. She hurried to their side, hand upon his chest. The troopers had told her it was someone important to the order: the infamous Kylo Ren. She’d heard tales of him, and- they thought she could handle him? This would be rich. 

But even as they told her who it was- she felt a sense of- familiarity… Why? This was a cruel man- a monster to most. How would she even know him? He was far too busy destroying the galaxy, right? 

“Are you awake?” She asked, her voice soft as she reached for the bandages, tugging at the reddened cloth with a hum. “I’ll have to check your wound, sir. Be steady, don’t want to cause any more damage…” 

Oblivious (Bucky x Reader)

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 (Final part)

Summary: Bucky and Reader are best friends, they live together. Reader is totally oblivious that Bucky is in love with her

A/N: This is the final part, it’s a little bit longer than other parts. I hope you’ll all enjoy reading it.

Bucky was laying on the couch at his friend’s place. He stayed there from the day you left for France, he couldn’t go back to the apartment. He didn’t want to know if you really left and that you won’t come back to the apartment you two shared. He was taking a sip from his beer when he heard Steve approaching.

˝Are you seriously going to do this every day? ˝

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idk what to feel, i feel too much at once. that’s why i choose to feel nothing at all rn. and when the waves will hit the shore, nothing will stop them from destroying everything in their way. i’m done pretending. i’m done.

Wonderless (My love for you was bulletproof- part 2)


“Good morning” Tony’s arms wrapped around naked waist. He smiled and kissed my cheek

“Good morning tone” I yawned, he was laying down on his side, shirtless.. of course. I couldn’t help but fee guilty.. ’I can’t be doing this…’ I can’t just go up to Tony and be like “hey tone, I didn’t mean anything that happened last night.” even though we didn’t do “it”, we kissed.. more than once and to be honest I like it.

I’m giving myself another chance, an it’s with Tony.

“Are you hungry? it’s our last chance to get some Whataburger” he said as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“You Cali people don’t know anything about good burgers” I joked

“Hey! we have McDonald’s” he laughed I leaned down and glared a tony

“Tone, you and I both know NO ONE compares to Whataburger” He laughed and kissed my nose

“Well then let’s go,my treat” he got up and put his T-shirt on and he grabbed his keys and wallet from the night stand. I got up as well and threw on a Slipknot Tshirt along with some shorts and black Vans.

“besides we leave in a few hours (Y/N)”

“oh,well lets get the luggag-”

“I already put everything in the car and I already called the movers, i took care of everything” he smiled

i walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him

“Thanks Tone”

“Anthing for you sweetie” he kissed the top of my head.                                                                                I let go of him before something else like last night happened again and made my way down stairs                                                                                                                        

“lets gooo!!! I’m starving"                                                                                                             "alright alrigh! I’m going” he laughed as he walked behind me.

We got into his car and started to pull out of the drive way, I took one last look at my house. Everything was set, the rest of my belongings will be shippd to me once I’m over there.

It’s time. It’s time to move on, to actually heal completely and start off new.

And maybe this time, I won’t be so alone.

Tony reached for my hand and kissed it.



“And if you don’t find me on the front page… find a way to say that you kew me. And if you don’t find me in a movie.. find a way to say that you saw me.

And if you don’t find me on the front page… find a way to say that you kew me. And if you don’t find me in a movie.. find a way to say that you saw me. (You and I got lost along the way.. this will end someway someday)

And if you don’t find me at all… then I, won’t care..

If I coul find a place for the holiday’s maybe I would call. You’re a pay phone away from the mess that I’ve become..

I’m destroying what I love…”


“Whoa Vic.. that was great! what is it called?” Jaime asked from where he was standing across our home studio

“Wonderless” I sat down my guitar on the stand besides me

Mike stood against the door frame with his arms crossed.

Mike knows me more than anyone else, well.. not as much as (Y/N), he knows the meaning behind this song even though I haven’t told him anything about it.

“It sounds great bro” he smiled and Jaime nodded in agreement before stepping out into the hallway to take a call.

“Thanks” I grabbed my beer and took a sip.

“Vic-” Mike began

“yeah?” I took another sip not looking up at him.

“I know who your song is about.. it’’s about-”

“(Y/N). Yes it, I won’t deny it-”

“You miss her.”

I looked down at the floor.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Mike placed his hand on my shoulder and walked out of the studio.

“Hey Vic?” Jaime


“We need to get the guest room ready for Tony’s friend”

“Right,” I picked up my beer to take a sip “what’s her name, do you know now?”


I froze with the with the beer can nearly touching my lips

“Is everything ok?”

“umm..yeah” I forced a smile

I couldn’t help but think that it just might be her…(Y/N)

We went up stairs to get the guest room and started to take out all the empty boxes

“Vic, what are we gonna do with the extra guitars?”

“And the extra drum set??” Mike added

“umm.. we can just leave them in the room. We can hang the guitars on the wall, and leave the drum set in the room.. it is the master bedroom after all”

They nodded and began to arrange the guitars and the drum set it the room.

“I have some extra bed sheets and pillows in my closet, they’re new”

“Alright thanks Mikey, I was about to do the bed”

**2 hours later**

“I thought we’d never finish” Mike collapsed on the couch

“Me too..”

Jaime came into the room talking on the phone

“Oh alright. Ok. Yeah, we’ve got everything ready already, we can’t wait to finally see you and your friend,” he smiled. He was talking to Tony.

“Alright tone, we’ll see you and (Y/N) soon” he said good-bye and hung up.

“It was Tony” he smiled

“No shit Sherlock” Mike said sarcastically and rolled his eyes

I hit Mike’s lap, cleaning up makes him grumpy

“What’s up? What did he have to say?”

“Just that they’ll be here later on tonight, or tomorrow” he looked down at his phone and smiled

“hey guys I gotta go, I’ll be back soon. I’m hanging out with some friends”

his cheeks turned a bright red

“Oh alright Jaime. Have fun.”

“Yeah, thanks for helpin us out” I said sitting down on the couch next to Mike.

“I will” he smiled again “see ya later”

Jaime headed down stairs and out the door

as soon as we heard the door close, Mike turned to look at me

“Alright, Start talking”


“you can’t lie or hide anything from me. I know you well enough to know when you’re feeling sad or uneasy about something, you’ve been drinking for a week now.. and I bet I know what it is. Or who it’s about”

“Mike.. stop” I crossed my arms and looked away from him

“Vic.. it’s not your fault” he stood infront of me

“It was MY fault!” I looked up at him… “she wasn’t to blame for anything… but I blamed her for something I did. I looked for someone else.. I told her it was ALL her fault.. she was just focusing on her education.. I was starting the band.. it all went to my head.. she loved me.. I took her for granted..”

“Vic.. you have to let go..” He kneeled down infront of me, my tears running down my cheeks as Ii hid my face with my hands “You’re gonna be ok, I promise”

“Just leave me alone Mike.” I got up and walked down stairs grabbig the keys from my pocket

“Where are you going?” He called behind me “Vic?”

“Somewhere, I don’t know.” I slammed the door and walked to my car, tears still running down my face, I started my car and drove down to the beach, I miss her like crazy… I just want to see her again, I want to tell her I’m sorry even though that doesn’t make what I did, I sat on the sand, covering my feet in it.

My mind flashed back to a summer night where we were at the beach

“Vic, my love for you is bigger than the ocean” She held my hand as we walked along the shore

“God..” I stopped and stood infront of her

“What?” she pouted

“I love you!” I picked her up and spun her around “promise me we’ll get married on a beach in California”

My tears we uncontrolable now,

“I love you too” she laughed as I spun her around, “I promise, you know how much I love the beach” she tangled her fingers in my hair and gave me a soft kiss.

‘How could I let her go?!’ I screamed toward the ocean, the waves just roared back

“Whenever you see the coast, I hope you think of me” that night it all ended…her voice sounded almost like a whisper.. tears rolled down her face.

“How could you Vic?”


after getting lunch with (Y/N), we headed  to the airport our flight was delayed two hours, she was tired by the time we got on our plane to Califoria

I sat next to (Y/N), she was looking out the window, watching the sun as it set, she smiled when she saw me looking at her

“what?” she blushed

“you look beautiful”

“Oh tone.. I’m not wearing make-up or anything”

“exactly. Even without make-up, you look beautiful” I smiled and her kissing her cheek

she took my hand in hers and held it,

“are you tired?”

“a bit” she yawned

“here,” I took of my sweater and covered her with it, while I put my arm around her waist. She rested her head on my shoulder and looked up at me

“I’ll wake you up if anything,” I placed a kiss on her forhead “just rest”

I didn’t have to tell her twice, she fell fast asleep as I held her.

She’s so amazing.

-(Y/N)’s POV-

When I woke up Tony was asleep, holding me in his arms. It was dark outside already, but it wasn’t too late.

He’s been so sweet to me.. I felt this warm fuzzy feeling in my chest.. oh god.. i’m having feelings for Tony…

They announced we’d be landing in LA in 20 minutes, Tony woke up as soon as her heard

“Good morning sleepy head” I laughed

“good morning” he stretched, “we’re almost there” he smiled

“I know, I’m excited… and hungry” I snuggled up next to him again

“we’ll take you out for dinner, we’ll take you to one of the best sushi places in California”

“Ooh, sounds yummy!”

*at the airport*

we grabbed our bags and grabbed a taxi to the boys house,

Tony kept telling me things about them, how I’d really get along with them and how he’d take me to the studio so I could hear what they sounded like

“Well here we are” he smiled as the taxi came to a stop

We grabbed our bags and walked up the steps that led to the front door,

“are you ready?” he grabbed the door knob, I nodded a bit nervous

“Don’t be nervous, you’re really gonna like them. it’s ok”

he opened the door and stepped in first holding my hand, I stood behind him

“Vic?” there were footsteps coming down the steps, “is that you?” the person speaking became visible,a tall slim guy with a lip ring came down the stairs followed by another guy with a highlight going up his hair

“Tony!” they screamed running up to him as they hugged him

“Hey!” all three of them hugged

“guys,this is (Y/N),” I smiled at them “(Y/N). this is Mike and Jaime”

“Hello” I said shyly

“Hey (Y/N),” Jaime shook my hand “I’ve heard nothing but good things about you” he smiled

“thanks” I blushed

“Tony wasn’t kidding when he said you were very pretty, but that doesn’t even beging to describe you, you’re gorgeous,” Mike smiled “I’m Mike, by the way”

I blushed even more, gosh they’re so sweet “Thanks, Mike”

“Where’s Vic?” Tony asked

“umm.. out” Mike forced a smile “he won’t be back soon”

“Oh,  I really wanted all of us to go out to eat together”
“He’s been having a rough week”

“Oh,” Tony tured to look at me “Why don’t you go freshen up, and then we’ll leave?”

“Yeah, let us show you your room” Jaime smiled

the boys helped me get my bags up stairs, as they showed me to my room,

“We’ll be waiting for you down stairs” Tony said, he and the boys headed to their rooms to changed.

*At Dinner*

We all sat together and we instantly got along with each other, the guys were really funny. “So then Tony goes into the liquor store with a ski mask” Jaime continued while Tony hid his face in his hands, he was blushing.

“Wow Tony” I laughed

“You guys promised not to say that story ever again!” he laughed

“Hey, we’re just trying to emberass you” Mike patted  him on the back

after dinner we headed back home by now it was pretty late and tony and I were very tired

We said goodnight and headed off to our rooms. I really need to meet this “Vic” so I can get this feeling off my chest, who am I kidding.. I secretly want it to be him. I miss him.