• Percy: What did one ocean say to the other?
  • Jason: *Trying to keep the mast up during a storm* I'm a little busy here Percy.
  • Percy: *Ignores him* Nothing, they just waved.
  • Jason: *Succeeds* Oh that's nice. You're funny.
  • Percy: Did you SEA what I did there?
  • Jason: Yeah I got it.
  • Percy: Are you SHORE?
  • Jason: Yes.
  • Annabeth: Stop tormenting Jason, your jokes suck.
  • Percy: Don't be such a BEACH.
  • Annabeth: Percy. Don't.
  • Percy: Water you saying?
  • Annabeth: Percy, I've heard all of them. You've told me each one more that ten times. Now STOP and help out or just do something productive.
  • Percy: Fine. If that's what you want, I'll just go KRILL myself.
  • Annabeth: ....
  • Jason: How long do these usually last?
  • Annabeth: He's not even halfway through.
  • Percy: None of you seem to care about the fact that I just TIDE.
  • Leo: Noooooo I FISH you'd come back.
  • Annabeth: I'm done with life. I had better hopes from you Leo.
  • Jason: Why dude. You have a better sense of humor than this.
  • Percy: I was going to stop but since Leo is a good friend, I SHELL continue.
  • Leo: Let's SAND the ones with no sense of humor away.
  • Jason: .......
  • Annabeth: Are you telling me they've never done this to you before?
  • Jason: Nope...
  • Nico: Damn, you're lucky.
  • Leo and Percy: *at the same time* THAT'S WHAT ONE RIVER SAID TO THE OTHER.
  • Annabeth: NICO.
  • Nico: I'M SORRY I FORGOT...
  • Percy: Are you guys tide of these jokes? Because i understand that after a whale they're kind of predictable.
  • Leo: Nah man I think they have their own porpoise.
  • *Five minutes later*
  • Annabeth: They haven't changed, have they?
  • Jason: Nope.
  • Annabeth: *sighs*
Imagine being the newest recruit onboard the Enterprise…

“You must be the Ensign Y/F/N Y/L/N.” Jim offers you his hand. “Jim Kirk. I’ll be your Captain for the new three years.” He smiles charmingly at you.

Your smile mirrors his as you take his hand. “I’m looking forward to it, sir.” He’s even more attractive in person and your cheeks start to flush pink despite yourself.

“Well hopefully I’ll be seeing you around.” Jim’s grin turns mischievous then. “I heard a little rumor that our first stop for shore leave is gonna be a pleasure planet.” He laughs as your cheeks flush darker at the implication. “Have a nice first day, Y/N.” And with that, he’s off towards the bridge leaving you alone in the hallway to collect yourself.

Salazar Logic part 2:

1) When killing pirates, always take time to eat an apple 

2) Get up in people’s faces (especially Barbossa’s)

3) Always kill pirates, regardless of whether or not they’re waving a white flag

4) Be sure to correct anyone who calls pirates “Men”

5) Randomly narrate your backstory and explain that you kill pirates, in case people are too stupid to work out that you are a pirate hunter with military background (despite all the evidence)

6) Occasionally stand motionless on the half or quarter deck with a “don’t disturb me or I’ll kill you” look on your face 

7) Throw British soldiers into the flames of their burning ships

8) Do strange movements with your right leg so that no one understands what the fuck you are doing until the movie comes out 

9) Run towards the beach with your entire crew like a bull at a gate, but as soon as you get to the shore, stop and take time to explain to the “good guys” why you need to kill Jack 

10) When telling Barbossa and Henry to find Jack for you fails, send all manner of supernatural creatures and monsters to find him, instead (that includes your ship’s masthead)

Summer Sun

We ran all the way to the shore.

We stopped on our tracks just a few steps before the water. We laughed. He laughed, and the wamrth was so contagious it tickled my heart, so I ended up laughing with him.

His mischievous eyes blinked at me brightly, like those beautiful Christmas lights that made you mesmerized when you were a child.

Kim Jongin was prettier than the summer sun.

“Now,” I said breathlessly, “what was it that you wanted to tell me?”

He grinned at me. “Let’s take off our shirts first.”

He immediately started geabbing the hem of his polo shirt. I did the same, although slower than him. He was always in a rush, as if he was racing against time. He pulled his shirt up, flexing his limbs, and I was once again awed by his beauty; his caramel colored skin shone under the sunlight. His locks danced with the wind.

The man I love was also loved by life itself.

I took off my shirt as well, and we were getting ready for the water.

“Now tell me.” I urged.

He didn’t hesitate even for a second to pull me by the hand until we were chest to chest, skin to skin, heartbeats trapped in between. Being noticeably shorter than him, I rested my forehead at the column of his neck and pressed my lips against his shoulder, hoping that I could cause him that kind of butterfly flutters, which he always made me feel.

Pressing his cheek at my temple, he whispered against my ears, hot whisper sounding so sweet, yet so full of temptation, he said -


anonymous asked:

Could you write a solangelo pirate and prince au for us please? Like the pirate captain kidnapped the prince for ransom but it doesn't work out because he had just come out to the king and he had disowned him. That might be confusing, sorry. Love ya!

“It’s not going to work! Haven’t you heard me? They’re not paying money for me!” The prince yelled, his previous composure disappearing with the winds, disappearing with the winds pushing the large ship further from shore.

“Eh! Stop that yelling! Or yer’ll pay for it!” 

“Stop. Both of you.” 

Another pirate stepped up, his voice was dry, his eyes had dark circles around them. He seemed important as the others stepped away as he walked down the center of the group. He looked younger than most of the others, his accent different.

He stopped in front of the prince, looking down at where he was bound on the ground. His eyes flicked to the shine on the prince’s cheek. 

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These Are The Queer Refugees Australia Has Locked Up On A Remote Pacific Island
BuzzFeed News speaks with a 28-year-old who fled his family's efforts to kill him in Iran hoping Australia would protect him. Instead, the country sent him to a place that feels just as dangerous.
By J. Lester Feder, Soudeh Rad

In 2012, Mohsen, who is bisexual and a Christian convert, fled his home in Iran after his uncle hit him with his car and, when he survived, vowed to finish him off.

Mohsen was hoping to take shelter in Australia, but the boat smuggling him to its shores was stopped at sea. Now he is trapped on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island. He has has twice been beaten by off-duty immigration officers in the past year and is now afraid to leave his room.

Mohsen is one of more than 1,300 asylum seekers that Australia has sent, since 2012, to what is called the Manus Island detention center. It’s a facility for single men and teenage boys; several hundred women and families are being detained 1,300 miles to the east on the island nation of Nauru. They were all captured at sea while trying to reach Australia by boat from Indonesia, under a policy that even the United Nations secretary general has personally pleaded with the Australia’s prime minister to bring to an end.

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