Publicity Spotlight: Dan Bogosian (Shore Fire Media)

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We talk about this a lot, but it bares repeating that very few individuals working today in music have the same job - let alone the same type of job - they had when their careers began. The key to success in the modern music business is versatility. You need to be able to work hard, adapt quickly, and always keep an open mind about new ideas and challenges because you never know where the path of life may lead.

Dan Bogosian may not have started his journey in music hoping to land a career in publicist, but today he probably could not imagine himself doing anything else. He’s spent the better part of the last decade cutting his teeth in various capacities throughout the business, including time spent performing in bands, but it wasn’t until a friend suggested a new type of role to him in late 2013 that Dan finally moved to New York City and found his true calling.

Everyone worries about the future of the business and whether or not they will still have a job five years down the line, but what separates people is whether they take it upon themselves to prepare for when hard times come their way. Dan has been in this business long enough to know things can change at any moment, and over the years he has made extra effort to learn as much as he can about various elements of the industry. That hard work is now paying off with his gig at Shore Fire Media, and we’re confident he will continue to succeed with whatever he chooses to do next.

If you would like to learn more about Dan and his ongoing adventures in the music business, please be sure to follow him on Twitter. Additional questions and comments can be left at the end of this post.

H: Before we dive in, would you please tell everyone your name, job title, and company you work for:

D: My name’s Dan Bogosian; I’m a publicity coordinator at Shore Fire Media.

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